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  1. this started out as a Mack DM 600 just added my own twist with the scratch built deck made out of pine strips
  2. Im wanting to build a tilt roll deck for the back of my mac truck butt cant find any kind of detailed drawings I have an idea how it should be done but but Id like more details of how it goes together can anyone help thanks Rudy
  3. Any one know if theres a download for the instructions for this 68 EL Camino ?? Ive looked around but havent found any yet Thanks
  4. Not sure what topic to post this under sorry if it in the wrong place tuned out well I must say cheers...
  5. Rudy2013

    Indy Car

    Found this kit last summer at a yard sale for 2 bucks decals where in bad shape but I was able to salvage a few of them
  6. Finally finished my tanker build started out with Californa Hauler and scratch bulit the tank and made my ouwn decals turned out good id say lol
  7. Started out with the California Hauler kit and scratch built the tanker I only glued my fingers together 3 times with cv glue tryin to hold it in place lol
  8. Did this box stock using duplicolour metal cast blue decanted it and air brushed it decals didnt go on very well even with micro sol setting solution oh well still looks good to me lol
  9. Rudy2013

    34 ford

    It was an old revell kit I found at a yard sale
  10. Rudy2013

    34 ford

    My latest build 34 ford 1/16 scale
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