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  1. totter81770 added a post in a topic Need help with primer removal   

    Thanks...gonna give the suggestions a try...I have gotten a few old built kits off eBay and looking to do some restoration on a few, so cleaning these parts is a must...Thanks again...
  2. totter81770 added a post in a topic Need help with primer removal   

    Thanks fellas....I think I will try that Purple Power stuff...the two primers I used were first, Testors enamel primer and then a coat of rust colored Plasticote primer...I didn't like the Testors to begin with, and after seeing Dr. Cranky's videos, I tried the Plasticote sandable primer which I really like...but hey, if I have to do the filling again, I will...That is what I love about modeling: trial and error!!!
  3. totter81770 added a post in a topic using bleach to strip chrome plated parts   

    Used some cheap stuff I bought at Dollar Tree, for yep $1, and overnight it stripped the chrome without damaging the plastic...Is called Oxygen Orange and is advertised as a degreaser/cleaner in a spray bottle...it will take paint off, but it takes a LONG time for that to work...several days, maybe even weeks, I just haven't let things sit that long...but for chrome, it worked great...
  4. totter81770 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Need help with primer removal
    Working on my first kits since getting back to the hobby and had some major body filling on a '59 Chevy build. I used Tamiya white in the beginning, but switched to Testors filler when I had some issues with the Tamiya. Now, I think I have it ready for the color to be added, but my primer coats are very uneven after all the sanding (this has been a nightmare, but a good learning experience!).

    Anyway, I wanted to do a complete primer removal and start over again to get it ready for paint. What can I use that will not undo the body filler in the process? I have used brake fluid on some older bodies, but see that Purple Power and Simply Green are very popular.

    What would be my best bet to ensure I get the old primer off and leave my body work in tact?

    Please help!!!


    P.S. I tried to upload some pics, but my file size was too large...sorry...
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  5. totter81770 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Need help with primer removal
    Ok, so I had to do some major body filling, which I used both Tamiya white and Testors filler. Anyway, I wanted to remove the layers of primer on the entire body and re-primer to get a couple of even coats. What should I use to remove the primer (first layer was Testors enamel primer, then a light layer or so of Plasticote primer)? I have used the brake fluid method of paint removal on some older kits, but see that many are going with Purple Power or Simply Green. I just don't want the removal process to destroy the body filler I have used to this point.
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  6. totter81770 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello from North Atlanta
    Just got back into modeling after about a 20-yr absence, although about 12 yrs ago I did go on an eBay buying spree and swooped up about 150 cars/military/plane kits which I am now trying to pare down some. Anyway, I had planned on building my dad a tribute car years ago, but now chose to start it because he has had a series of mini-strokes, surgeries, and other health issues. I figured it would give him some nice memories of the car. So I am working on it, almost have it ready for paint (the chassis/engine/interior are complete). So as I got to building, I started watching YouTube videos, going on websites, and after many trips to the hobby shops, I am now fully enthusiastic about building a lot more now. I am selling some kits on eBay to free up some cash, and have several kits going now, but as of yet haven't completed any. My 7-yr old showed some interest on day in Hobby Lobby, so I got him a classic Camaro Snap-Tite kit and built it with him. So that was nice. Anyway, just checking out some of the forums, getting tips/advice, and just excited about building again.

    Hotty Toddy!!! Go Rebels!!!

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