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  1. Need help with primer removal

    Thanks...gonna give the suggestions a try...I have gotten a few old built kits off eBay and looking to do some restoration on a few, so cleaning these parts is a must...Thanks again...
  2. Need help with primer removal

    Thanks fellas....I think I will try that Purple Power stuff...the two primers I used were first, Testors enamel primer and then a coat of rust colored Plasticote primer...I didn't like the Testors to begin with, and after seeing Dr. Cranky's videos, I tried the Plasticote sandable primer which I really like...but hey, if I have to do the filling again, I will...That is what I love about modeling: trial and error!!!
  3. Used some cheap stuff I bought at Dollar Tree, for yep $1, and overnight it stripped the chrome without damaging the plastic...Is called Oxygen Orange and is advertised as a degreaser/cleaner in a spray bottle...it will take paint off, but it takes a LONG time for that to work...several days, maybe even weeks, I just haven't let things sit that long...but for chrome, it worked great...
  4. Working on my first kits since getting back to the hobby and had some major body filling on a '59 Chevy build. I used Tamiya white in the beginning, but switched to Testors filler when I had some issues with the Tamiya. Now, I think I have it ready for the color to be added, but my primer coats are very uneven after all the sanding (this has been a nightmare, but a good learning experience!). Anyway, I wanted to do a complete primer removal and start over again to get it ready for paint. What can I use that will not undo the body filler in the process? I have used brake fluid on some older bodies, but see that Purple Power and Simply Green are very popular. What would be my best bet to ensure I get the old primer off and leave my body work in tact? Please help!!! Tommy P.S. I tried to upload some pics, but my file size was too large...sorry...
  5. Ok, so I had to do some major body filling, which I used both Tamiya white and Testors filler. Anyway, I wanted to remove the layers of primer on the entire body and re-primer to get a couple of even coats. What should I use to remove the primer (first layer was Testors enamel primer, then a light layer or so of Plasticote primer)? I have used the brake fluid method of paint removal on some older kits, but see that many are going with Purple Power or Simply Green. I just don't want the removal process to destroy the body filler I have used to this point.
  6. Just got back into modeling after about a 20-yr absence, although about 12 yrs ago I did go on an eBay buying spree and swooped up about 150 cars/military/plane kits which I am now trying to pare down some. Anyway, I had planned on building my dad a tribute car years ago, but now chose to start it because he has had a series of mini-strokes, surgeries, and other health issues. I figured it would give him some nice memories of the car. So I am working on it, almost have it ready for paint (the chassis/engine/interior are complete). So as I got to building, I started watching YouTube videos, going on websites, and after many trips to the hobby shops, I am now fully enthusiastic about building a lot more now. I am selling some kits on eBay to free up some cash, and have several kits going now, but as of yet haven't completed any. My 7-yr old showed some interest on day in Hobby Lobby, so I got him a classic Camaro Snap-Tite kit and built it with him. So that was nice. Anyway, just checking out some of the forums, getting tips/advice, and just excited about building again. Hotty Toddy!!! Go Rebels!!! Tommy