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  1. I came across this while looking for material on the Monroe special Chevrolet Brothers A site devoted to the Chevrolet Bros, it includes wealth of reference photos on the Frontenac racers, including their Indy attempts. Very useful if you're trying to build either the Aurora/Best kit, or the Etzel kit.
  2. I picked up an incomplete Monroe Special kit at an estate sale. All the major parts seem to be there, but the instruction sheet is missing, and I'd like to see just what I need to replace. Google hasn't been particularly helpful, so I'm looking to see if anyone here knows of a site where I can get a decent scan of the instructions, or if anyone has a set of instructions they'd be willing to put under a scanner?
  3. I recently acquired his kit of Malcolm Campbell's Bluebird LSR car, and I'm looking forward to putting that together. The Ferrari looks promising, and the style owes a lot to the Gilda concept.
  4. I knew right away it was an early model Kaiser-Frazer product, but it took some searching in Google to narrow it down. As people have pointed out, there's no real difference between a '47 and a '48 Frazer, though the two tone paint identified it as a Manhattan model. I managed to find the photo used in the quiz to nail down the year.
  5. I fondly remember Adventures in Scale Modeling, and they had some good tips. One I remember particularly was using dry transfer lettering as a mask for painting. Mind you, I'm not even sure you can get that stuff anymore.
  6. Picked up from The Drive. It goes to show you don't need computers, or even a lot of tools, to make a masterpiece.
  7. So making a GM product would not be unprecedented.
  8. Hard to say. Up to now, how many Mustangs has Tamiya done in the past? I would say, if ever there was a GM product that hit all the right Tamiya buttons, the C8 would be it.
  9. I like it too. It looks almost like what they ended up doing for the '71 Toronado
  10. It's a simple kit that's been around forever, so go nuts.
  11. As for encouraging impressionable youth, I'm just going to toss this out. Before this, it was things like Smokey and the Bandit and the Dukes of Hazard encouraging not just reckless driving, but disrespect for lawful authority. Before that it was Bullit, and Hot Rods to Hell before that. Popular media has been feeding us a steady diet of antisocial behaviour since before any of us were born, and most of us turned out all right. Yes, some people took it too far. Kids jumped off roofs trying to be Superman. and the Manson family went on a murder spree inspired by the lyrics of the Beatles. Of course, there was all sorts of hand wringing about the terrible influence of television, comics and rock music, and yet here we are. Personally, I can listen to Sergeant Pepper without experiencing even the slightest urge to start an apocalyptic death cult, and I know I'm not alone in that. Most people are quite capable of distinguishing between reality and fantasy, and the few disturbed individuals who can't, just about anything will set them off. People doing stupid things is nothing new, no matter how much we want to pretend otherwise, and no matter how many people are whispering in your ear, you're still the one who's responsible for deciding to act.
  12. I like that. It's like a Stutz Blackhawk only done with some restraint.
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