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  1. Desktop Manufacturing, Part 1: 3D Printing

    Perfectly understandable, and yes, they're getting better all the time. It wasn't that long ago those UV printers were in the "If you have to ask, you can't afford it" category. It'll be interesting to see how soon the ones that print metal start coming down in price. I'm just saying that even if you don't have the scratch for the high end ones, you still have options.
  2. Desktop Manufacturing, Part 1: 3D Printing

    Just because you can't afford to own something, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't afford to use it. I have a cheap little inkjet i use to print ou the occasional coupon, but when I want to print out artwork, I go down the street to a print shop and toss a couple of dollars at them to use their very nice, and very expensive professional grade printer. There are probably already some 3D print services in your area.
  3. Some talk on car movies.

    Even worse, when they're chasing someone who's on foot, and they still can't seem to catch them.
  4. A very nice idea for a kit

    It also occurs to me if you wanted to do an updated version of Speed Racer, you could do far worse for a new Mach 5
  5. Triumph TR3A, Gunze Sangyo, 1/24

    It still builds up nice. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Autoquiz 404 - Finished

    The steering wheel faked me out, so I was hunting for Australian specials.
  7. Russian Car

    It's actually based on a 1933 Ford.
  8. 1964 Cadillac Eldorado

    Very nice! Welcome to the forum!
  9. A very nice idea for a kit

    You can say the same thing about Porsches, but people seem to like them anyhow. Yes, it is over the top. It's too low, too long, too everything. It looks like a giant Hot Wheels, and that's precisely why it would make a great subject for a kit. It's a car that speaks to your inner 10 year old, and if the kitmakers are serious about attracting some new blood into the hobby, maybe this is the stuff they should be looking into instead of another request for a base model malaisewagen.
  10. AMT 1929 Ford A Roadster "Mod Rod"

    I think I can say with confidence that I will never get that nostalgic.
  11. Vintage 1946 Monogram streamliner kit

    makes you wonder if this got the wheels turning on a young art Arfons or Craig Breedlove.
  12. Pins from AMT 50th Anniversary

    So it looks like AMT's 75th is happening the year after next. Something for the folks at Round 2 to think about.
  13. A very nice idea for a kit

    Hoax or not, it would still make a cool looking model,
  14. Road King

    It is called the Road King, and the idea was to make a self contained cargo hauler that didn't need a separate tractor. THe link in the first post has more info, and here's an earlier six wheel version. A little more background info http://theoldmotor.com/?p=138179 Scott, I love retrofuture design, so I'm hoping you'll go ahead with your idea.
  15. Road King

    This would make an interesting model An attempt to eliminate the need for a separate tractor. More info here http://theoldmotor.com/?p=173096