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  1. A Idea for NASCAR

    Or, if you want to make Nascar more relevant to modern times, how about going back to making it an actual stock car race? Instead of limiting the cars to 70s tech, how about we open things up a little? Outside of safety standards, anything goes. You build cars in North America, you get to play. Front drive, rear drive, gas, electric, nuclear, whatever you think will do the job, but with the qualifier that you have to build 10,000 of them. That number can be adjusted up or down, but the idea is instead of some competition special, what you race is an actual production vehicle. Just to make things interesting, and a little more relevant whatever you run have to meet current emission standards, measured right after the race just in case someone tries to pull a Volkwagen. What do you think?
  2. 1937 Cord 812 - The Classic Monogram Kit After Some Improvements

    Yep, those slats are what are supposed to ventilate the engine compartment. Even so, overheating was an issue.
  3. Revell 2019

    If Revell keeps cranking out the Model As, both the old and new versions, and the '40 and '48 Ford, then I will be happy.
  4. The end is near

    I can see it being one of those subjects that everyone is going to want to release a model kit. If Revell, or anyone else, for that matter, feels the urge to release another large scale kit, this would be a worthy subject.
  5. The end is near

    Calling it now. When the C8 gets a restyle, expect cries of "Aw man, why did they change it? The old C8 was so cool..."
  6. 1937 Cord 812 - The Classic Monogram Kit After Some Improvements

    Very nicely done, and how little you actually had to do to it speaks volume about how good the kit really is.
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I don't have my camera handy, so the pic's from onlne, but one of these arrived in the mail. The seller was in Canada, so shipping wasn't ridiculous, and the price was on part with what AMT kits were going for in the LHS. At the moment, I'm torn between trying to turn it back into a stock roadster, or making a woodie like the one in Gasoline Alley here.
  8. Autoquiz 421

    They sold them in North America as the Mazda 1800, but they weren't a big seller.
  9. A Idea for NASCAR

    I think it could work, expecially if you play up the whole retro experience. Encourage people to dress in period costume, and get some classic rock and country bands to play before the actual race.
  10. Ebbro Citroen DS21

    They were right, it just took a little longer. As a kid, one of my favourite things about Dad's Toronado, aside from the futuristic styling, was that flat floor. The back seat was practically like a living room.
  11. The end is near

    I was going to bring up the Toyota MR2, but I'm not even sure they make anything like that now. In any case, on paper, the C8 looks like it's going to offer a whole lot of bang for the buck.
  12. Interior painting

    Everyone has a favourite, but I like Humbrol for the range of shades, and because they have semigloss as well as flat finishes. I like building a lot of old stuff, and the Humbrol colours seem to be the closest match, and that applies to their gloss finishes as well. They hav ea maroon and a dark blue that are just about bang on for what Ford was using in the '30s and '40s. That said, I'll use Model Master and Tamiya paint if what they have is closer to what I want.
  13. The return of Hemi Under Glass

    https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2019/04/12/new-hellephant-powered-hemi-under-glass-challenger-to-debut-in-2020/ So, not quite so much glass as the first one. I thought that was pretty neat that FCA will sell you an engine good for 1000 hp right out of the box.
  14. seeking instructions?

    I built one many years ago, and it is a very nice kit for 1/32. It's not that hard to make the steering functional.
  15. Stock 1932 Ford?

    I'm looking at the frame of a Revell '40 Ford right now, and I'm going to say, it looks really close. The centre of the '40 crossmember looks a little wider, but not too bad. The Revell '48 Ford rear axle looks fairly close, and is stock, as compared to the two speed axle on the '40.