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  1. I bought the reissued "new" '23 T, and both the engine and frame are indeed nicer than what was in the old '25T kit. Also, unlike the '25 T engine, the Fronty head from the '27 will fit on this one. Also a question for people with real world knowledge. One of my projects is a '20s vintage Mercury speedster, and while I'm tempted to equip it with the DOHC Frontenac head, I'm also wondering just how practical they would actually be for street use, seeing as they were advertised for racing only.
  2. It's just funny when the people who keep lecturing us about how we should be grateful for every lump of plastic that gets foisted upon us suddenly decide that a decal sheet is intolerable.
  3. You know how it is. You offer free ice cram, and some people will complain that it isn't chocolate.
  4. The rest of it is from the 1/25 MPC Sturz Bearcat as well. It's a lot bigger than a Model T, as are most cars.
  5. I can think of a couple of projects where tossing them after lighting them on fire would have been tempting.
  6. I usually touch the brush some place that's going to be covered by another part, or some spot that isn't going to show on the finished model. It also helps not to overload the brush, and to keep you fingers off the seam while you're applying glue. In any case, the seam is probably going to have to be sanded anyhow.
  7. I think the blue seat is from the Revell '29 pickup.
  8. I get that. I try to get donor kits with multiple options, so they can provide material for 2- other kits.
  9. And we have had Humbrol paints for the longest time when the Americans couldn't get them, though lately, those have been harder to get.
  10. On the other hand, the Round 2 kits i've been looking forward to, still haven't hit the shelves of the stores here, so I guess it all balances out.
  11. And yes, have a backup too. Fortunately, backup drives are cheap now.
  12. I checked the website for Model Land here in Calgary, and they have Revell paints in stock.
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