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  1. The separate roof makes me think it might be the Palmer Maverick.
  2. Clear styrene is fine if you aren't going to bend it. I would recommend not using CA glue as the fumes will fog up clear styrene. Five minute epoxy will do the job.
  3. Canadian National, and later Via Rail had turbine trains running regular service from 1968 to 1982
  4. Yes, for most people, cars are just a tool, and it's been that way for a good, long time, but to suggest that this is somehow unique to today is factually wrong.
  5. Magazines of all sorts are shutting down. It's more about the viability of print in general.
  6. I'd take this one a little more seriously if people hadn't been repeating it pretty much verbatim since before I was born.
  7. Modelers devote a lot of effort on duplicating how a car looks, but this guy tried to duplicate how a car moves. It's not perfect, but it is an interesting experiment. More here: https://superscale2020.blogspot.com/
  8. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-01-13/millennials-could-end-up-being-a-boon-to-the-u-s-auto-market Apparently there are a record number of drivers in the US, driven mostly by, yes, the millenials. While fewer people are getting their license as soon as they turn 16, they do get them.
  9. You have to admit that pestering Round 2 about new kits is kind of a pointless exercise. As it stands, the only way the get them to do a C8 would involve going back to 1968 and somehow convince AMT to make a C8 then. "Hey guys, forget that goofy Amtronic. Here's the REAL car of the 21st century!"
  10. And if you thought those teddy bear wheels were a little too macho for your tastes:
  11. It's supposed to make it's debut at the Super Bowl, but I'll believe it, when I see it. https://www.thedrive.com/news/31801/hummers-really-coming-back-as-an-electric-pickup-will-debut-during-super-bowl-report
  12. Chinook is online only now. There's Model Land, which has a huge selection of kits, and a nice little Italian deli beside it you want to make an afternoon of it. There's also Action Hobbies, which I haven't been to , and Trains and Such, which specializes in trains, but also has models, and a huge selection of tools and materials. I think there are a few other specialty places.
  13. That's the population of Calgary, and we have 4.
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