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  1. 1/32 scale Panhard

    I have one in a box somewhere. Great job!
  2. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Some Canadian Ford products would be nice to see, for that matter, and Canadian Monarch and Meteor trim pieces were popular with the early custom crowd. AMT's '57 Ford already comes with a Meteor grille. How much effort would it take to include the pieces to take it the rest of the way?
  3. '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits requested

    ICM seems to think there's money to be made with stock brass era T's, so maybe they're the ones to talk to about later models?
  4. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Cadillac did it first, and I think did it better. The Spyker and the Panoz are examples of modern cars that, love them or hate them you certainly can't call them boring.
  5. 1/32 scale 1903 De Dietrich racer

    Great job on an unusual subject!
  6. AMT Future Releases Interesting

    Not everyone likes the same thing. I'm actually looking forward to the Edsel.
  7. Cap's Hobby Hints

    I remember these back in the day. Thanks for sharing!
  8. What would YOU like to see as a model

    I have a dozen year on you, ya punk kid. I've been working in digital for nearly 20 years now, though I still like to work things out with pencil and paper. As far as modeling goes, I like both plastic and pixels. I do mostly scifi on the computer, but here's something I did some years back of a hypothetical street version of the Auto Union racer.
  9. What would YOU like to see as a model

    What does age have to do with it?
  10. What would YOU like to see as a model

    The 50s Buick, the Ferrari and the Dual-Ghia for sure. and I could certainly go for the Lincoln and the Pontiac. That is a good question about the Aston-Martin. You would think there would be a demand for James Bond's ride.
  11. The latest in desk top 3d printing-test prints

    Can you make the layers any thinner, and can you reuse the undeveloped resin?
  12. The latest in desk top 3d printing-test prints

    Looks promising. How high an object will it make, and how much is the resin?
  13. Your favourite Box art

    It's actually a 770, which was Mercedes-Benz's top of the line luxury model, so probably no a lot of them were taxicabs. The one Hirohito had is a '35, though it was built from 1930 until 1938, when it was replaced by a more modern version, which is the one we usually see Hitler being driven around in.
  14. What would YOU like to see as a model

    The point is that as far as they're concerned, there's a lot more at stake than just models, and in they have to choose between keeping the modelers happy, and jeapordizing the revenues from all their other licensing, guess who loses out?
  15. What would YOU like to see as a model

    I know I'm contradicting myself, but this is what my dad had in '72, and I could definitely go for a new kit or reissue of this: