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  1. According to this https://www.copper.org/consumers/arts/2015/june/kopper-kraft.html the original was destroyed, it is in all likelihood the recreation. Still a neat artifact, and an illustration of how custom trends went from "less is more" to "more is more" to "Way too much is almost there".
  2. I actually prefer the first version as well. Still, it's great that this piece of automotive history has been restored, and available for display, and history isn't always pretty..
  3. If this vintage Michelin ad is any indication, a light grey is probably closer to their actual colour.
  4. Part of the same collection as the Grabowski roadster, the Golden Sahara had been restored, and is back on display. Goodyear recreated the light up tires that were on its last public shown version, though unlike the old ones, the new ones are solid, and aren't really intended to be used for normal driving. More here https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/03/07/golden-sahara-ii-restored-to-original-glory More than a little hype in calling it the first autonomous car, though.
  5. The roof on the white one looks like itended up on the 1970 AMC Rebel.
  6. I do buy the AMT tires fairly regularly, because those are fairly useless, and you can use them on anything. Now if Revell wanted to put the big 'n little tires and vintage steel wheels that came with the '29 pickup in their own box and sell those, I know I'd buy a bunch, and I suspect I wouldn't be the only one.
  7. https://www.newcadillacdatabase.org/static/CDB/Dbas_txt/V16_ndx.htm Just about everything you could want to know about Cadillac's V-16 model. It includes, technical specs, history, and a list of surviving V-16s, with photos. Lots of inspiration if you're doing a Jo-Han Cadillac, or any classic car.
  8. It is the style, though the actual car they measured for the kit is a replica made from another V-16 Town Car. Apparently no actual Town Broughams are known to exist.
  9. It's been a while since I looked at a Parts Pack, but yes, lots of useful stuff.
  10. Even if vintage dragsters aren't your thing, the wheels and running gear are useful for vintage hot rods, but Bill is right that there are other sources. The recently reissued Orange Crate is practically a vintage dragster parts pack all by itself, as is the Tony Nancy two in one kit.. That still doesn't mean that additional sources of parts wouldn't be welcome if they can somehow make the numbers work.
  11. It's a finicky kit, to be sure, but one that will reward your efforts. Thanks for sharing!
  12. If you really want the white tires, and you're feeling really ambitious, you can cast your own set out of white RTV. You can cast it in an RTV mould as long as you apply mould release.
  13. That's looking sharp! The dual rear spares give it a very European look. And speaking of spares, are you going to remove that bulge under the front fender?
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