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  1. It still looks sharp! It's kind of sobering that the high tech "Modern" look is over 30 years old now. The new traditional?
  2. I know Bandai rereleased the Rolls Balloon car a few years back. I remember seeing one in the discount bin after I'd spent too much on an Entex version on eBay. I'm definitely looking forward to your progress on this one.
  3. That was me this past Labour Day weekend. I figured I'd get a bunch of painting done before the weather got too cold. I remembered a Jo-han Cadillac Cabriolet that had been almost finished for far too long, so I figured I'd finish the painting on that. It's not a small box, but do you think I could find it? On the up side, in the process of searching, I found some missing parts that had been holding me up on a couple of other projects.
  4. Science fictions modelers seem to be willing to shell out large amounts of money for obscure subjects, so it might actually be worthwhile
  5. I started wondering about that, and while it doesn't look like anyone's tackled a Cugnot, "vehicle" also includes "ships", so it would probably be this one: But if you insist on something with wheels that moves under it's own power, it would probably be this one:
  6. The ability to make multiple versions is actually an argument in favour of doing more classic cars. For example, Monogram put out a Duesenberg Torpedo Phaeton, a town car, a roadster and a boat tailed speedster, all based off the same chassis and fenders.
  7. I'd take a mid fifties Buick over a Chevy II any time, but I guess it boils down to whether the numbers work. On the other hand, for the longest time I never thought these tri fives were ever going to be made into kits, and between Moebius and AMT, they have. I guess it boils down to whether you can make a case that the demand is there.
  8. I'd take a mid fifties Buick over a Chevy II any day of the week, but I suppose it comes down to making the numbers work.
  9. That is really cool. Now I'm trying to imagine what sort of performance parts you'd make for a gas turbine.
  10. -Me, I think Revell should be praised for making the effort to get it right. though I'm sure someone will let us know why a scan directly off an actual Mustang is totally wrong.
  11. A little more progress on the Imperial. It turns out that Soviet Interior Blue Green is a close match for what Chrysler was using to paint their engines in 1932.
  12. A little more progress. Originally I was going to add a little Humbrol gloss black to the Crimson for the fenders, but they were out, and apparently, the odds of any more are nil, so I'm going to try some Testors paint to see if I can get close to what I want. In the meantime, the colour the Soviets used to paint the inside of their fighters is a close match to what Chrysler was painting their engines, so I got a bottle of Model Master's version, and painted the engine block.
  13. Humbrol Clear Gloss does have a bit of a yellow tinge to it. Their Gloss White is really bad for yellowing with age.
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