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  1. Oh, it's definitely an improvement over the previous model.
  2. I as referring more to whoever thinks you're going to get 44 miles a day off those solar panels. That thing has scam written all over it.
  3. If you're looking for other wheels to put in your Parts Packs, I think you should give some serious thought to adding the ones from your upcoming Black Beauty kit.
  4. Is it the most expensive model car? I imagine a hand built model of the sort Gerald Wingrove used to do would set you back at least that much, and honestly, I'd rather have one of those. There are some nice detail, but as far as subject matter goes, the Cullinan is pretty much at the bottom of my want list. As far as Rolls Royce models go, the Monogram Phantom IIs I have in my build pile will do me just fine for now. As for who deserves what, and how much is too much, that's probably a discussion that falls way outside the scope of this forum. Personally, I think if you can afford it, and you enjoy it, and you aren't hurting anyone, then that's all the justification you really need. As for what people should spend their money on, I'm sure the money that went into stuffing your basement full of several lifetimes worth of kits would have made a welcome contribution tot he local food bank. If you really think the some people have to much money, then isn't it great that there are people working hard to come up with ways like this to siphon off some of that excess wealth?
  5. I can think of all sorts of uses for those wheels, so I'll definitely be looking forward to the Parts Pack issue.
  6. That's fine. I kno hat I said, and I don't need you to speak for me.
  7. If you ever read Rod Custom's account of the restoration of the Hirohata Merc, what they found underneath was not pretty. That would make an interesting model project. An old school custom, complete with old school construction underneath.
  8. Maybe just ban anyone who shows sign of excess ability. Just so nobody has their sense of self worth jostled, of course.
  9. Yeah, I can't see anyone commissioning something like this for just 30 grand. Just getting someone to assemble and paint a kit can set you back four figures. One of Michele Conti's hand build models would set you back $25000, and this as back in the '60s. I wouldn't be surprised if you tried to actually hire someone to build something like this, a real '63 Stingray would be cheaper.
  10. It's a reduced scale replica of a real object, which is the very definition of a model. And it probably isn't a kit, which means someone had to build it from scratch, which means that whoever built it has modeling skills that blow away anything you or I could do.
  11. All right, how about, if you can get it through the door, you can enter it?
  12. Something is seriously wrong when modeling of this calibre is considered a "problem". You guys who like to talk about who is and isn't a real modeler? Take a good look, because this is what real modeling looks like This is what a model is, a model of something, otherwise you're making plastic sculpture. In the rest of the modeling world, it's all about fidelity and accuracy. If you walk into a contest with this, and nobody has managed to build anything better, then you deserve to walk away with every trophy you qualify for. However, I don't think it's unreasonable to have to bring something different to next year's contest.
  13. Geez, there are children reading this.
  14. Not really that interested in making a Fiat gasser, but I will pick one up for the Cadillac engine and the roadster bits.
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