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  1. I built the Rabbit when it first came out. As I recall, it was a nice little kit.
  2. I'm sure there are any number of places for discussion the sociopolitical ramifications of the current situation, and I imagine they get miffed if you try to start talking about model cars there.
  3. I remember my first experience with IPMS many years ago, and the prevailing opinion was that if it didn't have wings or treads, it wasn't "real" modelling, so forget stinking up the place with car models. Today, the local club here, the Rocky Mountain Model Club, boasts some of the best military modelers in the country, and they have no problem with people who want to build cars, or Gundam, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Now, some people seem to feel that it is very important to let us know that they don't consider certain subjects "real" modelling. I guess the big takeaway is that what they think is not really that important.
  4. And if the Tom Daniel stuff are considered models even though they aren't based on actual vehicles, then modeling something based on a cartoon is totally legitimate. And is some person doesn't consider those "legitimate" modeling (whatever that is) , why is that of the slightest importance?
  5. ...that in some not too distant future, people will look at the world around them, maybe examine their own lives and finally say: "You know, maybe I do have enough toilet paper..."
  6. I got into these Japanese sci fi kits mostly for the designs. I tend to prefer the more machinelike designs, and if if your tastes run that way there are the old Macross kits. Sure, they have the planes that turned into robots, but there were also some that looked like they stepped right out of a Chris Foss painting. I liked the Votoms battle suit because it looked like someone actually tried to design a big walking tank. And speaking of walking tanks, there's the Dorvack series. Another one that looks halfways plausible. And then there's the SF3D series, who's look seems to have been based on the premise, "What if the Wehrmacht had giant robots?" I do have a couple of the Gundam ships, and those look pretty nice. If you want an auto connection, Syd Mead designed some of them. He also redesigned the space cruiser Yamato for Yamato 2530 So there's a lot more to this than Power Rangers.
  7. Not to mention a Jo-Han or two. As for the idea of someone lusting after that Lindberg kit, all I can say is nostalgia is a heckuva drug.
  8. Should I be concerned that a company that supposedly caters to car enthusiasts doesn't seem to recognize the Aerovette? As concept cars go, it's not exactly obscure. I have the Revell kit, so I can say the subject is on my want list, though I shudder to think what the Lindberg kit is like.
  9. Not surprised, considering the Tiger Shark was based on the Dream Rod kit.
  10. I also remember letting all the metal particles settle, and pouring off the clear coloured paint for airbrushable candy colours.
  11. Looks like the candy paints are back as well, only under different names?
  12. And if your tastes run to police cars... Thais one's a '40, but the NYPD also used '41s
  13. Really, if you want art, buy a poster, but if they released a version with optional stock wheels, that would be pretty neat.
  14. That came out nice!
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