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  1. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    You do have to take colour photos with a grain of salt. There's always going to be some variation depending on who developed them, and whoever prepared them for printing, and of course who scanned them and prepared them for the internet. The best you can hope tp achieve is "close enough"
  2. Divided by a common tongue

    I was watching a British TV show, and they pronounced it "Merk"
  3. Divided by a common tongue

    up here in the Former British Empire, we used Imperial gallons before we went metric, so car ads featured MPG figures calculated with Imperial gallons. Ever so often you'd see various theories floated about as to why cars sold in Canada got 20% better mileage than the same one sold in the states, when all it was is that we used a 20% bigger gallon. A few US vs UK terms I haven;t seen brought up yet: convertible = drophead shocks = dampers cell phone = mobile In North America a "Merc" is a Mercury, where in England, it's a Mercedes.
  4. Isn't it time....

    If anything, you would think it would be easier with the comptuer to get it right.
  5. Pet peeve of mine!

    I will say that I totally agree about mastering the basics. People will notice that before they notice anything. One of the two time I won a largish troph, it was for an almost totally box stock L'il Coffin whi's only distinguishing features were a clean build, and I somehow managed a decent candy red paint job.
  6. Pet peeve of mine!

    Life is too short to spend it worrying about how other people build their models. So I guess my pet peeve is...pet peeves. Particularly the ones who post some variation on, "You're posting about something that doesn't interest me, and you have to stop." First off, you're opinions aren't nearly as important as you think they are. Secondly, I don't come here to keep you entertained. I'm here for you to entertain me.
  7. Kom-Pak Trailer

    Apparently there's a canvas roof you can use when you're using the boat.
  8. Kom-Pak Trailer

    If you wanted to do something different in the way of vintage trailers, it looks like you could use Lindberg's Ford kit as a starting point.
  9. Early 60s T roadster

    From the Ocober 1962 issue of Hot Rod. Looks slick, but I'm at a loss to figure out how you'd fit a human being in there with the top on.
  10. Future of the hobby

    That so many of the "old guard" love to share their views on how much they hate everything the younger crowd does probably doesn't help either. This has nothing to with skill level. There are younger modelers on this group who have shown they are as interested in getting it right, and there's no shortage of old fogeys who take a perverse pride in not being "river counters"
  11. This thing sure has an aggressive rake.

    Now this is an aggressive rake...
  12. Old Car Meet in 1939

    Some people weren't hurting, that's for sure.
  13. Pinninfarina Modulo Rebuild

    The late 60s and early 70s were my favourite era for European concept cars, and the Modulo was Pinninfarina's entry in the contest to design the world's fastest doortstop. Unfortunately, it was not a functional prototype, but this man is in the precess of correcting that oversight: More information here: https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/car-design/a21049268/ferrari-modulo-by-pininfarina-driving/
  14. Old Car Meet in 1939

    It also shows just how quickly the state of the automotive art had advanced back then. A 1939 car looks like it was built in another century.
  15. Wild 2021 Dodge Viper

    That still looks way better than what we ended up with.