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  1. Scratchbuilding wire looms is a lot less painful if you drill the holes first, then trim/sand the material to the size and shape you want.
  2. If you've ever seen the 1945 film Detour, There's a Continental with a similar treatment.
  3. I got good results holding the rod near an incandescent light bulb,, and applying gentle pressure. It doesn't have to melt, just soften a bit.
  4. CMA models announced it was working on a 1/12 scale kit of a 1937 Delage Aerodynamic Coupe, though it's been a "Future Release" for a few years now. https://www.cmamodels.com/kits-delage.php
  5. Just a thought, but maybe something of a similar vintage to the Ghia kit for chassis bits?
  6. I picked up a couple of airplane kits at the Alberta Aviation Museum. The nuseum itself is definitely worth a visit should you find yourself in Edmonton.
  7. Finecast made a metal one, and Berkeley made a balsa kit way back when, both in 1/24.
  8. Cut out short lengths of aluminum or plastic tube, and then just rub them on a pieces of sandpaper until you get your desired thickness. It you want to get fancy, you can put a bevel in one end with a knife before cutting off the length of tubing..
  9. I'm looking at the 6 Micheals in Calgary, plus 3 real general hobby shops (PM Hobbycraft, Model Land, Action Hobbies), 2 more that specialize in model trains, and one devoted just to Gundam kits, and some more gaming and card collector shops, and I'm thinking you may be on to something there.
  10. The energy density argument is why the people pushing for electric aircraft are delusional.
  11. Last I heard, US companies were still allowed to sell to the rest of the world too.
  12. The folks at ICM seem to think there's a market, so maybe things have changed? That would be nice to see back, though from what I understand, the original moulds were made from aluminum, and were destroyed after the inital run, so you'd have to make a new set of moulds. I suppose you'd have to show that the numbers would work.
  13. Put my vote in for a Flyer as well. MPC did release some Airfix kits, and that included some 1/32 vintage subjects. That's too bad about the sales on the Flyer sale sales, because it and the Stutz were some of the nicest kits ever made of pre WWI cars. Granted, most of them were originally made back in the '50s, so it wasn't a particularly high bar.
  14. For all those people who have been wishing for a more traditional rear end for Revel's Deuce and Model A kits, it looks like you have almost a complete conversion kit right there, with both regular and quick change options. It looks like you'll still need a rear crossmember, but most of what you want is there.
  15. And there are some very nice car kits available in 1/35, so you could build up a decent collection in the scale, even if olive drab isn't your thing.
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