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  1. Any Idea's?

    I'm going to take a wild guess, and say it's one of these?
  2. Hello form Alberta Canada

  3. Favorite Obscure or Discovered Music Album

    From the band that brought you Telstar. The older Canucks in the group will recognize the tune.
  4. Atlantis Model & The Ex-Monogram/Revell/Aurora/Renwal Molds

    No argument there.
  5. The Red Devil - Jo-han Cadillac Sport Phaeton

    Fairly close. I had tried set of whitewalls from one of the Monogram classics, but they're a little oversized. I suppose the best answer would be as accurate as I can make it without incurring too much expense. I do have an idea bout how I might make the taillights more accurate.
  6. What non-auto model did you get today?

    I actually bought these about a week ago, but I didn't know about this particular thread. Two grail kits I found at Model Land. This is why, when people give you grief for wanting to bring back obscure kits, you should ignore them.
  7. Favorite Obscure or Discovered Music Album

    "In Search of the Lost Chord" was my first exposure to the Moody Blues. A teacher put in on to inspire a high school art class, and I was hooked. As far as newer music goes, I like the Moody Blues vibe to the guitars in this one. As far as favourite obscure stuff goes, I'm still pretty fond of the country punk sounds of Rank and File.
  8. Atlantis Model & The Ex-Monogram/Revell/Aurora/Renwal Molds

    Considering it was only a few months ago that people were predicting the end of the model industry, this is a welcome change. And the 904 is one I could see Revell hanging on to.
  9. Atlantis Model & The Ex-Monogram/Revell/Aurora/Renwal Molds

    Maybe the possibility that all that suposedly pointless hoping might not be so pointless after all? Or maybe they finally realized how stupid it looks when you try telling people to stop talking about stuff you aren't interested in.
  10. The Red Devil - Jo-han Cadillac Sport Phaeton

    Adding foil to the rims, and painting the hubcaps.
  11. Time for a look at some different Pickup truck offerings ?

    And the Powell was based on a '41 Plymouth, so in theory, AMT's kit could be used as a starting point.
  12. Atlantis Model & The Ex-Monogram/Revell/Aurora/Renwal Molds

    Mine got lost in a move before I could finish it, but it's the old Aurora kit with some extra detail engraved by Monogram. From what I remember, it's looked good, and fit together fairly painlessly.
  13. Tired of your normal build subjects?

    Yes, it would be a interesting piece of history to model, and and history isn't always pretty. It is very true that there were some very attractive safety concepts. GM and Pininfarina spring to mind. It's also true that some of the most beautiful cars ever were race cars, yet there were a few that emphasized speed over looks. and few faulted their priorities.
  14. Tired of your normal build subjects?

    To be fair, the guy who designed that was trying to design a safe car. Looks weren't a priority.
  15. The mother of all Cobras ?

    Very nice. The designer took his inspiration from a Ferrari, but hey, if you're going to swipe, swipe from the best.