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  1. Windowshaker added a post in a topic Source for 300 I-6 5 speed for 94 f150   

    I am happy to report I received a package from Kitchen table resins. Ken was super easy to deal with really good service! This is my first encounter with resin parts. I already see that there is going to be lots of cleanup and fitting of these parts. I don't have a great deal of experience building show quality models so I am going to be adding this skill set. any pointers are welcome. I forgot to get on fleabay and buy that lindberg kit for the tranny. So I have to get after that. in the mean time I have washed the parts and started cleaning them up and fitting. I am sure I need to start a new topic elsewhere so please advise as such. thanks again for the help, I remain confident I can get the results I desire in this model.
  2. Windowshaker added a post in a topic Source for 300 I-6 5 speed for 94 f150   

    Thanks for the heads up on a good kit to rob. You fellas have been real helpful. I feel like I should be able to produce this model without a lot if scratch building etc now. this is a good this as my skills are a work in progress.
    Thanks again
    Looks great thanks Hugh
  3. Windowshaker added a post in a topic Source for 300 I-6 5 speed for 94 f150   

    Casey, Ken thanks for the replies. The resin engine shown here looks amazing. I will have to get my hands on one. As for the transmission close will just have to work. Is there any particular kit that you would rob and adapt a trans from?
  4. Windowshaker added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Source for 300 I-6 5 speed for 94 f150
    Ok fellas I have the amt kit. I'm attempting to produce a scale model of my first "brand new vehicle". A red and gray two tone 94 f150, single cab, long bed, 300 I-6, 5 speed.
    Any suggestions on a parts source? I think I could use some of the EFI parts from the v-8 in the kit.
    Thanks guys

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  5. Windowshaker added a post in a topic An aspiring Crankyhead from the Black Gold!   

    Thanks for the welcome everyone
  6. Windowshaker added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    An aspiring Crankyhead from the Black Gold!
    A little intro since I am new to the forum. My name is Justin, I am from Tulsa. I am a retired diesel mechanic.My specialty was Caterpillar engines. Most of my career was for the local Kenworth dealership.

    Like many I others here I started the hobby early. I have been in and out of the hobby over the years. Most recently I have been inspired to recreate many vehicles from my life experiences. So I have a long list of things to acquire to complete this endeavor. Mainly knowledge. I look forward to joining the community.
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  7. Windowshaker added a post in a topic Payhauler 350 new look   

    The tail gate apparatus is genius. It looks quite realistic. Inspiring work! Thanks