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  1. Omi1966 added a post in a topic ferrari 250 gto   

    Persevere Dante it looks ok when finished and I believe this kit is one of the best of a bad bunch for this car, still beautiful motor and I agree the kit design is not great.
    Any chance of seeing your progress?
  2. Omi1966 added a post in a topic Tamiya Ferrari Enzo in Metallic Black   

    Just makes you want to make engine sounds. Brrrrrrrrrrum brrrrrrrrrrrum. We'll done love the rear lenses
  3. Omi1966 added a post in a topic ferrari 250 gto   

    thanks guys hope your safe over in the usa your weather looks bad stay in and model
  4. Omi1966 added a topic in Under Glass   

    ferrari 250 gto
    hello chaps. here is the completed revell ferrari 250 gto 1/24. now ive seen a few of these on the forums so i decided to try to get creative, i'm not one for dios but i thought why not! so my idea was to use as much of the kit as possible IE: kit (doh), spru's, box and odds and ends from the spares box. so the saying out of the box means box aswell. the base is made from the flat cardboard side and clued in the corners. the cobble stones are cut up box and theres over 500 on that little space AHHHHHH! not my brightest moment. the curb is a piece of polystyrene covered with larger bits of box to try to represent flag stones. the lamp post is a bit of sprue bent and bits added at the base and top, the actual lamp is clear spru clued together and sanded then some white clue to age it a touch. the round bit at the top is a drive sprocket from a 1/35 tiger tank cut and shaped with some aircraft wheels on the top for deco. normal hairspray weathering for the rust and some staic grass for effect. pleased how this came out. hope you enjoy it lads and lasses. this was fun. anyone up for the challenge id love to see the results. martin.
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  5. Omi1966 added a post in a topic 70' Mustang Project "WYM TYME" Boss 302   

    Great result well done
  6. Omi1966 added a post in a topic My first model; Revell 1:24 '71 Hemi Cuda   

    and so the long journey into modeling starts, adding to the stash and enjoying your creations, and your off to a cracking start very nice.
  7. Omi1966 added a post in a topic '68 Charger R/T   

    Looks like a 1:1 paint work is excellent well done.
  8. Omi1966 added a post in a topic f1 mclaren and nissan skyline   

    Thanks gentleman for the comments it's much appreciated.
    I made the skyline for my son it's sits on his bedside table and no one is allowed to go near it, even me.
    Circa boy the cal sonic skyline is the tamiya kit GTR r34 yours is the newer one I think and has some nice curves good luck with the kit but watch the decals there fragile or mine were. Any pictures of your build?
  9. Omi1966 added a post in a topic 427 ac cobra   

    Thanks guys all this praise is going to my head and it's great to here your comments.
    Question I want too do a charger a 60's one who makes a decent kit for detailing and accuracy?
  10. Omi1966 added a post in a topic 1948 Ford F-8 Milk Tanker   

    very impressive this is so tidy and the paint is excellent im i right in saying you printed your own decals?
  11. Omi1966 added a topic in Under Glass   

    f1 mclaren and nissan skyline
    just some other completed builds,
    first one a nissan skyline GTR by tamiya.

    lewis hamilton f1 mclaren.
    1/24 kit by revell.

    thanks your looking
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  12. Omi1966 added a post in a topic 427 ac cobra   

    thanks for all the compliments guys, the wood on the dash is just paint effect very easy to do with practice, as for the polishing i'm still learning the cobra has not been polished it is just klear gloss so im still very envious of the finishers i see on the forum, some day i might take the plunge with the polishes i have seen used on some of the finished models.
    thanks again.
    ill post some other pics of cars for your critical eye.
  13. Omi1966 added a post in a topic 427 ac cobra   

    i noticed that when i took the pics, Ray, thanks for mentioning it its back on the bench right now, thanks for the comments.
  14. Omi1966 added a topic in Under Glass   

    427 ac cobra
    hi im new too the forum so i thought would post something i have just finished, not up to some of the standards you guys are setting on here but im pleased with the out come.
    thanks for looking.

    very few of the kits decals were used on this, it has a custom colour paint job with peralex added which really sparkles in the sun light. lots of bits added, ht leads all the chrome was stripped and replaced with alcad chrome, the stripe is finished in a satin finish, carpet is flocking sprayed dark sea grey and the standard seat belts made from tamiya tape and PE buckles.
    hope you like and thanks for looking.
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