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  1. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Teaser for the big rig guys....   

    Hi All,
    It does look very nice trailer and dolly set and the detail is stunning, but so is the price tag as well!!! so it looks like a limited run production.
    But if you have to have one or more then that's what you have to pay, same for the KFS low-loader a bit cheaper than this but not much.
    Foggy 2
  2. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Hi from London, England   

    Hi Glenn,
    Welcome, really like your builds and paint work. Nice to see another UK modeller on the site. I'm sure there are a load more out there as well.
    Foggy 2. 
  3. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Hello from Germany   

    Hi Jan,
    Really like the car................and the shades!!!!!
    Foggy 2.
  4. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic plumbing.....air lines and such   

    Hi All,
    Here goes, Fuel lines are .0075mm wire - a US Firm has this wire in 3' lengths available in a number of colours, it's Detail Master, I do not have an address.
    Flexi pipes for fuel lines is fishing line 0.25mm - Solid injector pipes are brass rod 0.25mm.
    Battery and starter cables are 0.6mm to 1.0mm plastic wire.
    Air brake hoses are 0.5mm plastic wire.
    Susie connector lines are best made from soft solder wrapped around a plastic tube then painted in any colour needed - the solder will hold a sag in the line better than plastic will.
    And last of all the flexi pipes of the air intake system I have found are best made from those straws you get at kids parties that have the flexi part mid way down the straw, you just cut where you need to.
    Foggy 2. 
  5. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic plumbing.....air lines and such   

    Hi Gator and all, Foggy 2 here, the Truck Model World articles referred to truck lines are as follows in these references.
    TMW Vol 150 pages 30 thru 33 - this is for engine wiring and piping.
    TMW Vol 151 pages 22 thru 25 - this includes all of the truck and trailer link ups.
    TMW Vol 152 pages 18 thru 21 - this is for the Susie connections and how to make them
    These I must admit are predominantly for European trucks but the systems are very similar I think between Europe and the USA.
    They do give what type of material to use and colours Etc.
    I hope this can help, I do have them scanned but the files are too large for this media.
    Foggy 2.    
  6. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Returning to the hobby   

    Hi Calvin welcome from the UK, as you can see I'm truck builder mostly also some cars which I've either owned or wish I could afford to own. Currently building a Bedford SWB recovery truck and some Japanese heavy trucks I managed to pick up in Japan while working there early this year (had to buy another suitcase to get them back home to add to the stash.
    As you can see I'm also very interested in my name sake "Hayes" trucks which were used not only in the logging industry but also in the long haul as well, I'm also on the Hayes truck forum as well loads of really good info but nothing like getting to crawl over an actual rig and take loads of photo's.
    I imagine no chance of modelling while at sea so it's only on shore that you can get stuck in, excuse the pun!!!!!! If you ever need any European truck data etc just drop me a line.