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  1. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Hello   

    Welcome back Lee, like you I had a blip when the kids came along and my Man cave was requisitioned and all my modelling gear were transferred into the house loft............really cold in the winter. The man cave was re-established again after a long period and I'm modelling again...............I then took a complete rethink and moved from Aircraft to Trucks and Cars, so had to sell all my Aircraft kits and get a new stash of Trucks and Cars.............Never looked back since, the stash has just passed the 250 mark and there is still a lot of plastic out there.........................Enjoy the forum.
    Foggy 2.  
  2. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Hello   

    Hi Vladimir,
    Welcome to the forum, there is a wealth of info and technical tips to be found here. Just build to make yourself happy and your memories will come flooding back, it's good to remember so just show him what you can build now, I'm sure he would have liked whatever you build.
    Friends are here enjoy them.
    Wow that's really deep for a Monday morning Eh!!! 
  3. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic New guy here   

    Hi Ed,
    Welcome to the forum, us old guys have to stick together Eh!!!! I'm 66 and still learning, it sometimes takes me a while to remember things, but then we've got a load more interesting stuff to filter through before we get to that bit of knowledge that somebody requested last week!!!! Enjoy the forum old friend and make the most of it, we all do, some great guys on this site.
    Foggy 2.   
  4. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Wire for plug wires   

    Hi Mark / Guys,
    I use Beading wire 28 Gauge, I order it on line and each real has 24 Yards / 22 Meters of wire, it's available in a large number of colours as well.
    I'll try and attaché a photo to show you all.
    Foggy 2.
    Also a wise old man said "don't stand next to an idiot, people could think your with him" !!!!!!!

  5. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Newbie   

    Hi Darrell,
    Welcome to the forum, you have come to the right place for info and just plain asking the guys / girls "how did you do that"
    I just love that 67 LeMans Blue SS/RS Camaro, it's also so nice to just go outside or into the garage to take a look at the 1:1 car and measure up just to be sure.
    Now I'm so lucky with green cars, three departed the road on me and the other a British Racing Green TR4 IRS got rid of it's engine through the hood on a race track day, the trip back on a rescue truck was not such a great trip as it also hit another truck and itself had to be rescued. 
    You have a great time with the forum, all your models are great.
    Foggy 2.
  6. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic This IS the place...   

    Hi Steve again your very welcome to the site, lots to learn here and also you could also help out another modeller with your take on a subject, photos etc, help works both ways.
    Foggy 2.
  7. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Hi from Eliot Maine   

    Hi Paul,
    Welcome to our forum, you can now enjoy our hobby all over again, this time with a little more cash to splash rather than last time Eh!!!!
    Foggy 2. 
  8. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Hello all   

    Hey Doug welcome to the forum. Really nice Payhaulers and 71 Ford Ranger. We do not see many of these kits over here in Europe and if one turns up it's really costly so it's nice to see two Payhaulers together one in the build and one complete.  When I come over to the US on one of my work trips I always bring an extra suitcase just in case I can add to my stash.
  9. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic New Here   

    Welcome George, just enjoy our plastic workplace. You can own all of your favourite Car, Pick up Truck just the way you would have chosen it if you had been at the dealer with a fist full of $$$$$ mind you once you get started the enjoyment of making "your car" will only make you want more. So enjoy the hobby and all the help you can gat on this wonderful site, we are all here to help each other and our Hobby to thrive.
    Foggy 2.
  10. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Newbie!   

    Welcome Brandon, My advise is to go on the web and find a local model club to you and go have a look see, while working in the US I have been made welcome in several clubs the last one was in Greensboro NC they are a great bunch of people from all walks of life and age groups, it's also a great way of introducing you into the hobby they also have like on this web site a vast knowledge of how to do things to improve your skill level, that will make your model making so much more enjoyable.  Also I found that if anyone has any equipment that is no longer required they usually will help you out to get you into our great hobby.
    I hope you will have as much enjoyment from our hobby as we all do, like the other guys say "make what interests you" catch a couple of auto shows this summer and maybe a model show, make a list of what you need and see what's out there.
    Foggy 2 
  11. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic hello from texas   

    Guess everything is big in Texas eh!!!!
    Rgds, Foggy 2.
  12. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Truck Kits You've Scored Recently   

    Hi Jacobus / Tom / All,
    If you are planning a trip to Europe soon, make it Early in March (around the 12th) the "On the Road" show at Jabbeke is the best truck model show in Europe, the only thing you will need is another large luggage case for the return trip home.
    I just returned home from this years show  I drove from the UK so that I could get all my kits and stuff in one go, the standards are really high with some really stunning scratch built trucks on show and loads of really neat custom paint jobs as well.
    I'll post some photos soon, I took over 400 photos at the show!!!!!
    Rgds Foggy 2.
  13. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Teaser for the big rig guys....   

    Hi All,
    It does look very nice trailer and dolly set and the detail is stunning, but so is the price tag as well!!! so it looks like a limited run production.
    But if you have to have one or more then that's what you have to pay, same for the KFS low-loader a bit cheaper than this but not much.
    Foggy 2
  14. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Hi from London, England   

    Hi Glenn,
    Welcome, really like your builds and paint work. Nice to see another UK modeller on the site. I'm sure there are a load more out there as well.
    Foggy 2. 
  15. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Hello from Germany   

    Hi Jan,
    Really like the car................and the shades!!!!!
    Foggy 2.