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  1. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic David - New Member   

    Hi David, I also find that building models is my way of getting rid of my stress because it's so relaxing, hours can go by just like that. I don't log how many hours it takes to complete each one I just go onto the next one on the list, yes I do have a list, but if something interesting comes along then I go with that as well.
    I look forward to seeing your Mustang, I do have the Revell Mustang Fastback on the shelve, so welcome David to our Forum and enjoy yourself.
    Rgds, Foggy 2.   
  2. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Howdy, new to the board.   

  3. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Returning to scale model building   

    Hi Jerry, welcome to the forum, Life sometimes gets in the way of our hobby, but it still there deep down and your reawakening will add another modeller to the ranks of returning modellers like so many others including myself. You have at your fingertips a great bunch of modellers who give help and assistance if asked for free all you have to do is ask. Welcome home Jerry. 
  4. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Oldschool4x4   

    Hi there, welcome to the site. As you can see I'm also a truck builder from the UK. you will fit in really easy with the truck section, see you there.
    Rgds, Foggy 2.
  5. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Thank you for having me here.   

    Hi Patrick,
    That's a really nice build you have there, let the modelling roll. As you can tell from my tag photo I'm a truck nut but I do some cars to ease the brain off of those 18 wheelers for a time anyway. The battle with the Big C continues with me but I'm well enough to sit at my workbench and fight it that way as well as all the other things life throws at you, (you know where I'm coming from Eh!!!).
  6. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Pleased to have found this site   

    Hi Steve, welcome again!!!! what a build you have there, how did you get that approved by the head of the "kit border patrol" I'd be locked up for good if I proposed any build like that here in the UK, also planning permission from our local council would be asking a shed (that's all I've got to work with) load of questions..................I'd just hope that the person concerned was also a modeller, it would really help.
    Anyway great Man cave and also great models as well..............enjoy the forum!!!!
  7. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Thank you for having me here.   

    Hi Patrick, Welcome to the forum and back to modelling again, I find making a model one of the best stress relief actions out there and you get to see all of your efforts as a model of what you personally like be it Cars, Trucks, or any other model type it's a great tonic. Like you I came back into making models again after a long break, I also needed to get some stress relief after being told I had the big C boy that stress is a big one and making models has been my help and saviour even if it's only an hour or two a week, it will make a difference.
    Enjoy your modelling and have fun doing that, there are loads of good people here on this site who will and can help you if you have any problems allowing you to make better models, what's to worry about. 
    Rgds, John.
  8. Foggy 2 added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    Wanted Tim Sherman International 4700 crew cab kit
    looking for a resin International 4700 crew cab kit issued by Tim Sherman - can pay cash or trade euro trucks or some US kits.
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  9. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Modeling in the great northwest   

    Hi Earl,
    I have spent a lot of time in Washington State, mostly in Seattle (Boeing) picking up new aircraft and ferrying them to airlines all over the world. As you can see I'm really interested in my namesake Trucks both Loggers and Interstate long haulers, I just love Trucks, I've also just retired and am sorting out my stash of kits in three of my lofts to get some order.
    So Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy your retirement making models as I do.
    Foggy 2.
  10. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic New to site   

    Hi John and also welcome to your son to our hobby, we need young blood to get interested as well and it's great to get you and your son involved.
    Be happy and build for fun as well, you will find great joy watching your son discover all the new methods available from this site we are a great bunch of modellers so don't be afraid to ask if you need any info, we shall only be too glad to help if we can.
    Foggy 2. 
  11. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Thanks for having me!!!   

    Hey Bryant, love the builds and some really good paint job's as well.....................keep on trucking!!!!
    Foggy 2.
  12. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic Thanks for having me!!!   

    Welcome Bryant, Wow 50+ Models this year, that's some schedule. Well good luck and we all would like to see your builds as they progress. We all have the bug, just some more than others but it does not mean that we are not serious builders.
    Just remember, build what you like and relax and enjoy our hobby.
    Foggy 2. 
  13. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic New to this site   

    Hi Richard,
    Welcome aboard, I'm sure that the Forum can help you out with your build, there are a great bunch of modellers here only too willing to help if they can.
    Foggy 2.
  14. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic I am creating a website about models and I want input!   

    like the old saying "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink"
  15. Foggy 2 added a post in a topic I am creating a website about models and I want input!   

    Life is a two way street mate, we on this forum ask the members for information which is freely given and if possible pass on our own data or tips to help any other members who strive to improve their modelling skills or just need to know some info. We all have our own topics and type of model even if it is not the exact need for our next project, we can change that model to whatever needs to be done, if we come up against a particular problem we come onto this forum to see if another modeller has had a similar problem and if they have any possible solution.
    My first point of contact would always be this forum as they say "two heads are better than one" but in this case we have heads all over the world who are willing to help if they can and all for free to another modeller.
    You can't get better than that!!!!!
    Foggy 2.