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    Hi Calvin welcome from the UK, as you can see I'm truck builder mostly also some cars which I've either owned or wish I could afford to own. Currently building a Bedford SWB recovery truck and some Japanese heavy trucks I managed to pick up in Japan while working there early this year (had to buy another suitcase to get them back home to add to the stash.
    As you can see I'm also very interested in my name sake "Hayes" trucks which were used not only in the logging industry but also in the long haul as well, I'm also on the Hayes truck forum as well loads of really good info but nothing like getting to crawl over an actual rig and take loads of photo's.
    I imagine no chance of modelling while at sea so it's only on shore that you can get stuck in, excuse the pun!!!!!! If you ever need any European truck data etc just drop me a line.