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  1. Cool model for a weird 70s concept. Revell makes this model 20 years after it came out, strike when the iron is hot! Maybe they will reissue this, I would like to build one.
  2. Nice dude keep posting builds! We definitely have the time now to get work done. That front end is crazy looking. I think you meant Recaro seats. These models are making me want to try a kit bash.
  3. Very cool build, I like the straight pipes! Boost that six cylinder engine and then do a LS1 swap when it gets blown up.
  4. It came out to be a really good looking green, Pontiac! What scale is that? The trim must have taken time. Also, the wheel swap and V8 makes 80s Fiero a high performance little rocket! Maybe do the other one stock original.
  5. Another thread, two nights in a row. Kind of hard to ignore. My build of a '71 Cuda 426. The paint is model master Sublime green. I started and painted this car in January 2018. My first model build with bare metal foil!!! No looking back now. The pictures do not do it justice. The shaker hood scoop needs to be trimmed down. I just painted it and notice it won't let the hood sit flat. What do you think??
  6. Finally done, after I got this model and noticed it was missing front windshield. I used all new windows from a MPC Knight rider kit. I also had to use the rear taillight from that donor model. The paint is Tamiya, testors, rustoleum. Only regrets are not trying to pull back the roof was crushed in. So, the front glass does not sit flush. Also, the instructions are awful. I don't know how the turbo down pipe hooks up to the catalytic converter. The rear wing is held on with hodge podge and also does not sit flat. Overall a good build, look for another thread soon.
  7. Free shipping on orders $100, check this out. https://oakridgehobbiesandtoys.com/
  8. Hey, those really look cool. The fade paint job came out good, and the green Old's is sitting nice and low.
  9. December 7th 1941, "Day of infamy" tribute. My first plane since I was a kid!!! I should build more. What do you all think of my tribute to American sailors who were lost on that terrible day in history? I lost the antenna, otherwise proud of my model. The decals laid down flat and I only had to use setting solution on the yellow decals on the leading edge of the wing. Tora, Tora, Tora. Got to build a Hellcat next, to cut this Zero to ribbons.
  10. Built these 4 kits for the L.I.A.R.S contest earlier this month. Very proud of my work and I have gotten lots of compliments on my tribute to Ed Roth!! I did not place in the contest. I'm just proud to say I built these!!!
  11. Update: I ended up getting sick plus busy with my job. Now, I'm back on my build. Every part is painted, now I can focus on painting the body, hood, bumpers, wing. Do you think it's better to glue on the rear wing and then paint the car. Or paint the car and then glue on the wing? Lots of sanding down mold seams on these AMT models. I want to take my time painting this one, the weather is getting worse every day. I have to two tone the interior. I use YouTube videos and Ads for real 89 TTA for reference. Btw, excuse the typos.....I'm posting from my phone to upload pictures. The model building never stops. There's always something on my work bench!
  12. KNIt's the 30th Anniversary of the '89 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 20th Anniversary TTA. I got model last Saturday and once I got home and looked up close. It was missing the front glass, I should have looked more when I was buying it. Or I could have bought it 2 years ago when I saw it for the same price , sealed 2 years ago. Anyway, I got a donor glass from my stash. The MPC Knight Rider has an extra clear glass tree. Ending 2019 with a F body build!
  13. I have 250+ kits mostly sealed. Plus ships and planes. Organized by brand mostly Revell Monogram and then AMT ERTL and then MPC / Lindberg on this old wooden shelf. Overflow of diecast and H.O slot cars....trying to get organized.
  14. Monogram Corvette Turbo Hombre. 1/16th scale, Snap kit, $10.00.
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