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  1. Cool build, the front coil springs really set it off.
  2. Nice, the civic looks like the car from the future. You got some of the good options.... grey wheels and sunroof, sweet!
  3. Very cool build. Autoworld had the hot dogger on clearance. When I went to order it was out of stock. I can't wait to see what it will look like all finished!
  4. Revell Hot Rod series Ed Roth beatnik bandit. Revell Hot Rod Ed Roth Mysterion Diecast 1:18th Pontiac Trans Am WS.6 Collector edition. Revell Ed Roth Beatnik bandit ll Testors clear coat lacquer Testors flat black paint Revell Ed Roth Mysterion Revell Ed Roth Outlaw Revell Ed Roth beatnik bandit Revell '77 Chevy van Revell '32 Highboy street rod Average Thursday....
  5. It's the 30th anniversary of the Turbo Trans am. I've only seen this kit for sale once at Spring Carlisle and he was asking 35 dollars I had to walk away, Good work converting the shifter (they were all automatics) Pontiac forever!
  6. Cool build of a iconic Olds! Have you ever thought of doing a Dr. Hurst repair van would be sweet.
  7. Very cool. I've never seen this kit and now I want it. I knew someone in high school who has one of these supercharged T - Birds and it was a nice ride. I really like the black wheels with chrome lip NICE!!
  8. Building Tweedy Pie for the 2019 L.i.a.r.s contest. The theme is Ed Roth.
  9. Thanks everyone for the comments on my model.
  10. First build of '19 is complete! This was a fun build, it's for my dad who loves to drink Coke!! I chose to hold the roof on with a piece of tape until I decide how I'm going to glue it down permanently. It gives you a good view of the interior. I also regret using the exhaust support. It's not on the real life hot rod. I guess it's there to hold up the headers for kids who would build this model in the 70s. I didn't know and glued it in place before I realized. What do you think of my first build of 2019?
  11. Very cool Cobra! I built this kit in high school about 20 years ago. Love the story how the owner of Baldwin motion (Joel Rosen) bought this 427 Cobra. Drove it to Englishtown NJ and set a new record time.
  12. I got this Lindberg kit at the Carlisle Pennsylvania spring swap meet. Dodge Rammunition 1:24 Anyone built this one?
  13. My build of a kit I saw at Hobby lobby. Not going for perfection, built for fun. Painting outside in January effects the paint chemicals, I ended up with a drip(Testors gloss white). I hope it dries and I can rub it down with compound once its gassed off. The other drip gets covered by the door. Then I have to put on the decals and shoot clear coat. What do you think of my first build of 2019?
  14. I built this as a tribute to Burt Reynolds who passed away a few months back. Not my best paint job, oh well. This kit is based off a diecast and there is less detail. I couldn't get the hood to close all the way, this is a good kit to build. Look for this model at the Liars contest tomorrow. I will display it as a diorama to pay tribute to Burt Reynolds.
  15. Check out this Jeep. Some like the look of a lifted up SUV but, I bet it never really goes off road.
  16. Cool, I like the green with black. I've never built a Lindberg kit, this one turned out great!
  17. Thank you for all the positive comments. I meant to say, I have another one of these Novas that I want to do "bone" stock. I can't believe how well the parts are detailed and how well they all go together. Even the brake booster is angled slightly up just like on real GM muscle cars. Compared to the old monogram kits I built in the 90s, these new tool models just take it to another level of detail. So, look forward for more posts by me. I'm always working on something. -Vin
  18. Had fun building this one. My first drag car in forever. I have another one, I want to do none stock. What do ya think of my build?
  19. Looks great, keep us updated "Ron". I know you are going to finish this and post it under glass when its all done.
  20. Hey now, I started these projects way back in 2013. They still are not done!!!! MPC Dukes of Harrard General Lee. -Body needs back panel painted flat black, needs all trim painted silver, wheels need to be painted aluminum then semi-gloss black between wheel spokes. AMT Bigfoot Monster truck- Fully painted. Stuck on #23A frame assembley. This is very hard to fit each side of the frame, the back of the cab and the back window. I can't get past this step, this model is 100% painted ready to go. AMT 1970 Camaro Z28- This was to keep me busy while paint dried and I was stuck on the other two. I really want to get these done!! Any tricks to painting the stainless/chrome trim around the windows? I do a decent job painting the body only to have to HAND paint silver. I try my best masking it up with tape but, it always gets where I dont want. Then, I have to go and rub it off with compound and start over. I am stuck on these three kits over the past few years! The next day I have off of work is this Sunday, will I ever finish the General Lee
  21. Hey now, I am 28 and just back into making model cars a couple of months ago. I found this forum and it looks like a good place to put up pics of what I'm working on or kits that I have just finished. When I was young I used to rush most of the time and just get the car done within one or two days. Now, I like to prep the parts and it takes much longer to finish a car. Also, I used to leave out some smaller parts that I didn't think were needed. Now, I like to finish a car with no left over parts and with as much detail as possible. This hobby can get expensive so, most of the kits I buy are from the A&C store using a 50% coupon. I also have a couple that I picked up at car shows. I will start to post pictures once I finish the car I'm working on.
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