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  1. foundationsedge added a post in a topic Australian Transtar   

    big fan of them too, have another to build eventually, this was a combination of both the ERTL kits, the earler kit cab shell, and the later kit floor pan, wich has different cab mountings, thus giving a higher ride height and leaving plenty of clearance for the Detroit big banger,
    I did get an Auslowe stone guard for this (intended for the Western Star Constellation) but didn't like the look of it on the cab, so decided not to fit it.
    the bulbar is from the ERTL n10 kit, modified with headlight rings, and a few extra parts, the whole build was inspired by the truck used in the first mad max film, the scene where the biker gang steal fuel from a moving tanker, although in the movie the truck is in better condition. The truck in the movie has a bulbar similar to my build, with the headlight rings
    I would like to eventually add a couple of tank trailers in Road Train to this.
  2. foundationsedge added a post in a topic Scania Streamline rebuild.   

    nice job, I love the replacement drive hubs, and the bumper mod,s, will you be going for the Dutch Style look?
  3. foundationsedge added a post in a topic Western Star 5964ss "mystic blue fire"   

    I then used a white, over the top of that, again working freehand, then sprayed over that with transparent blue, then again with white, going over that with transparent purple red and blue highlights,all the paints used are acrylics by VALLEJO,except for the PACTRA, and the paints were thinned with concentrate screenwash, then three coats of high gloss lacquer
    I used a dvd by mike levelle for hints and tips, apology's if I spelt his name wrong,t he biggest issue is splatter, I worked very close to the model to get the fine lines, working in quick motions,and had to keep adjusting the mix to get the flow I wanted, too thin and it splattered, too thick and it clogged, so it was a case of trial and error .
    for anyone who wants to try, go for it, this is my second try at it,this might not be the right way to achieve a true fire effect, but its how I did this, I want to try a green fire effect next, but need to clear the work bench, first...lol
  4. foundationsedge added a post in a topic Western Star 5964ss "mystic blue fire"   

    thankyou everyone for your positive replys,

    the paint flames were done like this, I started with a silver base coat using acrylic paint from a spray can, then over that with a candy purple from a spray can, (this paint is made by a company called PACTRA and is intended for use on the undersides of clear lexan R.C. car bodies), the flames were painted free hand using a double action airbrush at 15psi, with VALLEJO paints mixed at 50/50, first with a blue

  5. foundationsedge added a post in a topic Kenworth Adrodyn 31770   

    very smart, good job on the cab extension, looks good with the trailer too
  6. foundationsedge added a post in a topic White Freightliner COE   

    very cool colour combo, icy white n blue, nice build, don't weather the cab too much though, be a shame to get it dirty
  7. foundationsedge added a post in a topic LoneStar with Flames and Beall tanker   

    they have not really caught on in Europe because it reduces the permitted axle weight by using them, instead of duels, but super singles are very popular on the steer axles because of the longer tyre life, and better stability, but they do tend to get caught in the tramlines on a worn out road.
    still a great model though
  8. foundationsedge added a post in a topic LoneStar with Flames and Beall tanker   

    very nice job on the paint, good choice of colours too, , I particularly like the lighter blue, not sure about those drive s.s.,, though, great project
  9. foundationsedge added a post in a topic Western Star 5964ss "mystic blue fire"   

    thankyou,no plans for any trailers
  10. foundationsedge added a post in a topic Paulie Hauling's "Love Machine"   

    what a breath taking build, fantastic stuff, really looking forward to the next update
  11. foundationsedge added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Western Star 5964ss "mystic blue fire"
    well this is a little project that ive been working on for a few weeks, straight forward out the box build, of the italeri kit, just changed the rear end slightly with a revel bumper and some KFS mudflap trims.
    the paint is candy purple over silver base with blue "flames" airbrushed free hand, in blue white and candy blue, with candy purple and red highlights

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  12. foundationsedge added a post in a topic PETERBILT WRECKER, HOLMES   

    yes, it was my attempt at "true fire", didn't quite work though, but not too disappointed with the result, some have commented that it looks like an explosion in space or a comet, and I can live with that,
    it was done with "Vallejo" acrylics, airbrushed on free hand at a 50/50 mix, at 30 psi, dropped to 25 psi, white , red orange yellow and white
  13. foundationsedge added a post in a topic 1976 Matlack Mack Cruiseliner   

    nice build and history, the quarter fenders look like theyre on upside down though, should the flat bit not be facing up?

    edit; oops, my mistake, the pic of the real rig has them that way too
  14. foundationsedge added a post in a topic "BIG UGLY"   

    thank you, the driver..no, the builder.....perhaps
  15. foundationsedge added a post in a topic PETERBILT WRECKER, HOLMES   

    thanks for the positive comments, will try and get a W.I.P. together of the working locks, and some working slam locks I made, but it might be a while as busy on finishing this build and another for a show