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  1. This is a great project. As a Hornet owner, this is close to my heart. The first page article read that the transmission was a Borg Warner Super T-10s. The SC Rambler’s engine is from Jo-Han ’66 Marlin with upgraded parts and the transmission is an old torque tube manual. You can get the right T-10 4-speed manual from AMT's Bobby Allison's 1975 Matador.
  2. The interior of the Rambler continues to be made after a short break. I made the 0.75 mm (0.030 ") styrene sheet panels according to the cardboard pattern and glued the plastic bar to the body to support the inner panel (test fitting with the panel in the picture). Then I glued the 1.5mm (0.060") quarter round bar to the top of the panel. The outer panels are made of 0.75 mm (0.030 ") styrene pieces and the actual panel patterns are made in them. Simple, isn't it?
  3. This is cool AMC and very clean build. Very smart decision to change the chassis because Jo-Han used wrong coil spring and torque tube rear suspension in this model although '68 Ambassador used open driveshaft and four-link axle-location system.
  4. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate them.
  5. I will continue to build this after a short break. I found suitable exhaust stacks from Italeri "Truck Accessories" kit but I had to de-chrome them and put some putty to seams. Mud flaps are from the kit but supports are aluminium tube. Velocity stacks I bought from ebay years ago. I think this is starting to be what I thought.
  6. This is cool. Love the color combination.
  7. I have never made interior panels myself but I think it’s easier to make the panels from one part. I taped a strip of cardboard inside the body and put the chassis on. I drew the floor and window line on cardboard and cut it according to them. Next you need to make the plastic sheets of the panels with the cardboard model.
  8. The benches are starting to get their final shape. Some putty and sanding is still needed before painting. After that it's the turn of the door panels.
  9. The interior began with benches. Originally I was going to use Edsel’s benches, but they are the wrong size. Suitable benches were found on the AMT ’57 Bel Air but they need some modifications too. First I sanded the fabric patterns off. Benches are too wide at the top and too narrow at the bottom. In addition, the Rambler benches are more angular and thicker at the top.
  10. Some changes needed to be made to the Comet's engine compartment to make it more accurate. I had to build a new radiator wall and firewall. Comet shock absorber towers got some putty too. After these changes the hood did not fit and it needed some thinning.
  11. I continued with engine compartment but I noticed left fender was warped upwards. The fender did not fit properly to the chassis and left side trim was not straight. I scraped panel line open and bend the fender a little downwards. I glued it again and smoothed it with some putty. Now both fenders are in the same height. It will make it much easier to continue.
  12. I have this model kit, but I bought it as spare parts for another project. Chevy kit looks reasonably good and I would be really happy if a similar kit had been made from the '58 - 59 Rambler.
  13. How about a Pro Street style 1/1 Matador. I have built a scale model of such and the Pro Street is well suited for Matador.
  14. Really great Matador. Not many have been built although kits are still available. Matador is one of my favorite AMC, but Javelin AMX '71 is number 1.
  15. The engine paint caused a bit of a problem, but the Revell SM330 paint is pretty close to right and I already had it. The alternator is a wrong model, so I sawed it away and I'll replace it with original type. The engine had a manual transmission attached and I saw it away. I found the right type of automatic transmission (BW M-10) from Revell’s 1959 Ford Fairlane. The radiator is modified from Revell's '55 Bel Air radiator. Next, I finish the engine and install the transmission. After that the engine compartment details.
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