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  1. Flintstone '29 Ford Tudor

    Thanks. I think I need both AMT and Revell kits. I have read Revell kit has much better front suspension parts.
  2. I need a good donor kit for Flintstone NB137 1 '29 Ford Tudor. Revell and AMT has '29 Ford kits. Which is the best of them? Revell '29 rat rod? Critical parts are chassis, front suspension (stock) and other front parts. Engine, transmission and rear axle comes from other kit.
  3. Pro Street Matador

    I really appreciate your kind words. Engine block is modified from Revell '57 Chevy Pro Sportsman and valve covers modified 58 Christine Plymouth, pulleys are from AMT '70 Super Bee and timing cover&waterpump from Jo-Han Pro Street Rambler. Monogram Heavy Chevy Chevelle gives blower. Engine color is Motip 953664. Header are from the Parts Box.
  4. Pro Street Matador

    This is finally completed after 8 years. I'm happy I changed 528 Hemi to AMC 443 (stroker 401).
  5. 2018 Cannonball-AMX

    Really nice project. It is a Randall Pacer in steroids.
  6. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    Just a gorgeous build! AMC Rocks!
  7. 70 AMX

    Spectacular model. Shadow mask is cool. AMC Rocks!
  8. AMT '74 AMC Gremlin X

    B-N-L Resins has 364 engine (from '75 NASCAR Matador?): http://www.b-n-lresins.com/shoppingopencart/Aftermarket-resin-cast-1-24-1-25-scale-model-engines-Ford-Diesel-Mopar-Oldsmobile-Toyota-Honda/Aftermarket-resin-cast-1-24-1-25-scale-hobby-model-Mopar-engine-Dodge-Chrysler-HEMI-Plymouth-Jeep/resin-cast-1-24-1-25-scale-AMC-364-engine Clearly Scale has scratch built 390 V8 under construcktion. Hope Jeremy has finished it. Jeremy's engines are top quality. https://www.facebook.com/pg/clearlyscale/photos/?tab=album&album_id=604500702976976
  9. AMT '74 AMC Gremlin X

    I'm a bit disapointed. Let's talk about model kits and not go to personalities. I know this kit history. I have all most AMC kits but I can't build them because I want them to be accurate. These great cars deserves more than to be built box stock to my shelf. Casey: MPC 1978 Pacer X front seats fits well in Gremlins interior tub. Left original '75 Gremlin seat and right Pacer '78 seat. Engine compartment can be fixed using '71 hornet (includes in Missing Link resin kit) compartment part. Only firewall needs to be changed to Gremlin one. Jo-Han Marlin kit has decent front suspension and steering. Any better suggestions?
  10. AMT '74 AMC Gremlin X

    You can not believe what kind of uproar would arise if any a chevy or ford kit would be like Gremlin: no front suspension or steering parts, wrong radiator/radiator wall, wrong inner fender panels, simplified engine block and too narrow front seats. Body, chassis, rear suspension, firewall and rest interior are acceptable. This could have been a really nice kit but the implementation was left halfway. All the deficiencies can be corrected but it requires a lot of work. Those metal axles make me cry but I will nevertheless buy this kit.
  11. Pro Street Matador

    I took Wedge valve covers from Revell '58 Chistine Plymouth pro modified kit. I scraped one slot to the outer side on the cover (arrow in the picture). Best AMC valve cover I could find is in Jo-Han Rebel kit (white cover) but it is too small to this engine. In real world there are several big aftermarket valve covers to AMC V8 and I tried to imitate them.
  12. Pro Street Matador

    This project continues again. It originally started 2010. I have tried to make front suspension and steering but pro stock Hemi is simply too big. No space even to engine crossmember. Matador is a proud AMC and it deserves biggest AMC engine available, stroker 401 (443 cui) with blower and two four barrels. Engine has parts from several kits: Revell Pro Sporstman (block&tranny&heads), '58 Christine Plymouth (valve covers), timing cover (SC/Rambler), AMT Super Bee (pulleys, oil pan) and Monogram Heavy Chevy (blower) and as street car it must have generator, power steering and power disks. NOS too if some lousy GM try to tease in traffic lights New chassis is nearly ready and all steering and front suspension (DIY) fits quite well. Valve covers in pictures (Chevy) will be replaced with AMC covers (converted from wedge cowers). Ignition box, coil and disrtibutor will be from MSD. Fuel pump Carter mechanical one. This time I am sure that the model will be completed in a few months.
  13. MSD Distributor

    Ted's magneto is too expensive. I have predrilled resin distributor (parts box?) to make MSD with angled boots like above picture shows. Nice tip. thanks.
  14. MSD Distributor

    I need realistic MSD ignition parts. Electronic boxes and coils are available in many places but no distributors. It should be like this: It needs angled spark plug boots but can't find them anywhere. They can be made but it is not easy.
  15. Resin 69 AMC Rebel

    You are right but only with 1:1 Rebels. Those had normal rear spring suspension and drive shaft in 1967-70, not old torque tube that dropped away in 1966. Only Rebel 1966 had torque tube chassis. Despite it Jo-Han Rebel kits 69-70 have old gen 1 327 V8 engine, unknown manual tranny and torque tube chassis from '66 Marlin. Interior is from Ambassador. A real jigsaw puzzle like sadly famous Jo-Han '69 SC/Rambler ('66 body, convertible interior and so on). Luckily those kits bodies are quite nice and it is possible to build correct models.