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  1. Cool super Bee. I like the color combo and steel wheels with hub cabs. Did you get my messages?
  2. Thanks for the tip. The bumper-grill-headlight combination has caused little headache. The AMT Mercury '59 is a rare and expensive model. Fortunately, RMR is selling '59 bumper and hopefully it will have headlights included. https://rmrmodels.com/collections/bumpers-tail-lights/products/1959-mercury You have a nice wagon. 327 or inline 6?
  3. The dashboard required little change. It was a little too narrow and upper dash pad portion was wrong shaped. Some sanding, sawing and putty helped. The dashboard should look like this, but not all the details are in the right place on my dashboard and changes are nearly impossible to do.
  4. This is an interesting project. Blown Hemi is good choise for an engine but Is the intake manifold in the correct position? Jo-Han SC/Rambler is actually 1966 model with convertible interior.
  5. I re-fitted the inner fenders after shortening the chassis and noticed that the battery tray is too front and needs to be moved to the right place. Pretty rough work, but filling and sanding will help.
  6. Thanks Rusty and Bill. Nice to hear that there are other weird builders here who are buying repair guides for their projects.
  7. I removed the original casted frame from the chassis. The new frame will are built with 0.08 x 0.125 styrene strip. It bends nicely even above rear axle. In fact Rambler has an unibody and the "frame" is welded to the body. The chassis is mostly ready now and the fuel tank in its place but not yet glued. The primer will show which places still need to be repaired.
  8. Looks really good! I love your engine choice. I built a similar one years ago but with a slant 6 engine. Too bad these are no longer available. I remember '64 D200 from the movie Fire in the Sky https://www.imcdb.org/v211527.html
  9. The chassis was shortened by 6 mm too. I removed the wrong type of fuel tank before gluing the chassis. There must be a jig in this job, but it does not guarantee a good result though. The glue joint did not become very straight, but the chassis is straight and flat. Styrene flour and glue are applied in the gap of the seam to make it strong enough. Putty is applied last.
  10. This is again on the workbench. The fenders are sawn off and one is trimmed with the shortened hood. Second is waiting its turn. The gluing of the fenders with the help of tape and clamps. The glue has dried and the tapes have been removed. This needs some putty and sanding but parts fit together pretty well.
  11. It is still possible to collect all Juha's articles from the magazines but gathering them would take a lot of time and money. Copyright would also be an issue. Ok, back to Rambler. There are a few detailed pictures of the car so I bought the Rebel technical service manual CDs if that would help. Rebel should have a 3-speed manual B&W T-85 and a Dana / Spicer 53 rear end. If anyone knows where to find one then I would be grateful for the information. It has also been used in 56-57 Mercury and Lincoln.
  12. I have never seen Miller wagon for sale. Juha Airio wrote about it in a six-page article on how he built his fantastic Rambler Rebel sedan ’56. It’s been an inspiration when I started building my Rebel. His Rebel is also based on the X-El '59 wagon promo.
  13. This is what I'm going to do. The front fenders will be shortened by 6 mm in front of the front doors and the chassis by the same amount from the middle.
  14. You're right, Bill, the wheelbase of Ambassador is longer than Rebel as we can see from the pictures. Below is the kit, Ambassador and Rebel pictures. The kit has parts for Rebel and Ambassador version needs new side trims, modified grille and tailgate. The wheelbase of the Comet chassis is too short for Ambassador too. I think it is easier to shorten front fenders and chassis than build accurate side trims.
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