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  1. Dodge A100 pickup

    It is Modelhaus resin kit. More pictures can be found here:
  2. Dodge A100 pickup

    Thank you guys. A100 is now among the other pickups on the shelf.
  3. Dodge A100 pickup

    You mean this photo: What about it? It was only reference picture of a dash.
  4. Dodge A100 pickup

    Sorry, I don't have a real A100 truck.
  5. Dodge A100 pickup

    Here is a picture of the dashboard.
  6. Dodge A100 pickup

    I used Mipa OC HS spray paint, color code 0-6-01720-500 and it was very near to Dodge truck color Turf Green when I compared it to original Dodge paint chip. In the US it is a lot easier because many paint shops sell aerosol cans with right original colors: http://www.automotivetouchup.com/touch-up-paint/dodge/1965/all-models/ and many other shops. I can't order flammable spray cans overseas from the US so I had to buy color chips first from ebay.
  7. You can find finished model here:
  8. Dodge A100 pickup is finally ready. This was quite challenging kit to built but It's great that this has been done with all its deficiencys. I really enjoyed to build this because I like old Dodges. Engine is 426 Commando from Lindberg Belvedere '64 kit. Hope you like pictures. On the Workbench:
  9. Thanks guys i appreciate this. I imagined that A100 would have been easy and quick to do but I started it May 15 and much is still to be done.
  10. Kit's tail lights are way too big and not embedded as they should. I found smaller tail lights in L-700 box trailer. A100 tail lights holes have be drilled bigger but not nice job to painted body. Drilling broke the paint and it had to be painted again. Re-painting done and tail light inserted.
  11. Mark Donohue #6 Trans Am Javelin

    Excellent build.
  12. AMT Monte Carlo '70 conversion to '71

    I missed the auction but the bumper is interesting. Is it from a kit or diy made? Here is a screenshot of the bumper. I rotated the picture for clarity.
  13. AMT Monte Carlo '70 conversion to '71

    Thanks. I may try to convert '70 front bumper.
  14. AMT has Monte Carlo SS 454 '70 kit but I'd like to built '71. What are differences between '70 and '71? Are there conversion resin parts to do '71?