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  1. Sorry I dont have a build thread on it. I can tell you what I did on it. I started with the Watkins W925 kit. I changed the steps to be more movie accurate. I added a 3D printed grille, PE headlights, PE side markers, PE steps, PE exhaust shields, PE mudflaps, PE tail lights, PE wipers, PE fuel tank caps. The stacks were made by a friend of mines out of aluminum. After market tires, aluminum wheels, resin hubs. Some wiring on the engine and chassis. I made my own fuel tanks out of PVC pipe. I changed out the kit horns for ones out of the snap Kenworth. Decals were made by another friend on mine for the truck and trailer. The trailer is the AMT Coca Cola trailer. It has PE taillights and resin 5 hole wheels. The wheels come in 5 pieces.
  2. Hello. Here is my progress on my snowman truck and trailer. Its almost done. Hopefully the customer likes it.
  3. Hey I see you live in Cottage Grove. I live in Edgerton. I work in Madison.
  4. Yes I did make the Trans AM, but forgot to take a picture of it.
  5. Sorry its 5 moths late lol. I havent been on here in a long time. The tractor i the re leased AMT W925 Watkins truck with a 3d printed grille and decals from Jerry Reeter. The trailer is the AMT 40' one with decals from Jerry Reeter.
  6. Too clean for a Wisconsin truck lol. I live by Janesville.
  7. Well here is my Snowman truck that I finished a while ago for a friend. I guess it turned out alright.
  8. Thank you for the kind words. Maybe one day i can see some of your work. Or you could come down and see mines
  9. No I haven't been to the Milwaukee NNL. I dont think my models are that good yet.
  10. Here is my Volvo VN 780. Aftermarket tires and aluminium wheels. Custom diorama base.
  11. Here is my Western Star wrecker. 3 kits combined to make this one.
  12. Hello. Travis is not making the trailers anymore. If you paid a deposit, I would contact Travis for a refund.
  13. I think I am. Ok send me a message and I will get you his contact info
  14. Hello guys. Here is my WIP on my lonestar and tri-axle 53' reefer. Custom rear fenders, custom headache rack, aftermarket APU and airlines. Still a long ways to go.
  15. He will be shipping the trailers out this weekend. He said there was a big storm that hit his area and power was out. He is a man of his word and he will get them shipped out.
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