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  1. amc36077 added a post in a topic What's the deal with Johan   

    i agree johan's bodies are some of the best bodies ever done by a model company i have all the johan amc javelin/amx's 1971-74 the bodies are awesome the chassis stink i also have amts amc javelin kits which i think are just re-boxed johan kits anyway, i also have the marlin and the 1969 amx and the 1970 rebel machine, the machine chassis is really bad its just the marlin chassis. i wish some company would do a machine kit or any amc besides the pacer gawd what a junk kit i think theres a market for amc kits instead we get the same kits over and over again just different box art.i think a new 1970 rebel machine kit would sell alot same as any 1968-74 javelin or amx would.
  2. amc36077 added a post in a topic '71 Cuda finished! 11-16-13   

    really nice job on this cuda god i wish i was 14 years old again my youngest daughter is 14 getting old sucks, and why cant they make decals any more that dont fall apart it happens to me all the time and it bites. your doing a great job on this cuda i think i built about 20 of these over the years its a pretty good kit keep up the good work.
  3. amc36077 added a post in a topic lifting the rear end   

    yeah i dont want to jack em up real high but i like that rake look like the dirty mary crazy larry charger thats high enough im not a big fan of muscle cars that have like the 20 inch rims thats just me i dont think it looks right on old muscle cars like i said im stuck in the 70s and 80s were we jacked up the rear end and put big tires on the back i was never a cornering person i was just a stop light to stop light or quarter mile fan.
  4. amc36077 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    lifting the rear end
    im in my 40s and i guess im stuck in the 80s i like to jack up the rear end of my muscle cars the question i have is how to do it with out it looking goofy. the revell 68 and 69 chargers had lift blocks(that im out of now) but how to do it with monogram 1/24 scale or matter of fact any car i have a lot of big and little tire combos. any ideas
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  5. amc36077 added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '70 Plymouth HEMI 'Cuda 2'n1   

    the only think i meant that revell let model builders down so long its just a give in. they try god bless them but i bought 2 different versions of the 70 aar cuda and both of them were flawed like u wouldn't believe if your going to make a kit you would think that they would take their time to get it right. i remember when they came out with the pro modeler 1969 charger and the body was horrible people who spend their hard earned money should get their moneys worth not some sub par kit,thats all i said i spent a lot of money on revell kits just to be disappointed a lot but they have made so good kits also with revell its a hit or miss with buying their kits and it should not be. they should have people making sure the kits are as close to a 1 to1 car as possible.if your going to spend almost 30 dollars on a kit it should be a kit worth buying sorry for whining so long but when i spent over hundreds of dollars over the years i think people in the modeling community get a good quality kit i think we deserve it.
  6. amc36077 added a post in a topic New Stuff From Bandit Resins 1970 Plymouth GTX   

    its a shame they dont make it anymore
  7. amc36077 added a post in a topic Daisy Dukes '74 Road Runner Has Been Released!   

    does anybody know if the kit that says daisys road runner on the box it shows bo,luke and daisy on the box it shows the mpc logo on the bottom corner is that a corrected kit or is it still the amt/ertl kit with wrong chassis and interior i have a chance 2 get a couple of them real cheap.
  8. amc36077 added a post in a topic Daisy Dukes '74 Road Runner Has Been Released!   

    yes the exhaust is molded in same as the red 74 gtx that was made in the 80s but i think everyone knows that by now i had 2 1974 Satellite Sebrings i loved those cars they were nice looking cars.
  9. amc36077 added a post in a topic Dirty Mary Crazy Larry 69' Charger R/T   

    no it was a 66 chevy i just watched it i have it on dvd they also used a 68 charger in a few scenes also.
  10. amc36077 added a post in a topic More Resin bodies here and coming   

    me too i would love a 69 rebel or a 68-70 javelin. i have johans 71-74 javelin/amxs but would love to have 68-70 javelins without paying a ton of money for the orignals.
  11. amc36077 added a post in a topic 1970 amc rebel machine body   

  12. amc36077 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    1970 amc rebel machine body
    someone is making a resin body of a 1970 amc rebel machine did anyone get one or know whos making it. im just wondering about the quailty of it. i have seen it on ebay
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  13. amc36077 added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '70 Plymouth HEMI 'Cuda 2'n1   

    whats with the hood it looks horrible thats revell for ya.well at least its not based on the 70 challenger t/a like the revell 70 aar cuda was both the 90s kit and the 2000s kit was.