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  1. dprbusm added a post in a topic best tooling of a 33 ford?   

    I've been trying the same project, the Tim Taylor '33. Do you know if the Thom Taylor '34 Ford can be built with no hood sides? Because in the show, most of the time he has those removed. Thanks!
  2. dprbusm added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    New to this forum, and modeling.
    Hello All! Thank you already for accepting me into this culture and giving tips and advice as I learn more about what I'm doing with my models. I also have a lot to aspire to as I browse these works of art I'm seeing. I built a couple models with my dad years ago (probably about 20 years ago), and didn't know much, he did a lot of the work. But now, I just finished my "First" one on my own and am excited because I've found a hobby that is therapeutic and something I love. I've always been into cars, but seeing as I don't have the time or money to build real cars, this is perfect! Hopefully I'll post build photos of my first model here in the next few days when I get the time. It's a Minicraft 1931 Ford Model A Tudor 1/16.

    Thanks again!

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  3. dprbusm added a post in a topic MPC 1/12 1930 Bentley Racing Car   

    That's great! Thanks John!
  4. dprbusm added a post in a topic MPC 1/12 1930 Bentley Racing Car   

    John, amazing build. I bought this kit a few months ago and had aspirations of upgrading a few details, but yours is unreal! I actually went and bought the back issue of the magazine your build was in. Amazing work. Question: What kind of mesh did you use for the grille and headlights? And where might I find it?