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  1. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Got my AMT Ford LN-8000 Race Car Hauler today! A recent re-release. Here are some pics
  2. I wasn't sure if this was the right place. I did know this was a highly sought after kit, and the recent re-release of it was pretty big news. Mine came today! I present to you the AMT Ford LN-8000 Race Car Hauler: I am so excited to build this one! Just had to share. Thanks MCM!!
  3. malibu! Wow! Those are awesome! Some of those are pricey but I can see why! Thanks for the link!!
  4. That is REALLY slick toner! Thank you for sharing that one! Might have to pick up both the AMT and the Revell or Hawk! They look like fun to build!
  5. I don't mind spending more if it helps me understand engines better. Can you point me in the direction of a couple you would suggest? Should I look at the Revell flathead V8? I did see a 1/4 Hemi which looked sharp, its a metal kit. TDR I am unfamiliar with..
  6. Hey everyone, After building a few more kits, I got a great idea from one of the friends I've made who also does models. He has a 1/8 scale engine. I think its a great idea. I don't know much about the physical parts connections of engines. Even though I understand how they work, I'm not sure how they come together. My thinking is building a 1/4 or 1/8 scale engine and keeping it handy will help me better assemble model engines in the future. Can any of you recommend such an engine? I saw a Ford flat head engine 1-6 kit and a Revell 1/4 Visible V8 engine w/ working hand crank on Hobbylinc. Are either of those any good or might any of you have another recommendation? I was thinking of 1/4 -1/12 scale just so I could see how all the parts come together very clearly. Thank you in advance for any advice you may have!
  7. 01 Subaru Impreza WRC custom

    Hi everyone. Just a quick update on my current build. I've finished the chassis, interior seats, P/E seatbelts and roll cage. Now I'm working on the headlights, radiator, and P/E windshield wipers, Those alone should be a real challenge. Here's a few pics of my recent progress. Thanks for looking!
  8. 71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi

    Bill, I am new to this forum and just went through all your progress pictures of this Cuda. This is the most incredible model I have ever seen. Your attention to detail is breathless. Makes me want to throw all my modeling equipment away. I can only dream of achievements like this. Thank you so very much for sharing this part of your passion. I am just awestruck.
  9. Thank you for this Chillyb1! That's the information I was looking for as well. This gives me a lot more to work with. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for these answers! Its a helpful start! What about pre and post? Do I polish and wax the body before applying the decals? Do I clear coat after? Can I then polish and wax again or will that ruin it?
  11. Hi all, First, thanks so much to everyone who takes the time to read my recent questions and offer great advice and tips. It has helped me as a novice model builder a great deal. This time, the subject I am very interested in is decal application. I have done several models so far using Micro Set and Micro Sol for decal application, but many times I've torn decals, had too many wrinkles, or something else will go wrong. I was wondering what you guys consider best practices for decal application? Including pre-prep (apply clear coat to the body before adding decals)? Should I wax and polish the body before applying the decals? Water slide decals, should I be using warm or room temp water to soak the decals in? Is there a tool or suggestion you might have for moving or adjusting decals once they are on the body? The Micro Sol helps with that some. And last, what about post application? Do you wait a couple days to let the micro set and micro sol dry out, then do you apply clear coats? If so, how many? And do you wax / polish again or not? I realize these are a lot of questions, so thank you in advance for helping me understand anything about the fundamentals and good practices of decal application. For me, decals have been one of the toughest things to do on the builds. I find myself questioning if I'm even doing it right. Any advice would be great! Thanks guys!
  12. Clear coat problem

    Mike, I had not heard that. I've been primarily using lacquer spray. When you say a bit to air out? 30 minutes or a couple hours? Thanks for the tips!
  13. Clear coat problem

    Thanks for all of this guys, and thank you Casey. All of this information is very helpful.
  14. Clear coat problem

    Casey, I always thought a polishing kit was used after the clear coat? Like clear coat shot, then wax, and polish. Am I misunderstanding? Also for sanding the clear coat, is there a grit you would suggest? 1200? 2000?