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  1. I have the same airbrush set up but haven't used it to paint a body yet. You have given me inspiration. PM me and let me know what parts you need. I have a few bits and pieces from the Revell 99 Silverado and AMT Tahoe.
  2. Looks so real makes my to Florida toes feel frost bitten.
  3. Awesome awesome awesome. I don't think the wheels compliment the rest of the build, maybe something staggered, deep dish in the rear, but still awesome awesome awesome.
  4. Check 3dScaleParts. They might have something close. https://www.3dscaleparts.com/product-page/1-25-vw-wide-five-center-line-wheels-and-tires
  5. No fan of Edsels but what a great save!
  6. Thanks everyone! The shocks are molded in the chassis. The good thing about most promos is they have a good amount of detail. You just have to bring them to life. If you're thinking about, go for it. Thanks Jeff. You do some outstanding work on these old boats so I'm honored. Krylon Burgundy.
  7. Thanks Chris. The paint is krylon burgundy which is close to Cadillac cranberry. The flying goddess is from 3dScaleParts. He makes some really nice parts, wheels and tires.
  8. Thanks Walter. The shifter and column are scratch built.
  9. I've had some success with Bob Smith Industries' Un-Cure
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