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  1. How do you get paint on the edges where the hood and fenders meet?
  2. 1976 Eldorado convertible. Not sure what year this mustang is. This poor Benz W220. It's not a lowrider. The air suspension compressor or distribution block has died. Hope they're gassing it up to get to the shop. An old Benz W124 wagon. An some social commentary.
  3. This project is beautiful and it's not even done yet. Superior craftsmanship.
  4. Like everyone else has said, the weathering is just right. Looks like an old truck that gets used but still cared for enough to keep it running. Nice.
  5. Somehow it's clean and grungy all at the same time, just like NYC. Love it.
  6. Really nice. Love the wheels. Just looks like it's time for new rear shocks.
  7. These look like Kelsey Hayes spokes. There is an aftermarket set available in 15". They are a bit pricey but would be closer to the look of the 1:1.
  8. Several times and have not been disappointed. He's in Carlsbad California.
  9. 3dscaleparts.com offers one for $25. https://www.3dscaleparts.com/product-page/1-25-impala-full-uptop-for-the-61-62-63-64
  10. Stunning Benz. The photography is excellent and this picture is my favorite.
  11. No you didn't! That's one of the craziest customs ever made and you nailed it. Wow!
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