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  1. Not sure what the car in question is but I sure do miss my 300TE.
  2. Sorry but I agree with Daddyfink. I don't understand how they expect to get new blood interested in the hobby with the same refried kits. When you see the prices many of the old promos are going for you'd think they'd want to get a piece of that action and offer some of those as kits. Even that may not entice younger folks into the hobby but there are plenty of us old heads that would scoop up a few of those kits. Maybe it's my short attention span but there's only so many times I can build the same kit or even find interest in someone else's build that we've all seen hundreds of times before no matter how crisp and clean it may be. Sorry for the rant but it's just frustrating.
  3. Parked in the Audi Fort Myers service bay. Not sure of it's authenticity but sure looks real.
  4. Indeed. But these things were originally built and sold back in the 80's so the world has been spinning out of control for quite a while.
  5. If you haven't seen this yet, check it out. I challenge someone to build this. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.motor1.com/news/364548/boaterhome-half-van-half-boat/amp/
  6. Interesting. So the Alclad is not disturbed by the liquid mask?
  7. Nice idea but as you said, may be more trouble than it's worth, or more like more time and effort than I'm willing and able to put in to it.
  8. Got some color on the interior but I need to do a bit of touch up. Does anyone know a good way to do a wash on white? I want to bring out the detail of the seats. Maybe white with a touch of gray and a little more gray where the seat back meets the seat bottom?
  9. I stopped by my local HL and saw this Honda CB77 marked down to $6.74. It's 1/16 scale (not many bikes in that scale) and I haven't built a bike in decades but at that price I couldn't pass it up. As a matter of fact I may get a couple more. I'm going to try for a cafe, bobber, brat sort of build.
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