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  1. Wires! ...even better. As a kid I remember the chap along the road, had a Racing Green 3.8, with matching green painted wide Borrani wire wheels, and no bumpers. Always a favourite model.
  2. Nice model !! ....but the kit I bought, had a slight twist to the body and the hood wouldn't fit square, otherwise a good release by Revell
  3. After seeing the undersides, I'm sure I've seen the start of this build elsewhere. Great model, and liking the replaced front wings/door too. I once owned a red 340 Duster many moons ago - wish I still had it now !
  4. Yes, I'm liking this thread too - and giving it a mild hot rod rake, improves the stance. Excellent start !
  5. Really good looking rod - think I'm going to steal your ideas !
  6. I've had this on my workbench for almost a year - and when I've finished it, I'm still keeping it in primer. It works for me.
  7. Great colour. Limefire Green was a popular colour way 30 years ago, and always a great colour to my eyes. I have three '32's started, and looking forward to more updates.
  8. I have a personal liking of the now defunct Plymouth brand. .Great model, and never seen a wagon before
  9. I wish this model was still available - does it come with disc wheels or wires ???
  10. Hello Ray - when he built the models in the photos he was 15 - he is now a 33 year old Nuclear Engineer. .....how time flies ! He still builds 1/25th scale, but time is at a premium for him at the moment.
  11. Ahhhh... Airccooled VeeDubs - built a few 1.1 scale beetles in my time. Here's one I took from stock to rod - then sold it a year ago.
  12. The Granada wasn't a car I liked when it was new - but isn't it funny how, with time, they grow from ugly ducklings into swans ??
  13. Sonny Quazi ...that's a name from the past ! When I used to show my models at the Hot Rod Supernationals at Knebworth there were quite a few of your models on the tables, or am I mistaken ???
  14. Bonjour, - I used to work for EDF in Tours, Indre-et-Loire in Central France and enjoyed going to the LeMans Classic event. which was only an hours drive away. It is an excellent weekend with many classics -both European and American. But I wish I had taken my camera
  15. .....and to think I put it up for sale on Ebay a year ago for £50 ($78) - but no takers. Thank goodness it didn't go.
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