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  1. Jeep Cj Scrambler Pickup Conversion

    Now make the front end a TJ conversion and this almost looks like the AEV Brute conversion for TJ's?! I do think on the bed that you will need to add fender wells as such a small wheelbase would need it to flex. But that is my thoughts. Looks great!
  2. Display Cases?!

    Well, I guess I had a moment of not so much clarity with that last comment, lol. That case looks expensive to me though. Doesn't seem like you can put a whole lot in there either. Looks great though. I could see a few more shelves in it and being so much nicer.
  3. Display Cases?!

    Like the company that makes comfortable chairs?
  4. Display Cases?!

    Hey all. I have been looking for some display cases for my builds as they are getting ruined by dust. I know that there are a lot of types out there, but I wanted to know what you guys prefer. I like the looks of the mirrored based ones a lot. What I don't like are ones that are cheap looking and have beveled edges on the clear acrylic. Can you please let me know what brand or type you have been successful in finding? And of course, can you post pics please? Thanks for the time, Jon
  5. Tamiya Porsche Carrera Gt

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! This is amazing. Color is a great compliment for this car. How were the SMS products? I have both for this model and I assume like all of their products they were spot on.
  6. Porsche Gt2

    Need to see more!!! Love the color. Can't imagine this particular car in any other color. Is that Camel Yellow? Did you modify the rear spoiler as well?
  7. New Forum Topic Added

    This is going to turn into a reciprocal argument apparently. Seems that I am on the negative side of it for some reason?! Making inprovements to a forum is part of the business. People like myself who appreciate these forums are not ashamed to ask for more.
  8. New Forum Topic Added

    Great responses and I appreciate your respect in the fact that I am also respecting you all. Like I said no tension inclined and I should not have classified a "classic car" kind of builder. I wasn't pinpointing too much just an example. I know what it takes is numbers of members and also those members who enjoy the exotics and sport cars. I have tried to rally as many people as I can from Scale Auto and Automotive Forums over this way as I love this forum and the maturity and respect we all show eachother. It really is a valuable resource in our declining hobby. Just to clear the record, I don't want to appear to be asking for a "Sports Car" sub-forum. I guess I was just on a rant about the topic. Like I said, it is great that the Drags and Nascars have their own. Maybe just a bit more enthusiasm in modern metal is what I want. I know I am in no way a great builder but when I did something like my F430 Challenge/Street, not much attention to that kind of model had been present. Things like that are what I would think any model builder would appreciate. It was not an OOB with an etch set, there were many personal touches that made it unique. To me that kind of build would be a great way to promote new era super cars in the forum or even the magazine. I don't even need to personally use myself as an example. Many beautiful sports cars are here but none hit the mag. Anyway, I am starting up again. I again appreciate the respect and responses.
  9. Decal Making Software

    If you need a permanent fix you can buy Photoshop CS3. If you need a temp fix you can download a trial of it at Adobe. This will last a month and will be 400% better at manipulating graphics than paint. It is very user friendly and there are thousands of options to work with. Easily transfered to word if you need dimensions or you can simply resize with measurements. The program will also do better at retaining quality and preventing pixelation.
  10. New Forum Topic Added

    Ok, before this gets out of hand and into a fight let me kind of clear up what I meant. I know that there is not a lot of interest in sports cars and exotics. I figured that out a long time ago. I also figured out that this is indeed a forum for what I mentioned before. Therefore I understand why my type of building and those into sports cars rarely get replies, etc. Bothers me not on a personal level I just notice that many people get the same responses which is maybe 1 or 2. I can't change that nor do I want to "force" others to like these cars. I just want some recognition for them. I am sure that all of us have a sports car of two in the pile. We never see them though. If Nascar gets its own forum that is great. I will look it over from time to time but I absolutely dislike that aspect of motorsports. But I will admit that some of the best builds I have ever seen have come from that genre. And out of respect I will always post. I did not know until today there was a drag section, again, that is great. I have been to 10 or so NHRA competitions over the years and I like it enough. I would never build any of the Top Fuel/Funny/Pro Street, etc..... But I will look it over and probably comment when I see a great model. That is the basis for what I am saying. I sincerely doubt that any one single person here absolutely dislikes Ferrari's/Porsche's/Lambo's/even current American Sports cars like C6's and Vipers, etc. I'll bet all of the American Muscle classic's guys even find something of interest in a 62 250 GTO or a Cobra Daytona. Those are highly regarded vehicles and the models used to build them are as well. The kits for these are as rare as can be. If there is no interest then so be it. But this forum does absolutely nothing to support it as is. Like I said before - I understand the population of this forum very well and I still love it. I also understand the magazine. When a topic of changing the mag came about I stated the same there. If the name suggests "Model Cars Magazine" then it should promote all genres. Right now it should be called "Classic Model Car Magazine". That is not meant to be rude or jerky but again I see the focus of this forum/magazine. The short of the long I guess is: nothing can be gained if nothing changes I guess. Then again, maybe there is no need to change?!
  11. New Forum Topic Added

    I hate to be a complainer, but this is another example of the progression of this forum. There still is little too no focus on "Sports Cars" at all. I don't even bother posting anymore because of this. When I do post there is no support sans a few builders who appreciate them. I do not want to come across as a problem or even cause riffs; I just wish this site was more oriented to other things than pre-70's builds/Gassers/32 Fords and Nascar. I love all of them but the modern car market is too huge to simply not attend to. I could be wrong, but not everyone here builds the aforementioned models. There are a lot of us that get little to no mention or even responses and that is frustrating. If I spend 100 hours on a Ferrari that can be claimed (by myself of course) to have the same amount of detail of a Fairlane, it should be noticed. My $.02.
  12. Ferrari 360 Modena

    Awesome build there! I love the kit almost as much as the real car. I love this color as well. Great job on a great model. Add a bit of wash to the lugs with some diluted Tamiya Smoke and the lugnuts will really pop.
  13. Drop Er Down

    Looks great and was a fun fix I'll bet. Great job dropin it.
  14. Jeep CJ to TJ COnversion (lots of modding!).

    Thanks for all of the compliments guys! This has indeed taken on a rather lengthy approach to building a model. But, I realized a while ago when I started this that I needed to make it the best that I could. Hopefully I am doing that so far. I will admit I could have been a little more accurate with the ideas and replicating them but this is also about fun too. Every other thing I build is too technical and I follow too much reference. This is mostly personal and little reference. I know that it will all pay off. You all should feel how heavy this thing is already!!!! I think that the shocks are going to need actual oil and compression in them to hold it up!!! Jonathan - As a fellow Jeeper I relate to you greatly. I dreamed for years of owning a TJ. When I finally got mine I knew then that Jeeps are indeed special vehicles. I love everything about them. As we speak I just returned from a "jaunt" to the store after it had just snowed about 5 inches. No one on the roads but I sure as heck had some 4-wheel drifting action. Snow, mud, rocks, anything and these babies do it. Jeeps really kick ass in my book. BTW - That is a nice ride you have acquired. I am trying to talk my better half into letting me get an 07 but I really doubt it for now. Heck I only have few thousand left on the TJ anyway. I will keep it in the family forever. My "X's" father has a 42 CJ-2a with the Hurricane in it rotting in a barn about an hour away from me. I have been trying for years to get it from him. I will not give up as that would be the ultimate model for me. Jon
  15. Jeep CJ to TJ COnversion (lots of modding!).

    Here is the skid soldered to the chassis - fit perfectly!: Real TJ's have a tubular front cross member. Many aftermarket companies use this as the point for a modified sway bar. I will be doing the same: Here is the first test of the new chassis - guess what, it fits better than the plastic one ever did!: Jon