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  1. Fe2o3 added a post in a topic Chrome 5-Slot Wheel I.D. Help Needed   

    ...or one of the MPC Pinto incarnations?
  2. Fe2o3 added a post in a topic '71 Vega project!!!!   

    I know this is an old post, but if it hadn't shown up, I'd probably have never seen this gorgeous piece of workmanship without a search. I also happen to be an old Vega freak and that made reading the thread even more enjoyable.
    Thanks Cruz!
  3. Fe2o3 added a post in a topic '67 Ford Galaxie   

    Very nice build, Chuck! I too like the stock build. Thanks for posting. The 67 XL was my very first car. I too have the old R&R casting just waiting for me to do something with it. This is a good inspiration to get me going. Really nice job!
  4. Fe2o3 added a post in a topic Would you like to see Revell reissue 1/16 tractor trailers?   

    Add me to the list too, Highway. Dave Alden, Kingsland, GA
  5. Fe2o3 added a post in a topic 67 Chevelle Hot Rod   

    Romell, I've read every post on this build so far. I have just one very important question: The shrink ray. Will you point it at me just once? I only want to sit in the Chevelle. I wont start it, or even turn on the radio! Promise.
    Definitely an inspiration here Sir. Thanks for all you've shown us!
    Now I have to go find the Nova.
  6. Fe2o3 added a post in a topic Thread Hi-Jackers R U 1   

    Oooh! Cats and recipes! Well, this will be a hit then! I'll spare the cooking instructions. You'll need a couple of cake mixes, some Oreos, and tootsie rolls. Google the rest. Oh and remember to use NEW litter Pans and scoops. Important safety topic.

    I s'pose its' technically a replica.
  7. Fe2o3 added a post in a topic "Easyriders" L.S.R.H. streamliner   

    I have guys looking over my shoulder and I simply cannot convince them that this is a model. They've scrutinized the engine shots and say "no way". And one of them is an engine guy!
    I'm floored here. Simply incredible and amazing work!
  8. Fe2o3 added a post in a topic 1966 Chevrolet Caprice 2-Door Hardtop   

    Yep! Really nice job! Excellent work on that roofline too! :)Very Cool.
  9. Fe2o3 added a post in a topic 94 F250   

    It's dirty, salt stained and rusty. It's gorgeous! Like that very much!
    I'm down in Georgia, so I'd love to see some detail on the plow. Haven't seen one since I left Colorado back in 84.
  10. Fe2o3 added a post in a topic Cosworth Vega?   

    I found these wheels in an MPC kit of the '74 Vega (at least I think they came out of that one) . I used the stock rims in that kit. May not be exact reps, (5 lug, Little bit narrow spokes) but they may be a start if interested.

    Dave Jr.