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  1. AAFC added a post in a topic MPC Ford Mustang Funny Car   

    Thanks for the info. I went ahead and purchased one. Sure enough, one of the wheelie bars is very crooked-too crooked to fix. The body is good, however, and that's my favorite part. So I made an executive decision to kit bash it with one of the very numerous 70s funny car kits I have. Now if I can get it to turn out as good as yours, I will have accomplished something. Thanks again.
  2. AAFC added a post in a topic MPC Ford Mustang Funny Car   

    Question: I am considering getting this kit, but I wanted to know exactly what you found to be the trouble areas?
  3. AAFC added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    As far as re-issues, I would like to see the AMT Gas Ronda long nose Mustang flip top funny car. Or, better yet would be a new tool of the long nose Mustang as an accurate version with the proper frame and interior. IIRC it had a flip nose. I am hopeful Moebius plans an FX or Super Stock version of the Comet.
  4. AAFC added a post in a topic Revell 3rd Quarter 2016   

    It sure looks like the engine in the gasser kit is the 312 y-block from the '57 Ford Custom with a few more speed parts. I would much prefer the 427 in the Rod and Custom entry.
  5. AAFC added a post in a topic AMT Mustang-GT Funny Car Update 02/27/16 Livery Restored   

    I know Speed City Resin offers a replacement chassis-I don't know if it addresses all the problems of the original, but it  is square tubing and on the website it says it is " kicked up in front, to lower the stance." I have a couple of these kits and I am considering buying the replacement. Has anyone out there tried it?
  6. AAFC added a post in a topic Gas Ronda Mustang   

    I think it also came with a record-something like The Sounds of Drag Racing. It was sounds of Ronda's car and it was made of some kind of coated cardboard. I have seen it on eBay-without the kit, of course.
  7. AAFC added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Gas Ronda Mustang
    One of my all-time favorite kits was AMT's Gas Ronda Long Nose Mustang Funny Car. I hope if the tooling still exists that it could some day be re-issued. The photos I have seen of the real car show it didn't have a stretched nose. The Polar Lights version looks more like the real car to me. The long nose version Ronda raced was earlier and wasn't a flopper. So, my question is for any historians out there-did AMT kind of mix the two versions? 
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  8. AAFC added a post in a topic AMT '66 Mustang New Release   

    My big disappointment when I was in my first model building go round in the late 60's were the 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 kits. My choice was always the drag version and when the chassis had the stock exhaust and rear axle molded in-darn! My more experienced friends and the model magazines of the day suggested grinding them down-something far, far beyond my capabilities. The other big one was certain funny cars using the stock bodies with molded in windshield wipers and other stock body  features-also darn! I have found it helpful to research the sites with old box art and instructions to check out some of the re-issues out there before considering purchase.
  9. AAFC added a post in a topic Hello from Ohio   

    Thanks. That is definitely good advice. And the great builds I have followed so far on this site have demonstrated that over and over.
  10. AAFC added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello from Ohio
    I have actually had an account here for a while, but I'm just getting around to introducing myself. I have gotten back into the hobby-actually building, I should say, just recently. However, over the years I would occasionally buy magazines on the topic just out of curiosity. So my skills are limited, to say the least. I was building glue bombs in my grade school and junior high years. I painted with rattle cans. Never detailed much. And, of course, it was back in the day when the aftermarket in detailing items didn't exist. I have learned a lot from reading various topics on here and hope to develop the ability to apply that. So, I need to know where the best place to ask questions about things that, to a lot of the builders on here, are quite basic. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  11. AAFC added a post in a topic AMT and JoHan Maverick & Comet Kit Questions   

    I have a question about these kits that I hope some of the knowledgeable historians among you could answer. I am assuming that the stock option is why these kits had the rear axle/suspension molded into the chassis as opposed to the Jo-Han Sox and Martin 71 Cuda Pro Stock. Is that correct? I was only 12-14 years when I bought these kits and it has always disappointed me that the Dyno Don and Fast Eddie kits lacked that detail.
  12. AAFC added a post in a topic Round 2 Malco Gasser Mustang   

    Just to clarify, as I am already embarrassed, I was responding about the '71 Demon really being gone.
  13. AAFC added a post in a topic Round 2 Malco Gasser Mustang   

    You're right about that one-it really is gone. The '36 Ford on the AMT page is new, isn't it? I wish they would include the instructions more of the time.
  14. AAFC added a post in a topic Round 2 Malco Gasser Mustang   

    Pardon me-I just realized I was looking at the AMT page, not the MPC page. I am really not quite that dumb, but this is no way to get started here....
  15. AAFC added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Round 2 Malco Gasser Mustang
    This is my first post here and I just have a question right now. I was just on the Round 2 website and the Mustang Malco Gasser has mysteriously disappeared. Has anyone heard that there is a problem? I hope not, because I really want to build that one again.
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