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  1. If so, it will cause a shortage of some kind...
  2. The AMT Gas Ronda Longnose Mustang Funny Car, with a Sounds of Drag Racing record included. I have obtained several other favorites from my youth, all re-issues, but I have only seen one or two on E-Bay after they were sold. I assume the tooling must be lost.
  3. Thanks to everyone for all the information. I have some decisions to make.
  4. I have the AMT 68 Shelby GT500. I assume that is the same chassis. Am I correct?
  5. I just picked up a Johan Pro Stock Maverick (don't ask what I paid-too painful). I built one when they first were issued. I forgot about the chassis limitations. I am looking to kitbash a replacement chassis. Any suggestions?
  6. Great story! Just wondering, Tim, was the Hydro-slide chassis inspired at all by the Ramchargers' chassis for their, I believe, '67 Dart funny? If I recall correctly, it was called the Torque Reaction.
  7. I would like to second the above! Thank you!
  8. My thoughts on Johan- I started building around 1968 and probably bought my first Johan kits in 1969. The Mickey Thompson Pinto and Mustang funny cars as well as the Gene Snow Challenger had very accurate representations of unique chassis designs of those cars. Various other details of those kits were also great and spot on. Same with the Sox and Martin Cuda. Too bad the Dyno Don/Fast Eddie Maverick Pro Stocks as well as the AMX/Javelin Pro Stocks weren't as detailed (no separate rear axle/suspension for one). I know that was because they were based on the stock tooling. So outside of a few kits I would agree newly tooled kits of important subjects would be more appropriate.
  9. This is a fantastic build. I have this kit and the Gas Ronda Mustang in my stash. I have heard many comments about all the Polar Lights funny cars having issues. Never heard specifics in those comments. Could you tell me what you encountered?
  10. All of mine are reissues, although the Johan kits were all early reissues. AMT 37 Chevy Gasser AMT Ohio George 33 Willys and MPC 68 Mustang Gassers Johan Pinto Funny Johan Challenger Funny AMT 32 Vicky-with black Drag version box art Johan Sox and Martin 71 Cuda Pro Stock MPC Dyno Don Cougar funny AMT Ivo front engine dragster Revell/Monogram Snake and Mongoose double kit Cuda and Duster funny cars AMT 68 Shelby GT500 I would love to find an AMT Gas Ronda long nose funny car. I have only seen one on eBay-after it sold. The SOHC in that one looks to be a lot like the one in the Ohio George 33 Willys, which of course was reissued. I wonder if the rest of the tooling still exists.
  11. Yes, it was the answer and what I was afraid of-that the second set of headers weren't included in all versions. The Melrose Missile doesn't have that whole section containing the headers on the top tree. Well, I'll have to start my parts box search for replacements that will work.
  12. After further review, nothing. Any suggestions on a kit bash possibility? I am really not impressed with the factory headers.
  13. Tim, you mentioned in the article that the kits contains 2 sets of headers. I just received my copy of the Melrose Missle and it only contains the factory headers. no aftermarket. The instructions don't show the aftermarket headers either. Is it possible that only some versions have them?
  14. I would like to find the AMT Gas Ronda long nose Mustang flip top funny car. Or, better yet would be a new tool of the long nose Mustang as an accurate version with the proper frame and interior. Ronda's actual flip top car didn't have a stretched nose. That version was a few years earlier. It was one of the many AMT kits that used the Ohio George 33 Willys SOHC engine. Interesting thing about the Haulin' Hearse to me was it was the only Jo-Han kit I found that had a Hemi with a Torqueflite instead of a four speed. Fine for their Super Stocks, but not accurate for the nitro burning funny cars like the Ramchargers' '64 Dodge and the funny car version of the Petty '64 Plymouth. Of course both of those kits were inaccurate because of the model year but still loved 'em. I actually bought several Haulin' Hearses back in the day just to kitbash that engine with those other JoHan kits. Of course, they are still easily found if you care to spend the money. I had so many of the NASA kits from Revell or Aurora that I can't remember all of them, but I would love to have them all again.
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