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  1. edl74x added a post in a topic 1/24 Super car collection   

    Thanks everyone! I still have some more on my list, will post it later.
  2. edl74x added a topic in Under Glass   

    1/24 Super car collection
    Since my new member post, here is my second post all time. Collecting super car model kit is my best interest. Here some photos of my kits that finished long time ago, the most latest finished model was Lambo Aventador. Hope you will like my collections and still in box collections, enjoy!

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  3. edl74x added a post in a topic Hello from Toronto   

    Hi, Chris! That store also too far away from me as well. This is a welcoming page, so I will post my stuff to normal page sooner or later. My very latest model work was Lamborghini Aventador by fujimi. Thanks for everyone warm welcoming.
  4. edl74x added a post in a topic Hello from Toronto   

    I don't think there is different way to say welcome aboard in Canada. Chris, Dufferin and where, I didn't know. I always go to Danforth Wheels and Wings hobbies, I love that store.
  5. edl74x added a post in a topic Hello from Toronto   

    Thanks everyone! To Dan: I went to that show once then I don't really like that place, too small and too tight there. I am waiting for the one in Ajax, that place is way much bigger.
  6. edl74x added a post in a topic Tamiya's LaFerrari, new pics, OP   

    I ordered 2 already
  7. edl74x added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello from Toronto
    I started to build model car since around 16 years old, and my first car was 1/24 Tamiya BMW 850i. That was a nice kit but too bad I ruin it, and now no longer exist. I mostly build 24 scale high performance cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and some Japanese car. I found this forum by searching to see full carbon Enzo, and I saw many cool topics I want to see, so I come here.
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