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  1. Roadkill84 added a post in a topic 2012 POST APOCALYPSE/ZOMBIE HUNTER COMMUNITY BUILD   

    Hey guys I'm new on here and making my first apocolyse car . I must say all the work on her is awesome . If its ok with you all I'd like to show you all some of what I've done so far . I'm working on a Tamiya 1:24 scale Nissan skyline . I don't think it's to your level of work though
  2. Roadkill84 added a post in a topic Hello I'm new   

    Cool ill check it out . I have seen some pic that were on google from this site gave me some really good ideas for what to do with what I'm working on at the moment . But ill check out that post apoc build thanks
  3. Roadkill84 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello I'm new
    Hey every one I'm Kev I'm from the uk and I'm new at this sort of thing . I have made a couple of models in the past but they were Star Trek model . But I've always been in to the hole post apocalyptic genre from when I saw mad max as a child . Anyway just wanted to say hi and I will be picking your brains at some point if you all don't mind :-)
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