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  1. Golf etiquette/honesty

    Thanks for the comments guys. Luckily, the leauge we play in is more a social league than a ‘money’ leauge. Thank goodness he doesn’t participate in skins, that would really cause an issue. I’ve had the conversation with other friends about the ‘how can ya tell if you’re improving if you fudge your scores’ in regards to this guy, and, if he shanks one in the woods, he’s in there for 10 minutes ball hunting. It’s funny/sad, cause I’m playing tomorrow with another buddy ( who can count), and he’s like, ‘ he isn’t going is he?’. I know I have to say something to him about this, just gotta find a way to do it. I’m half tempted at next leauge night to just say, dude, score correct from here on in, or I’m out. And to give you an idea of what I’m talking about, 3 weeks ago and prior, he’s shooting 55-65 for 9, all of a sudden he’s in the mid 40’s for 9, boggles the mind...... I’ll update this during the week after our league night, I just gotta say something cause the more I think about it, the more it bothers me. thanks again for reading.
  2. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    These are the rarest stuff I have, all complete, all unbuilt. The GMC has the turbine engine , and the prestige rig kits have 2 cars, these kits are mammoth.
  3. I’m sure a lot of you guys play golf, I started 2 years ago. Here is my story/dilemma, the guy that got me hooked on it is my daughters father in law, he invited me out one day, we played, I was hooked, that was in July 2 years ago. So, come the next spring, thru talking with other friends, I was asked to join a league, I wanted to do it for the playing time, the practice, learning the game, and to meet new people. Well, I also needed a partner, so due to proximity and other forces, I asked my daughters father in law if he was interested, he was, and we became a team. The first season went as expected, we whacked and hacked our way thru the season, we both played on the same level( horrible), but had a lot of fun doing it. He’s been playing for 2 years longer than I, and outside of league, we played a lot, as I learned the rules of the game, I became a little more diligent in score keeping. Outside of league early on, we wouldn’t count drops and sometimes would just say mulligan on a horrible shot. Well, fast forward a year, same league, same weekend play, but I’ve noticed in both, that his math sufferers, he doesn’t count drops, in league if the other guys aren’t paying attention, he doesn’t count strokes, and I’ve come to think/see when he is ‘given’ a ‘good enough’ put, it doesn’t count as a stroke in his eyes. On weekends when a group of us plays, I hear the same stuff from the other two players, ‘man, he can’t count’. I’m of the line of thinking, if ya shoot a 15 on a hole, ya shot a 15, own it, and figure out how to fix it, it’s about honor, and being truthful , no matter what the outcome. My dilemma is, he’s family, we play a lot of golf together, but his math, and the way he acts about his scores are killing me, I wanna say something, but don’t want to create a rift in the family . thoughts? Or should I just outright call him on it, and let the ball roll where it will? and ya, it seems petty, but it drives me nuts when you play a game and can’t be honest about it. just had to rant a little about this....., thanks for reading .
  4. Said it before here somewhere, but if the charger was made as a two door, I think it’d sell like mad, imagine that in hellcat form......., and I’m a Chevy guy!
  5. Stand alone engine kits

    Oh man, I remember getting the revell visible engine as a kid (11 or 12 years old), built it myself, and it actually worked ( let’s face it, at that age we were using tube glue and slathering it on), no idea what became of it, and would get another if I could find the motorized version ‘locally’ for reasonable money.
  6. The other funny thing that comes to mind is the Olds Cutlass, went rwd to fwd and one year, had both at the same time....
  7. I think maybe the biggest reason some of these name plates coming back into use makes us nuts is due to the lack of the evolution of the name. Stick with me here.... corvette, the 53 looks nothing like the 2018 version , but we have seen the name/car evolve, so we can relate. Now, if we take the lemans name plate, and the huge gap of time in between use, and the last product it was on....., well, there’s the what makes us nuts factor, one extreme to another really, with no ‘inbetween’. now atleast with the Camaro and challenger vehicles, it seems to be ok because the retro look is close enough to the ‘original’ style to be ‘worthy’ of the name plate. oddly enough, I don’t think anyone would be upset if the celebrity or citation name plates got used again😁 just my ramblings, your mileage may vary....
  8. Moebius Big Rig Super Singles

    saw those at NNL East, they looked quite good.
  9. It’s quite clear to me the automotive industry has lost its mind....... i can only hope it has a dual range 37 speed trans in it, cause 9 and 10 speeds just aren’t enough.... and yes, that is sarcasm, I work on this stuff everyday, and all I hear is ‘boy, my vehicle seems to shift a lot.....’
  10. Not sure where this is supposed to fit in the lineup of vehicles, the traverse is now slightly smaller than a Tahoe, the equinox a bit smaller , what’s it supposed to be???
  11. Brushes

    Hobby lobby has a couple of ‘sets’ of brushes in the model isle, along with all the paint and supplies. I bought one of each, cheap, but have a nice selection of tips, been working well for me for a few years now.
  12. hobby lobby

    I see a lot of planes/ships and Star Wars kits at the HL I go to, so maybe those kits will fill the voids?
  13. Great Dane Extendable Flatbed

    Haha, one of the few kits I do not possess....
  14. Great Dane Extendable Flatbed

    Haha, don’t worry, I have one of those too, so it shouldn’t be too much longer for that to be reissued
  15. Great Dane Extendable Flatbed

    you guys should be thanking me everyday you see these reissues. since I got back into building, I have been buying oop kits, and sure enough, within two years they have all been slated for reissue, you're welcome