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  1. Please ad some pics of yours to this topic, would love to see them. I think I may have seen them before, come to think about it , but feel free to ad some here.
  2. Calling her done

    Looks great! You can’t beat these kits, with a little detail work, they turn out fabulous.
  3. Looking good! Built one of these awhile back, nice kit I thought. Seat belts, hobby lobby has thin ribbon that works pretty good, and model car garage has the ‘latch’ ends for them.
  4. Thanks guys . I messed up with the cut really, the cut line is right at the panel line of the front door and along the cowl panel line. What I initially failed to realize is that the 67 coupe front fender is not the same in the lower portion, the area behind the front wheel, where it meets the door gap. To change that, I ended up hacking another 66 elco to get the lower fender portions, and then spliced those into the 67 front clip. After that, I set about making the tail lamps. I filled the existing ‘holes’ in the body with putty, then took the 67 chevelle coupe tail light panel and cut the ends off of it so I just had the part that the lenses went into. Then with carefull measuring ( I eye balled it), I cut matching holes into the body to fit the new tail lamp assemblies. I used the 67 coupe dash to retain the oddly placed tach ( unique to the 67 SS), and sanded off all the detail on the 66 elco interior door panels, and grafted the 67 door panels on to them to keep the proper pattern. I used the 66 elco kit chassis/engine etc. to complete the build. The wheels came from the 67 kit I hacked up, and the red line tires are AMT parts pack bits. Again, it’s not 100% accurate, but for me, it fills a gap in the elco line . I’ve already built a few 66 elco’s, and have 64, 65, and 68 kits to do, and have a few extra 68 kits to turn into 69 and 70’s versions.....some day. This project has been kicking around for a year or so, and the bug finally bit me to finish it. Thanks for looking😁
  5. Totally dig this build! Love the color combo, well done!
  6. Cut, paste, ruin multiple kits to create, lol. Just wanted a 67 elco, not perfect, but looks great in the collection.
  7. Trumpeter 1960 Pontiac Bonneville

    You have definitely captured the essence of the car, well done!
  8. Life is on hold

    Great news! Glad to hear of the quick progress 😎
  9. Life is on hold

    Just saw this, also hoping for as speedy a recovery as possible, and sounds like things are progressing at a good rate. Thoughts and prayers for you folks from here.
  10. Boxes

    Sadly, I have all sorts of boxes, containers and those ‘hardware organizer cabinets’, my problem seems to be finding the time to actually organize it all....
  11. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    Come to the dark side and build some big rigs, after buying a few of those, car kits seem cheap, lol. But, in the end, this is a hobby, and we spend disposable income on kits, parts, tools and supplies, and for the most part, I think a lot of the guys that pirate kits for parts are getting them in the secondary market, so the price to kit bash isn’t close to retail, still not dirt cheap, but not horrible.
  12. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    This will fill the last hole in my chevelle stack of kits, very happy to see this coming out!
  13. Would it bother you?

    A 1:1 vehicle and a model are not even comparable in this case in my mind as far as shows go. Not everyone can build a 1:1, but almost anyone can build a model, I say this, as a 1:1 takes a lot more skill and knowledge to do, versus a model kit. having said that, in respect to models, if you didn’t build it, you should not enter it in a judged competition, regardless if you state it was built by so and so, at the most, it should be in a display only area and duly noted as to who built it. Thats just me, so take it for what it’s worth.
  14. First time at the table since the snow melted

    Lot of golf left yet, thermals, cart cover and cart heater....., last tournament around here is in November .......
  15. First time at the table since the snow melted

    Same situation here, been a busy summer and I have not been at the bench in months. As you say, hate to see summer end, but it will be nice to get back to building again.