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  1. Last I talked with Gary Wallace it was a go, nov 22 I believe, along with said restrictions
  2. Steve, have a few ideas for color, but nothing definite yet, most likely two tone though. fuel cell is almost done, have to make some mounting tabs, found a couple batteries, and some big rig air tanks I can turn into nitrous bottles.
  3. I like where this is going, cool project. thanks for the tip on using the other frame, I’ve set these two kits together so I can do the same thing eventually.
  4. Thanks all. Slow going , but I’ve got a good start on the fuel cell...
  5. Another vote for liquid. Also, I have found with using liquid glue due to the melt/weld of it, more often than not after proper sanding, no filler is needed.....
  6. Hey all, I really don’t mess with die cast models, but a buddy of mine wants me to do a 70 nova for him to match his 1:1. He has the die cast, but it needs a color change, so all the scripts and whatnot will not be savable. Does anyone make this stuff? I have no idea what’s available out there. Any leads or ideas are appreciated.
  7. I think a lot of times , as previously mentioned, scale is relative. I’ve found lots of 1/24 parts ‘look’ right on 1/25 models. I build a lot of big rigs, and a lot of the rigs I do are 1/24, yet the 1/25 trailers look at home behind them.
  8. Congratulations! fantastic looking car, gonna be a few sleepless nights until that beauty is in your garage......, I know I’d be chomping at the bit .
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