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  1. For all you guys who want a Vette wagon

    And all this time, I thought Joe Dirt had a Dodge.....
  2. .........mad genius comes to mind for some reason, lol..............., looking good man!
  3. Gamers - 2018

    Way back in the day I played Need For Speed Porches Unleashed, had a force feedback wheel/pedals, played that a ton! Game was a lot of fun, and you could buy cars and upgrade them as you won ‘money’ from the races. It also had a factory driver section that was very tough to advance thru.
  4. It only took me 30 years.

    Congratulations! That’s a great looking car. Only downside I see, is the model budget is going to go towards speeding tickets😎
  5. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I find the best prices are at swap meets/ shows. most of the latest round 2 kits I've bought have been from meets, $39 retail kits for $18 at the swap meet/show. so, if the revell prices get jacked up on the retail side, hit the shows for bargains.
  6. Future of the hobby

    I’m thinking it’s going to be a narrow market as time goes on, kits are getting pretty expensive for the casual model builder, and all us ‘old guys’ seem to have large stashes of kits. I’m sure the art of building will survive for a couple of decades to come, but new builders, and new products may not flourish like they used to.
  7. MB Actros 2544 Sideloader with Reefer container

    So, where are the pictures of the model? ....amazing build....
  8. Another beauty! You’ve hit another home run with this one!
  9. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    So, what have we found out? Did the sky fall today or what? 😜
  10. Is NA$CAR for sale?

    I’m not a nascar fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I gotta tell ya, I think I’d watch if it were like the ‘old days’, slap a factory rwd V8 powered car I can buy at the dealer on the track , and have at it ( obviously with the proper safety equipment installed on said race car) . You know, the kinda stuff that you can identify even if it has no badges on it, not a bunch of cookie cutter cars with the same roofline etc to make it a level field.....
  11. 2019 Ram

    Haha, try wheeling around a crew cab truck with an 8 foot bed, it’s just slightly shorter than a full sized school bus........
  12. I’ll be driving this to work today, I’ve had several of my ‘dream cars’ over the years, but so far, this one has been the most fun 😎
  13. Great looking pair, I too like the red/white one😎
  14. TAT 2018 Prostar/trailer

    Yup, it is, stay tuned for second color.....
  15. TAT 2018 Prostar/trailer

    First color is on