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  1. Holy smokes that’s pretty! What a fantastic build, tons of little details everywhere, absolutely gorgeous work!
  2. Same here, went this afternoon, never seen so many cars in the parking lot, place was mobbed……
  3. Some wheels/tires, some paint and some weathering pigments
  4. Our local O’rielys (sp?) auto parts store stocks some .
  5. Drop it off to me and I’ll put it in my scale coat ‘tank’
  6. I should probably finish this thing someday……, haha…
  7. Corrected again, lol, I should’ve checked my reference material instead of my memory, thank you for setting that straight.
  8. Thank you for that information, I didn’t know you could get a 300 deluxe in an SS configuration, was this a 69 offering only? On a side note, I think I’ve only seen two 300 deluxe cars in person, one was a 66 and the other a 71.
  9. The SS was a ‘body style’ at least thru 1969, not an option package, as denoted by the vin sequence, SS chevelle vins started with 138, the ‘38’ denoted the body style. Just random info….
  10. I’ve built 4 of these kits, and honestly don’t remember having any issues getting the body on. I can’t help but wonder if maybe you’ve got something installed slightly ‘off’ causing an interference?
  11. Give this a look, ( if the link works), I still have not finished this, but it’ll give you a rough idea of shop size and the kits I used, hope it helps.
  12. Thanks for the kind words every one, much appreciated.
  13. You are correct. I must have looked at a million images online when I built mine trying to find a match, and when I did, it was a 70/71 fruehauf
  14. Fantastic pics, thanks for sharing those. For me , it’s amazing how some cars are just plain beautiful, and are timeless, yet some are just slightly off the mark, or seem to have fallen off the target all together, lol.
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