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  1. Thanks guys, little mock up ....
  2. Good gravy that’s a paint job! Looks great, lot of tedious masking went on there.
  3. Model round up and scalehobbyist are my go to places for online shopping, both have excellent service .
  4. He is no more... sad news , I remember as a kid hearing my mom rolling with laughter, I snuck downstairs to see what was so funny, she was watching the holy grail, she let me watch it for a bit with her, I didn’t get it at the time, but when I got older , I watched it , and got it, have it on dvd, absolutely love that movie. those boys got it, on so many different levels, so glad we can still enjoy the shenanigans......
  5. I have that Artograph booth shown above, cannot say enough good things about it, plus it’s metal, so it’s sturdy. I went that big as I do big rigs and it fits a trailer side easily . I see the price has really gone up since I got mine, but still a great investment.
  6. First one is go mango, second is flaming orange
  7. Well done ! That looks incredible!
  8. I think this is gonna get full rear fenders....
  9. Somewhere there is a post about what color smooth is, I think I just found the answer! wow that’s sweet!
  10. Cool idea and great color scheme, looks good!
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