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  1. 1984 GMC General

    Looking good KJ! That truck didn’t come from Utica general truck when new did it?
  2. 1934 Duesenburg SJ - Monogram

    Be careful you don’t get cut, cause that is sharp! Beautiful build!
  3. What Pleased You Today!

    Shot a 94 on a golf course that I have only played once before ( about 3 years ago), weather was perfect, and played the round with 2 friends, great pace, and only lost one ball. My idea of a perfect afternoon.
  4. Life is on hold

    Great update , so glad things are coming around for him. Keep up the progress!
  5. ERTL

    Looking at their website, there really isn’t much mention of ertl at all...
  6. If both paints are lacquer, you’re fine. You can put enamel over lacquer, as enamel is ‘cooler’ than lacquer. Only problem with enamel is it takes forever to dry/cure.
  7. ISO Revell 1969 Camaro ZL1 parts

    I never sell, it’s either a trade, or I ask the other person to pay it forward
  8. ISO Revell 1969 Camaro ZL1 parts

    Door panels, dash and springs. Pretty sure the springs are correct, if you have instructions handy, see if they are #40 image won’t load....
  9. ISO Revell 1969 Camaro ZL1 parts

    I should have everything EXCEPT the hood, give me the weekend to round them up, and I’ll post back here to let you know for sure.
  10. Looking for these two kits, have tons of trade fodder, couple of the few kits from my youth I haven’t been able to get ahold of yet. I’m in search of an unbuilt complete kit of each, let me know what you’ve got, and what you’re looking for in trade, thanks .
  11. Missing Distributor

    Most factory distributors used them back in the day.
  12. Monogram 66 Malibu Street Rat

    Check fredsmodelworldonline , he has one on his list, he may or may not still have it, but worth a shot. I’ve bought from him many times , he’s a good seller.
  13. Missing Distributor

    Jimmy, got ya covered, I’ll dig one out for ya. The radar dish is the vacuum advance canister.
  14. best beginner amt truck model

    Any AMT rig kit can be built to fantastic results, just takes time and patience. Sure, the instructions can be a bit vague, and there is a lot of flash removal, and sanding , but, it’s a model, and most current AMT kits are made from 50 year old molds ( even when new, there were issues, I have many first issue kits that have less than perfect molds), but the subject matter is so cool, it’s worth dealing with. i will say that the freightliner is a tougher kit to master, only due to the multi part cab, but even that can shine with some , ok, a lot of work. Pick what you like, and have at it, as they say, you only get out what you put in .
  15. Autocar dump coming this summer

    Guess I shoulda bought the kw mixer I saw at NNL east, that would’ve all but guaranteed it’s reissue.....