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  1. You never know, a few other ‘lost’ or ‘destroyed’ molds are showing up or getting repaired , and stuff we never thought we would see again has been reissued......, there’s always hope........
  2. Looking good! Love the color scheme you have going on the trailer, very sharp.
  3. This is looking great, lot of great ideas on how to get things done as well.
  4. Looking good! Kiss that shelf space goodbye, lol, us truck builders kill display space at an alarming rate, haha.
  5. Got 3 of these on the shelf , maybe time to sell......,lol
  6. Lacquer is much easier to work with in my experience. It dries quicker, doesn’t orange peel as much as enamel ( for me anyway), and just flows better.
  7. Lol, good to hear I’m not losing my marbles. Glad to see you back on track.
  8. This is going to be a cool build. Am I dreaming, or did you post something about doing this build at some point before ? The pics look like I’ve seen them before, the pile of cool parts that is. Or have I lost my last remaining marble , lol.
  9. I go in cycles too, when weather is bad ( read that as winter) I hibernate in the build room, when the weather finally comes around and outdoor shenanigans can commence again, I don’t see the model room much .
  10. Thanks again everyone. I got the call to go back to work finally , I go back Monday June 8th, so to wrap up the plague production, I’ll post a pic of the cab I painted ( no idea when I will finish this build), this topic was for plague production while I was out of work, and as time off has come to an end finally, this was the last thing I started ....
  11. Nice looking rig, I like the color combo. I have a handful of euro rigs, I should really build a few of them.
  12. Thanks, had a few issues building that one, but it was all due to me, haha.
  13. Oh boy! I might have to steal this idea, love every bit of this.
  14. Great looking set up, dash looks incredible. Well done.
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