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  1. tbill

    68 chevelle

    Thanks guys😎 after surfing the web, it would seem this color green could only be had with a black or black/parchment interior, unless it had cloth, then green-gray was an option. So, I think I’m going to do black/parchment interior on this.
  2. tbill

    67 impala

    Thank you for that info. I kind of like the body color dash/carpet with white everything else, I think that may be a winner.
  3. Cool build, I really like the lower body color/treatment, well done .
  4. That turned out marvelous, I read your whole build thread the other day, well done!
  5. Thanks guys, been wanting to build one of these for awhile . The model bench assembly line will be firing up pretty soon.
  6. tbill

    67 impala

    It is an interesting looking color , that I hope will ‘mellow’ some once the bmf is done and there is an interior color to blend with. Steve, what interior colors were offered with 1:1 cars that were similar to this color, any idea?
  7. This is looking great, love the damage to the box.
  8. Love the green and the steel wheels!
  9. tbill

    67 impala

    Yet another project I shouldn’t have started just yet, haha. I bought this paint at NNL east when I got the pearl green, so, had to see what it would look like on something......., it’s different for sure...., tamiya pearl light red......
  10. As if I don’t already have enough projects going, I painted this a few days ago or so. No real plan yet, that will play out as I stumble along on this build. Color is a GM color. Thanks for looking.
  11. tbill

    68 chevelle

    Thanks all. Shambles, terrific looking build! Hope this comes out as good. got the black painted along the lower rockers. I’m still debating interior color, kind of want to go with something in the green family, but have yet to find a color that looks right to me .
  12. Nice work so far, the added details really make the difference.
  13. Jim B just finished this build, but is having issues starting new topics, so stay tuned while he replies to this and adds his pics/description.
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