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  1. Not sure how to articulate my thoughts on the price increase, bottom line is, MSRP is always way high ( as in X kit is coming down the pipeline, it’ll be $40), then it hits retailers , or pre order status and the advertised price is lower, and then if you’re lucky, you know a wholesale kit dealer, and the price is even lower. Cost always goes up as it goes thru the various middle men, I’m sure HL has a direct link to manufacturers, as such, no middle man, they buy at rock bottom due to volume, so can sell for $30, offer 40% off, and still make money. I work for a chevy dealer, mark up on parts is insane, so I have to assume the mark up game is the same in our plastic playground, not quite as high mind you, but there is plenty of mark up along the ‘pipeline’. And as to shipping costs, I know that’s gone up, but if you divide the increase over each piece stuffed in that shipping container, it can’t add that much per unit. Just my thoughts, your mileage may vary.
  2. I normally wet sand my primer coats, then if painting a solid color, I’ll wet sand that, then clear coat, and wet sand the clear between coats, then after I apply enough clear to achieve the shine I want, I wet sand the final coat and then use meguires 105 and 205 rubbing compound . I normally use 2000 grit paper.
  3. Never understood the need to label music….. ( I get it’s a marketing thing, but….)
  4. Congrats! That’s awesome !
  5. tbill

    XTRA Lease Decals

    I can make you a set of skirts in about 10 minutes😁
  6. Let’s not forget about the high voltage , I see a lot of people getting hurt /killed poking around under the hood…… ’hold my beer while I see what these orange cables do….’
  7. ……gonna be funny when we realize we left mars for here after we wrecked that planet………
  8. Model roundup notes it as being on the boat at the port awaiting unloading last I looked, I had pre ordered one months ago.
  9. First album I bought was Led Zeppelin 2, for some reason that was a game changer for me, eventually led me to a lot of other ‘non’ mainstream music.
  10. I hope it comes with a body that isn’t all messed up from mold mis alignment.
  11. They also have butyl (sp?) covered wire, although not sure if they have large enough diameter for headers.
  12. Always a good time there, so glad it finally happened this year.
  13. What a knock out! That looks fabulous! The headlights give it suck a different look, great build.
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