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  1. I wonder if this is what was being alluded to in the video awhile back......
  2. Well, I have the frame mostly built, I like how it’s coming together so far.
  3. Looking forward to your signature touches on this build, looking good so far.
  4. Thanks Sam. Here is the ‘fruit’, it’s a hobby lobby item. I also found the package for the pumpkins, also a hobby lobby item, from the doll house section.
  5. All the ‘fruit’ in the back are craft beads, my wife picked up the pumpkin at one of the craft stores. I made the fruit rack and crate that’s in the back of the truck .
  6. The revell decals aren’t too bad really
  7. Great looking box art build!
  8. Looking good Jim, I like your line of thinking on this build.
  9. Had to open the box and paw thru it, lol. I managed to get the cab glued together.
  10. If you compare the two sides of the top of the quarter panels, you can see the odd taper of the passenger side, this also makes the center portion of the trunk lid look odd. His is an older issue, I compared it to my 2012 issue and it’s the same .
  11. The trunk opening panel lines and the trunk ‘sheet metal’ on this thing are quite wonky as well. A buddy of mine just pointed this out to me on the kit he’s building, once you see it, it’s pretty bad.
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