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  1. Agree with everyone else, cool project and it’s looking great.
  2. tbill

    1/8 Bobtail "T"

    Great looking build, very clean looking, and great colors. Great job .
  3. What a great looking build, those colors really suit the car too, well done!
  4. Did this as part of a club build, the theme was breast cancer awareness
  5. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.....
  6. Mine has never been that tidy, even when I moved the table into the room ....., haha. I try to maintain a tidy work area , but in about 15 minutes it looks as though a small bomb went off..... the tractor looks fabulous so far.
  7. Cool looking build , I have one of these kits, eventually to be a load on a lowboy trailer. I only see one issue with your progress so far....., you seem to have an over abundance of work space...., I have a 6 foot long by 3 foot deep table with a large hobby mat, yet I have a 6 inch by 6 inch work area😁
  8. You got this done yet? This is right up your alley JT, I see a 5 foot orange and black monster race rig😎
  9. Thanks all, slowly making progress on this project. As usual though, I thought I had enough paint, but need to get some lime ice to do the trailer stripes , it’s always something, haha. Jerry, the way I do the frame /suspension is pretty straight forward. I glue all the crossmembers to one side ( I use testors liquid glue currently), then to the other frame rail before the glue totally sets up, this gives me the option to tweak it if need be to get it flat/straight. Once that’s all dry/cured, the suspension springs get glued on, once that’s dry, I build the rear diffs and get all the mounting hardware ready, along with the driveshaft that goes between the diffs, I glue the diff shackles to the beam, and while still flexible, glue the rear diff in place, then do the same with the front diff, I pretty much use the driveshaft to determine my ‘level’. It seems like a lot, but you have enough time to cram all this in before the glue really sets. Hope this helps some. I went with alpine green on the motor to keep with the green theme. Also got the trailer aluminum bits painted, and masks off for the first color, stay tuned......
  10. So this build has hit the bench again, I have the frame pretty much done, and a lot of parts in the chrome stripping stage. I also decided to try building a matching trailer, time will tell how the paint job on that works out......
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