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  1. ……gonna be funny when we realize we left mars for here after we wrecked that planet………
  2. Model roundup notes it as being on the boat at the port awaiting unloading last I looked, I had pre ordered one months ago.
  3. First album I bought was Led Zeppelin 2, for some reason that was a game changer for me, eventually led me to a lot of other ‘non’ mainstream music.
  4. I hope it comes with a body that isn’t all messed up from mold mis alignment.
  5. They also have butyl (sp?) covered wire, although not sure if they have large enough diameter for headers.
  6. Always a good time there, so glad it finally happened this year.
  7. What a knock out! That looks fabulous! The headlights give it suck a different look, great build.
  8. Thanks so much everyone, much appreciated. I’ve got to get a few more of these trucks, they build so nice, and I have a lot more ideas for paint schemes.
  9. Tamiya has a couple of pink spray bombs, one light and one dark, might get you close.
  10. Calling it done. If you guys should build this trailer, be warned that the decals are kind of thick and don’t really respond well to decal softener ( at least they didn’t for me ), and I couldn’t get them to conform very well. It does look good on the shelf though. Thanks for following along on this one.
  11. Getting closer, got one side pretty much done….
  12. So, the white bits are done, finally, tomorrow will be mask and spray the aluminum, then some green stripes of some sort. I ended up gluing all the doors closed due to some warping of the parts, which honestly was rather disappointing for a ‘new reissue’, would have thought parts would not be warped, but it is what it is, stay tuned for more updates…..
  13. Thanks guys, Ive got the trailer 1/2 in paint, well, a third of it I guess lol. We are supposed to get dumped on with snow late Friday, so I’ll be at the bench all weekend ….
  14. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments and inspiration. The truck is done, so now it’s trailer focus until that’s done.
  15. No, I got those from double take replicas a few years ago, unfortunately KJ isn’t making parts anymore….
  16. Got some decals on it last night …
  17. Wow, that’s gonna be a sweet trailer, nice work ! I see the need for a new shelving unit coming soon…..
  18. Thanks guys, should have the truck wrapped up soon, then it’s trailer time. This is pretty much where I stopped last night…
  19. Thanks guys, a little more progress…
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