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  1. Played golf at the local PGA course, absolutely amazing course. Shot a 95 with a 42 on the back 9, for me, that’s like par for the course. Had a blast playing it with friends, terrific day out.
  2. Depending on how bad the fogging is, I’ve had good luck with putting some saliva on a q tip and essentially buffing the area with the fog. Worth a shot.
  3. Nothing obscure or amazingly unknown, but in the last few months I have purchased BB King live in Japan, Albert King Thursday night in San Francisco and Joe Bonamassa live at the beacon theater, all fantastic albums…..
  4. I would imagine in a case like that, if they did part out kits, the rest of each kit would be sorted, and each tree would be saved for replacement of like trees that have defects/issues. I’m in a position of not wanting to build the kit yet, I have many others I can build in the mean time, my only complaint really is this, if you as the company know it’s going to be a month or so to send a replacement part, just be upfront and let me know it’ll be awhile , I’m an adult, I’ll understand, just let me know.
  5. Don’t remember the exact kit, but it was one of the 1/32 monogram snap funny cars, probably 1974/5 , I was 5 or 6 years old
  6. Still nothing yet, will have to contact them again……
  7. Played golf this morning, shot 39 on the par 36 front 9, wheels fell off on the back 9, but over all played bogie golf for 18 today
  8. Another vote for scale hobbyist and model roundup , shop both places a lot, never had an issue with either place.
  9. Near as I can figure, in 9 months, your truck moved about 3 feet…….
  10. Don’t know why, but the corvette box art on that kit gets me every time…
  11. Some TP5 golf balls to try out, or shank in the woods, lol.
  12. Yes, it’s what I use , I still prime the parts first though. ( with duplicor primer )
  13. One of my local stores was blowing out kits for 7.49 as well
  14. Not for nothing, but I was under the impression we’d have flying cars by now….. where did that idea go??? Hahahahahahaha….
  15. A lot of that is weight distribution, makes for easier battery cell layout, solves a lot of cooling/heating plumbing issues and doesn’t take up trunk/frunk space.
  16. Haven’t seen anything in the mail yet…..
  17. From what I understand, we have been in talks with Lala land for quite sometime , final details are almost worked out , and soon the flock will be working on the issue……..😁
  18. So, let’s focus on the positives of EV from a gear head point of view . Instant torque, low maintenance, in a pinch , throw an extra battery or two in the trunk….., quite sure eventually we can hot rod these things , instead of cam 2 in the tank, you’ll have a tag along diesel generator to recharge while on the move. Wanna race? Just gimme a minute to unhook my trailer, lol.
  19. Where did you get yours from? I need one of these like a hole in the head, but I need one of these….lol
  20. Thanks all, it is a really nice kit. don’t let the multi part cabs scare you, a little tape, and using the floor to ‘square’ stuff up when gluing works wonders.
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