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  1. I did not know it was possible for my eyes to throw up……., learn something new everyday…… truly wish I could ‘unsee’ that, hahaha
  2. This is not the first time we’ve done this, but the last builds we did were in fact mirror images, hopefully Jeff will post a pic of his.
  3. Wow, she’s a beauty Ken, another fabulous build from your garage .
  4. Haha, the best plans always go south. I started mine and the yellow and I didn’t get along very well, so off in the pond it went. As I was waiting for the paint to come off, I looked around the paint stash and found a suitable color, shot Jeff a text and told him my color plans had changed. In my infinite wisdom, I also decided to do a non RS version. So, so much for twin builds, haha. So here is where I’m at now ….
  5. It would seem that you fellas have no idea how long it takes a pack mule to get around these days…..😁
  6. Another great looking car hauler project you’ve got going on here! I gotta admit though, you make me mad, cause every time you do one, I think to myself, man, I gotta do one like that too, and I already have enough projects/squirrels running around the build room! Haha! Keep it up man, looking great 👍
  7. After thinking about this for awhile, I made myself chuckle. We as a group think nothing of spending $60-$80 for a resin cab and then have to use a $30-$40 kit to finish it out, probably spend another $50 or so on other resin odds and ends cause the kit parts don’t go with the cab we bought, then we need tires, cause the kit ones are horrible, so $200 later we can now build the model, but shoot, now we need decals…..,$20-$30 later we are set, all of a sudden, that $91 seems plausible ……. tongue in cheek fellas, we are a bunch of finicky things, ain’t we? Lol
  8. $91 will seem cheap after the first run and done….. we’ve seen it before, $75 for the revell Pete tri axle wrecker kit, now they are insane money…..
  9. Congrats on the new ride! You’ll be amazed at how many model kits will fit in the back of that thing😁
  10. I have a set on the way, should I botch that set, I will be in touch, thanks.
  11. Hi all looking for the black stripes from this particular kit, I have some other decals from other Z28 kits , but they have slight variations. Have stuff to trade, thanks .
  12. My method is wet sand with 2000 grit paper, then I use meguiars 105, then follow that with 205, usually have a mirror finish when I’m done.
  13. Wow! That’s a lot of holes! I cramp up after drilling 8 plug wire holes…. this is looking dynamite!
  14. Thanks Jim. Got a few more parts painted, and got it up on wheels.
  15. both are spray bombs, reading the labels doesn’t answer my questions, so, short of experimenting with them myself, anyone have experience with using these paints together? thanks
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