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    It's not the speed ,It's the sudden stops that get ya.
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    back building big scale
    I used to build a lot in the 60's, and gave away drawers full of parts, and cars several times during my life,but I've held on to a few .
    I have been rebuilding them one buy one.
    my first large scale was the Red XKE ,a Christmas gift.
    Next came the blue 65 Vette , which I modified to look like my dad's 64 Vette.
    I took a break from models till the 70's when I built a channeled East coast style 32 low boy with a F.I. Chevy motor,Jag rear end, and wire wheels. the color was Candy apple red over the black body which created a Root Beer color.
    This was the first to be re done.
    It's now satin blue metallic on white ,3 -97's, mag wheels and Big Street T disc brakes in the front
    I have built several T's and a couple of other 32's.
    I'll work on some pics.
    The pictures I have seen are " Wicked Awesome" I have a long way to go to match the builds , in the galleries.
    It's fun ,and each one gets a little better then the previous one (some times)
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