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  1. RonO added a post in a topic Car Transporter Revell 1:25   

    I agree with all. Especially think you have just the right amount of weathering! Very realistic!
  2. RonO added a post in a topic What was the very first thing you bought on eBay? And what year?   

    July 2013 I bought this kit:

  3. RonO added a post in a topic Not so new Member   

    Since you've been around here a lot longer than I, seems silly to say welcome so I'll just say Hi, glad to meet ya!
  4. RonO added a post in a topic Hello from upstate NY   

    Welcome Dan, seems to be a lot of us getting back into it.
  5. RonO added a post in a topic Aoshima Road King   

    To be honest I don't remember, it's been over four years since I left Reno.

    Thanks Pappy, I will be posting more.
  6. RonO added a topic in All the Rest   

    Aoshima Road King
    I hope motorcycles are legal here.

    I'm replicating (well trying too) my friends Road King:

    Got the easy part done (engine/tranny) I have a little more trouble with the small parts!

    I have the base silver on, tomorrow I plan to shoot the blue.

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  7. RonO added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Another returning builder!
    Getting back into the hobby after 20 years. I'm amazed at all the detailing stuff available these days I would like to try my hand at some scratch building and weathering. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions for y'all.

    I've started using an airbrush and trying to get the hang of Alclad Chrome (I do pretty well with the aluminum).

    Just curious, are there any other motorcycle modelers on the forums.

    Here is a picture of one of the my last builds It is the Thunderbird Davey Allison drove in the early '90s

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  8. RonO added a post in a topic The first car - A foray into manhood.   

    My first was a '48 Merc coupe, traded it for a '40 Desoto sedan. My favorites were a '55 Buick Century, I recently bought a Maisto Die Cast CHP replica that I want to try revamping. A LOT of mischief in that car! The first car I actually bought on my own was a '69 El Camino I just bought the AMT '68 El Camino on ebay.

    Speaking of firsts - my first bike was a '48 Indian.

    Good luck with the Golf, Tomo! I had a Rabbit once upon a time, Not one of my favorites.
  9. RonO added a post in a topic Are tamiya models and other foreign models good?   

    I'm working on a couple of Aoshima motorcycles. They are highly detailed, very little flash and minimal mold lines. Not the easiest to build (but then I'm old & on medication).

    On a side note, nowhere does it say Harley - Davidson. The decals say something like "Hardway Dady&Son"