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  1. jgracing9 added a post in a topic nascar build with cobra colors gomango orange!   

    thanks guys! this is one of my favorite models of all time! i hope maybe with this one my chances of magazine fame can be improved!
  2. jgracing9 added a topic in General   

    nascar build with cobra colors gomango orange!
    finally got this one done may be my best yet. awesome cobra colors gomango orange with serval coats of tamiya clear over jwtbm decals!
    modern motorsports body.

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  3. jgracing9 added a topic in General   

    ragu dodge charger!
    pick your driver i picked kahne this is his kansas winner but if you close the window net,ignor the name on the roof and relize this is what the car looks like at the begining on the race before erin and paul got behind the wheel it can pass for any of the 3! tamiya reg yellow over a modern-motorsports charger with awesome bark decals! only thing left is the window clips and adding the exaust once i add it.

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  4. jgracing9 added a topic in General   

    kasey kahnes bgn deka ford from 2003
    this car never actually raced. kasey wrecked it in practice or qualifying and the back up was painted reg black and red colors. bark decals with some beatty decals to add some logos and the #38 slixx set for some cont logos. tamiya birght orange over a profinish ups kit.

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  5. jgracing9 added a post in a topic 2005 charger.com dodge   

    more to update! only need to clear it so i can paint the flat black areas

  6. jgracing9 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    2005 charger.com dodge
    painted with cobra colors 2005 dodge charger gomango orange. super great paint to work with! iam hoping for testors street charger to be released soon so i can do a road and track them. shame iam a year late on the atlanta nnls theme from last fall

    chassis is coming along i still need a few things like ignition system,exaust pipes and maybe a figure. the body got messed up. me being in a rush one day i put the clear on too thick and got some runs. and i know not to paint in a rush but some people never learn huh?. chassis was painted canadian voodo grey thru an airbrush.

    did the rims up like the ems cars in 2005 and up with both #s on the wheels

    thank fully operation repair was a sucsses! with out stripping

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  7. jgracing9 added a topic in General   

    2005 dale jr winner
    heres the top secret modern-motorsports booth build it was done weeks ago but was keep underwarps till the show
    jwtbm decals,tamiya brght red, modern motorsprts downforce nose,cameras, and igntion systems

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  8. jgracing9 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    2005 hellmanns dodge charger
    take your pic on driver. shes 99% done iam just missing the country crock logo for the rear i keep forgetting to mention when i try to get corrections

    i wanna say its a kasey kahne car but i left out the name so i could also be a pul wolf or erin crocker car. tho it was modeled after kasey kahnes texas car. thanks for looking!
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  9. jgracing9 added a topic in General   

    more of my builds complete 12 winners of the brickyard 400!
    i have always loved the indianpolis speedway. there not being many or any indy car kits i went with the nascar winners. all 12 were researched to the "T" for the most realistic build possible! many hours alot of money and tons of decals later all 12 are done. i hear to was tryed before but the builder only got to 1999 before stoping. indy has those models on display i hear. maybe someday i'll drive up and see if they want the remaining winners to complete the display for now (13th winner in augest!)

    heres my builds at the nnl east

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  10. jgracing9 added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    new to the forums thought i share some work!
    hi my names joe iam into nascar,f1 and street ferrari kits hopefully you guys like my work!

    revell germany kit with tamiya bright red and various other colors. fun build would like to do another but as the us grand prix livery and wings. wish i could have noticed the difference in rearview mirrors before i painted the body but live and learn.

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