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  1. 9 times out of ten i get them from a local store, or i get the rest on ether A: ebay, or B: in trade or by purchase on model forums.
  2. here is one i did about 2 years ago, painted and built it in 24 hrs. the light bar is also from the impala cop car but i blacked out the chrome parts and painted clear lenses yellow. i made the interior light gray instead of dark so you could see things like the dash mounted radar and stuff.
  3. thanks Nick, FYI the AMT Taurus SHO kit (which was the basis of this build) is a pain in the ass kit to build at times. the whole drive-train kept falling out from the bottom of the car, i had to epoxy glue the 'chassis' to the bottom of the interior tub. If i would have known how difficult it was i would have used a SHO promo but i would have to give up the flat disc style hubcaps that were on my model.
  4. can older builds enter this little community build? I took these photos for a model i built for a Buffalo model show (did not even place, but i had a good time). The police car from the Robocop film series, done MY way . mock up of the kit body and interior shell, the light bar is from the Impala Cop car snap kit. front view roof view painted and assembled, minus decals front view painted and assembled, minus decals rear view done, and on display at the Buffalo show overhead view side view the kit was 100% box stock only i used the Impala bar, but i painted the chrome parts black and added clear yellow to the clear white lenses. the whole model start to finish was done in 24 hrs, good thing the real cars were painted flat black .
  5. even with a IMAGE of the plate i put in my post wrong !
  6. or the ones from the 'Ecklers' corvette, but for those who do not have access to those rims, the kit sourced ones look pretty good if stripped and repainted in the proper colors .
  7. QUICK question, is that a short body/short wheelbase chevy van? I have a re issue of the A team van and it is a nice kit but its based on a ambulance body so its too long scale wise. I would love to get that revell van, and ad the A Team bits to it and make a CORRECT length A Team van .
  8. funny, i JUST noticed the decal sheet had 2 Florida SYCLONE vanity tags. well in Florida you only get one plate, no front plates on cars and stuff in the sunshine state .
  9. actually, if you want to save yourself some trouble get the 68 charger body and use the separate fascia inserts on the back from the 69 as well as the grille. when i did MY General i used the body shell from the OOP Dick Landy 68 charger kit, or you can get the one from the 68 Charger Limited Edition. I used the 69 body combined with the fascia and grille from the 68 kit to make a 68 charger with the 'rubber roof' . and my memory may be off but i THINK the original 'General Lee' lettering for the older issues was black instead of blue, so it looks like the decal set in the current re issue looks dead on. now all you need is the rebel flag decal for the front plate and the CHE 320 plate on the back .
  10. well i do not have a lot of them most were sold at a yard sale for cheap over the summer. the ones that were NOT on the bench or below it are in my closet thank goodness. but thanks anyways, if i do have any that were not sold that are missing those, i will let ya know .
  11. i built one of those but i was a younger builder and not good at painting things like bodies and stuff. I was glad it was molded in black, the only thin i had a problem was was painting the GMC in the grille. I somehow lost the separate gauge cluster pod that attached to the dashboard so my dash was all flat and only had a steering column/wheel sticking out. so i tinted the front and rear glass by painting the inside areas with black paint . the only hard thing i had to do was getting those side body moldings on i remember holding them to the rear fenders and cab with wooden spring loaded clothes pins. I entered it in a model show in summer of 92, won a trophy for it, still have the trophy, do not have the truck. I would NOT mind getting the reissue!
  12. thanks guys, i really was a hard year, got blasted by a winter that started in October, and lasted till late march. Had problems with my heaters in my house. I have a furnace but my house was updated with baseboard heaters for the dining room, living room and master bedrooms. well i was mostly on the 2nd floor so i usually turned them all the way down. well it got below freezing one night, and a valve on my dishwasher broke off and for SOME reason it turned on and started to fill and leaked out of the washer and onto the floor. I came downstairs cause i thought i heard it running, but i knew that was not true as it was empty. I saw the water on the floor, and ran in to the kitchen and opened the cabinet and turned off the valve to it cause it would NOT shut off even when i OPENED IT. if i would not have heard it running when i did i would be looking at a new kitchen floor as water was running down the basement wall below the kitchen! so i had a lot on my mind this year. Oh, one sad thing about that incident is the water landed on all of my models on my bench damaging all the boxes and the manuals and decals in them .
  13. guys, i am back after like a year without a PC or net access, plus i was laid off and my unemployment only covered things like my rent and my car insurance and some utilities and food. I got my PC back up and running and got net access so I hope i am still welcome here after a year . PS Dee, I still have that 48 ford but i lost your address, PLEASE PM me with it and i will send it out ASAP!
  14. RDean, i love your nova, where did you get those Cragar mags? i would love a set of them for a future project....or two .
  15. that is the cleanest engine swap from one model to another John, kudos!
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