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  1. someone always has to criticize on here it seems
  2. This is my build up of the ol' Duke boys getting away from Roscoe P. Coltrane.
  3. Hey guys, I no i'm going out on a long shot but I was wondering if anly company or anyone makes after market Pontiac Trans Am decals? I'm looking to build a Macho T/a which was a specail order car kind of like the GM COPO and YENKO. They only made 203 that year so I no its probally not possible if anyone makes decals for them. Any feedback or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Very clean and detailed build. My favorite year Camaro an my personal favorite with the hidden headlights
  5. thanks! that is the actual 1998 release VHS cover for the movie.
  6. thats all I have to is the VHS verision, but id rather watch them on vhs for that old school vibe
  7. This is my rendition if Hollywood remade the movie Vanishing Point with the newer style Challenger. It started life as a Revell model kit, with the Revell Chip Foose 67 Charger wheel's. I painted it in gloss white rattle can, with a semi gloss black/ gloss black interior. I did a console delete and a pistol grip shifter like the 1970 Challenger. I weathered the exterior and undercarriage as if it was in the dessert for a long period of time and also had an over flow spills from the gas cap. Theres a few small details under the hood but otherwise then that mostly box stock. Enjoy
  8. was wondering if anyone has bought and built this kit before. Its a R&R resin. I'm looking to make the "blue chevy" from the movie Dirty Mary Crazy Larry to go with my Charger. any thoughts or insight would be great. Thanks R&R resin kit
  9. what a BEAUTY! Looks just like my dads 1:1 '66 Caddy.
  10. finally get to see a four door impala. im looking for a 66 to finish my Dirty Mary Crazy Larry pair
  11. thats awesome. Personally my two favorite things, Ford trucks and Budweiser
  12. So a few weeks back I got searching the interweb and came across this article on 2 guys taking a "Kowalski Edition" Challenger and rein-acting the race that took place in the movie. So doing a little research I picked up the Revell Special Edition Dodge Challenger and ordered some wheel's from the Revell Chip Foose 1967 Dodge Charger kit and went from there. This is what I have done so far. ** update 2/18/14 ** Finished up the Challenger today except for a few touch ups. I weathered as it would have been in the dessert. "Kowalski Edition" Challenger actual Chip Foose wheels mine from the model kit with gray center. Bad picture quality console delete with a pistol grip shifter
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