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  1. Thanks for the great comments guys, I'm glad you like it cos I really enjoyed building it. Hi Dave, you can get nice photoetch and carbon for the kit but this one was detailed purely from the spares box. Thought I'd try not spending shed loads for a change. Jason
  2. The next build of of the workbench is this. I decided to chop the front off of it and scratch built some of the front end details. Done a bit of engine wiring and I used a bit of artistic license so its probably not too accurate but I had fun Thanks for looking Jason
  3. Thanks for the kind comments guys! I think it'll be a while before I tackle another decal job like this!
  4. Thanks for the great comments guys, I'm really enjoying building again. Can't wait to start the next one!
  5. That's a really nice build Alex very sharp and clean! Gonna keep my eye out for this kit, I love it!! If I could offer one very small tip, I'd dab a bit of dark smoke or matt black in the exhaust tips to really make them pop. Thanks for sharing it. Jason
  6. Finished this one a few months ago. Its a Tamiya 1/24 and its a huge decal job. The biggest feature by far is the D2 wrap that covers the whole car. I was on this every evening for a week using every trick i'd read on the net for getting the decals to conform, a lesson in perseverance for sure! Unfortunately when I clear coated it some of the decals wrinkled up a bit, they don't look too bad now they've been flatted and polished. Other than that its a great kit to build! Thanks for looking Jason
  7. So I finally got around to taking some pics of a couple more of my builds. This is a Tamiya 1/24 kit + Studio 27 photo etch. It went together pretty well apart from the engine cover which still wont quite sit flush and I found the photo etch a little disappointing. I painted it in Mercedes Brilliant Silver and covered that with acrylic clear, both out of a can from a national auto parts chain. It was given a light flatting with 4000 grit and polished up. I had big plans for plumbing and wiring the motor but I bottled it at the last minute. This is the second kit I completed so its all still a bit of a learning curve and I'm reasonably happy with it. Any comments, criticisms or advice gratefully received. Thanks for looking Jason
  8. Cheers Guys! I really did enjoy building it, so much that I got the YZR 50th anniversary edition to crack on with as soon as I clear some space on the workbench! Oh! If your interested the heat staining on the pipes was done with one of the Tamiya weathering master kits, they look like women's eye shadow but quite effective I think. Thanks for looking J
  9. Hi Bill, the 'Silk Cut' decals took a while to track down but worth it! I'm no rivet counter but I didn't think the purple blocks they supply in the kit did it justice. In my opinion this was the defining livery for this car. Pleased you like it! Jere, kudos to you my friend, it is indeed a Southgate designed car and it collected quite a few trophies. I'm currently working on another less successful but equally as beautiful creation of his, the Nissan R390 GT1 which again is an incredible piece of engineering. The man had skills! Thanks to everyone else, your comments are much appreciated. J
  10. Good Morning Everyone, I've just caught up with the responses to my first post and I am truly humbled, Thank You! Here is the next installment from the Man Cave, Hope you like it. Completed this a couple of months ago. It's the first bike I've built and I loved it. The kit is a Tamiya 1/12 built as it comes out of the box and it goes together like a dream. The color is Tamiya Mica Blue rattle can, clear coated and decals applied after. Had a few issues with the decals but nothing a lot of patience some Microsol and the GF's hairdryer didn't fix I'm not massively into bikes, but it's nice to do something different occasionally... Thanks for looking J
  11. Thanks for the great comments Guys, much appreciated! Hi Curtis! The decals were a mammoth challenge for me, Nearly ended up in the bin on one occasion (temper, temper) when they were all on I clear coated over them. I then wet flatted the clear coat using micromesh and polished it back up to a shine. The panel lines are a very thin light grey wash, just load up a very fine brush and let capillary action do the rest. Cheers J
  12. I used to build model cars as a teenager but this is my first build for about 12 years. The skills are a little rusty and I haven't kept any of my old builds so I have nothing to compare it to. I'm reasonably pleased with it and I learned a lot. I'm trying to make every build better and more detailed than the last and I'm getting loads of tips and ideas around here so thanks guys . So here it is, the Le Mans winning Jaguar XJR-9. Any comments or criticisms most welcome. Thanks for looking J
  13. Hi everyone! Been lurking here for a while and I like what I see. Some real quality builds going on. I mainly build 1/24 Le Mans and Touring Cars, a couple of 1/12 bikes in there for good measure. stuff I remember from my childhood really but I'm looking to expand my horizon so we'll see what happens. I've only been back on the plastic for about a year but I'm properly hooked again. Hope to post some of my completed builds soon, be interested to see what you think. J
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