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  1. Got back on mine today. Since I'm using the Chevelle chassis, which has the interior floor pan molded into the chassis pan I batted around the idea of using the Chevelle interior but there were a lot of fit issues. So I decided to cut the pan from the GTO tub to see if it could be fitted to the Chevelle chassis and it was a pretty good fit. I'll try to get a little done each day and should be done in time. I'm including some pics of the engine mockups below as well. I had to do some minor cutting to the tranny tunnel to get the tranny to fit but less than I expected. I'll have to fabricate a oil pan sump and some engine mounts as you can see.
  2. Really nice weathering there. Nice concept.
  3. I don't know your skill level but they look easy enough to fabricate. I looked up what the 1:1 look like and they are pretty much as you see.
  4. Just an awesome build! Well thought out and executed.
  5. Nice color combo on a very well done build!
  6. Nice comparo, thanks. Well done builds too!
  7. Sorry to hear about your wife's cancer, and hope the Clinic can help. She'll be in my prayers. I had a coworker who's wife was diagnosed and CTC wouldn't do anything for her either. I wonder if they cherry pick patients. Btw, I worked in Akron until I retired in 2018.
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