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  1. Good looking build! Very clean.
  2. I'm working on one currently when I'm not working on my Belair, so I guess I'm in.
  3. Very well done! I love the way you worked the weave on the seats. Best I've seen.
  4. Thanks for the pics & info Tom. I took a good look at both of the chassis and see where I felt the width would be an issue, but after measuring they are very close, if not the same in width. The distance between the A-arms on the Galaxie are wider than the Starliner, as the Galaxie doesn't use full size A-arms, so that visually threw me off. I've already ordered my Galaxie kit so I guess its on now.
  5. Very well done! Look elegant!
  6. Nice! Kinda pops off the page!
  7. I'm planning a tribute build of my late brother-in-law's 63 Galaxie as it was when he passed. He was my friend and mentor before he married my sister. Anyway, I bought the 63 Galaxie kit before, as well as the 60 Starliner kit to upgrade the Galaxie chassis. But when I lined everything up, there were several things that didn't match. I can't recall them all but I think the Starliner was wider and longer, and the floor pan designs were different. I wound up building both separately but reading so many people saying that it will work, I'm asking who actually made it work, and do you have pics? Thanks. Here is how I wound up building them.
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