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  1. I would check with the card company to ensure what your rights are and if I'm covered, quickly move to cancel the order. Also, make a screen print of any promises on their order page/website regarding ship dates, and any email notifications you may have received. Just to have some evidence in case it needed. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the explanation. I think yours looks reasonably accurate. I used the attached pic myself to calculate the boom length, and looking at the drawing with it in the truck bed, yours looks pretty close if not spot on.
  3. I built that kit a couple of years ago and it was a bear, but with patience and your obvious eye for detail I'm sure this will be a sweet build.
  4. Awesome work! I've been working on a Weaver crane design to print in 3D since the beginning of the year and got as far as the boom angle using estimated lengths. How did you come up with the measurements for the A-frame?
  5. For those interested in my free files, I've updated the Rotofaze distributor by adding the caps and capacitors. Also, I drew up an Enderle barn door injector. Its not an exact replica but I'm happy about the result. Both files should be available on my Cults site in a week or so as I haven't printed them yet. I always print my creations to catch any printing issues.
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