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  1. Looking for a '69 Camaro RS grille

    Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, but with the weather improving I'm pretty busy. I have a spare RS grille from a kit I parted out. If you still need it PM your address. Although it will prob be perhaps the end of the week before I can send it, depends on the honey do list.
  2. Resin Predator carbs

    3-D Model Specialties on Shapeways has them in print, though you didn't say what scale. https://www.shapeways.com/product/ULXGXJDA3/predator-1-25-carb-x4?optionId=64743641
  3. Looking for a '69 Camaro RS grille

    Does it matter which kit its from?
  4. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Simply awesome!!
  5. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I'd actually never heard of DajiVan. Sounds like a great project!
  6. Fiat Altered

    Nice build!
  7. 55 Chev Bel Air .

    Ditto all the other comments! Very nice. The colors just pop out at you!
  8. Roadkill General Mayhem

    Yeah, looks like a fun project!
  9. 1960 Ford Starliner

    Nice work! I agree, stance and wheels are perfect! The lighting doesn't do the color justice. I recently bought that kit and its very nice. I plan to do something similar.
  10. Sinister ‘70 Cuda

    A work of art!
  11. why have new cars gotten so expensive 1:1 scale

    According to the inflation calculator I went to, if you paid $10K in 1988, then inflation makes it about $16K in 2004, so yes you paid about a grand less minus inflation for more truck! Also consider guys about the rebates, folks nowadays want to feel they got a deal. Remember when Penneys dropped the discounts and reduced prices and lost customers. It's become the norm.
  12. But if that's the case, why allow paint? You can go nuts with limits.
  13. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Loving the AMX Pat!
  14. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Street legal?
  15. Our Michael's is a joke

    Michaels may be a craft store, not a hobby store but they can learn to restock paint, put paint where it belongs, and keep a neat store. No excuse for that! I go for material and not models, occasionally I'll use the coupon and get a kit to part out.