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  1. I've gotten to the point where I go online and look for reviews if i can find them, or pics if I can't. If its a kit I really need and there's no option I'll buy it with the knowledge of what I need to do, or settle for. I'm 63 and do have memories of the old kits, but I don't care for them.
  2. Well done build. I like the little accessories, and the body weathering looks appropriate.
  3. Nice concept! Lots of great bodywork there.
  4. I try to find something in every modelers build. If I can't find anything, I won't comment. I do see the issue of praise to a very flawed build as false support, but it doesn't bother me either. Sometimes I'll go into a profile to see if its a young person, or they mention a health issue to determine my response. My signature indicates I want constructive feedback. I'm trying to improve my skills. However that's me and I don't impose my standards on others. We are here to have fun, remember!
  5. Impressive work! I love the extra little details.
  6. Thanks Ed. This one is kind of in fits & starts as well. Like now the issue is the headers. I've prototyped a couple sets but each time room is an issue. I think I'll get back to it next week though. Feel free to post any progress you've made on yours.
  7. MeatMan

    1950 Olds

    Good job! The taillights are a nice touch!
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