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  1. As much time as I've spent fighting the raiders at the Corvega plant I never thought to do something like that! Awesome project, and excellent work!
  2. I totally understand. I haven't bought from them in a while, but since there weren't any responses to his request I figured he'd want to at least see options.
  3. TDR on Shapeways has a setup. There are the prices in the pics plus a processing fee, plus shipping which would probably take you to $40 for the lot. https://sites.google.com/site/tdrhtmllearn/home/engine-shop/ford-engine-selection/ford-427-so-induction-systems/427-so-weber-components
  4. Awesome work on that White. I did a custom one early in the year and didn't try to go correct interior. You're nailing it!
  5. I did a replica of my dad's old 62 Biscayne and wanted a period-correct engine to put in it. I took the stovebolt engine and fabricated an intake manifold to match the correct setup, as well as a valve cover, air filter, and oil bath oil filter. Not perfect but I think I came pretty close.
  6. Will this do? Its been used as a paint test mule so it will need stripping but its not like paint is caked on.
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