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  1. As long as its closer to the Impala. I'd like to us to walk a bit more on the wild side but I'm flexible.
  2. Well, you gotta put some effort into the build. We would go with similar rules as the CBR in requiring no more than ~25% complete. Now if you take a GB kit and make some changes to it to make it yours I'm all for that.
  3. Its definitely separate.
  4. Hey All, someone suggested for the 2023 CBR a Tom Daniel theme. I'd like to go a step further and suggest a Wacky Race, a race of wild customs dedicated to Tom Daniel, Gene Winfield, George Barris, and the like. It could be a kit, scratchbuild, printed, or kitbash. I was planning on building a wild custom some time next year so there is a bit of self interest involved but after seeing other posts I'm thinking there may be interest. I'll run it if there's enough interest.
  5. Normally I would say "Why?" but there's something about how it looks just works!
  6. I saw the results after my vote. Didn't care for the results but its still early, though.
  7. Very nice work! I'm afraid I'm at a disadvantage tho, what movie was this in?
  8. My entry for this year is a 1956 Club DeMer, which was a concept car built to highlight Pontiac technology at the time. The kit was an original box vintage 1956ish, and was a curbside without an engine so I added an early LS engine from a Z06 C7 Corvette. I changed the manifold cover to one I designed that paid homage to the original hood design. I also added some printed Pontiac rocker covers I found on Cults 3D. Bodywork was extensive, as the original design did not have headlights, and the grille opening barely existed. I also removed a large tail fin from the rear, and added taillights from the same Z06 I got the engine and driveline from. The windshield frame was from a 59 Corvette. I needed to narrow it a bit to fit, and sand the glass to match. I made the faux roll bar from a parts box piece that just needed a little trimming to make work. I designed and printed the outside mirrors and fuel filler cap. The wheels were printed as well. I bought the drawing from Black Box on Cults 3D. For the interior, I designed and printed the dashboard, console, seats, and door panels. Barely showing between the seats is a hydration pump. No need for water bottles in this car. There are copious amounts of electronics to help the drivers spot and avoid law enforcement as well. The trunk is packed with the water tank for the hydration pump (white), and the fuel cell. Finally, underneath I wanted to stay true to the concept car design here by sticking with a rear-mounted transmission, and a DeDion rear suspension. I copied this design from a Toyota truck. I designed and printed the chassis platform as well, because the kit chassis was made for steel axles, and was a solid piece.
  9. Yeah, something must be amiss. About the 5 bottles of resin; I filter my used resin with paint filters and reuse it and never had a problem. I know some manufacturers say you shouldn't but I think most people do. Just don't get different types mixed up. Again, did you ever print the test model that comes with the printer? I suggest resetting all of your settings to factory spec and printing the test cube, or whatever model came with yours. Also, did you run the exposure test? It might tell you if there is an issue with the screen. There is a process for troubleshooting these things and although you are frustrated I think you might want to go through the steps. Good luck.
  10. What year range, and truck size do you want. The S-10 kits do have sixes but those are small trucks.
  11. I always say I won't do this again but then I see the themes and "there you go again!" 😅 I'll go with pick-up trucks, mid-engine, and pro street as my picks, with no particular preference at this point.
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