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  1. Scenes Unlimited for regular stuff https://scenesunltd.com/, and 3D Scale Parts for the fancy more expensive stuff. https://www.3dscaleparts.com/
  2. I read it as well. It was nice when the companies spent the resources to produce futuristic vehicles. Although a few turn up here and there you just don't see that kind thing.
  3. This is all good stuff because I've wondered if my 70 SS was real because it didn't have a cowl hood nor stripes but did have the LS-6. If you got the stripes with the CI that would explain why it had neither.
  4. It is a fine kit. I built one a few years ago, but you nailed it!
  5. Awesome project! That engine looks sweet! I'm going a similar route with mine but just adding FI to the big block.
  6. Much appreciated! I've always struggled with those. Thanks for posting.
  7. Very nice! I like the color combo that looks well done to me.
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