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  1. That's killer! The stance is spot on.
  2. I had the same idea a few years ago and did quite a bit of research on it. My post requesting info is probably still on the server. AFX is correct, but I could never get confirmation that the caps were for separate sides but I believe it to be true. This is the best pic I found that I could remotely trace the wires.
  3. Awesome project! Fantastic planning and fabrication!
  4. Scroll down to the W-12. Never bought from him but heard good things on FB. http://roncoon.com/wheels-tires
  5. Top-level fabrication work on this build! Awesome work, dunno how I missed it.
  6. I like where you took this! Sweet!
  7. Of the two, the second set is better but I personally think a set of turbine style wheels would be better w/o seeing them on the car anyway. I think that is should have an engine too. Something with a non-traditional intake. Nice project either direction you take it though.
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