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  1. MeatMan added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS/SS   

    Nice work!!
  2. MeatMan added a post in a topic 14 mustang drag car   

    I didn't do a rear seat delete but I cut out the molded-in seat on a '56 T-bird, and you are correct that it is a challenge.
    One thing to make sure of is that you account for all of the chassis contours. I had to cut an entire section out and then create a new one using sheet styrene.
    If you have any parts box interiors without a rear seat I suggest seeing if the rear section can be used.
    I also did a quick search on roll bars for your car and I see that a lot of them don't have straight bars but curve around the seat.
    Well, good luck. Btw, what engine are you planning on running?
  3. MeatMan added a post in a topic new to forum from Fort Collins, CO   

    Welcome Everett. Most of all have fun!!
  4. MeatMan added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    Nice chassis choice Bill but it looks a little short. Check it out with some wheels on it.
  5. MeatMan added a post in a topic Camaro 50th Anniversary   

    Me too!
  6. MeatMan added a post in a topic Not really new just been lurking   

    Welcome Chris! Anticipating your completed build.
  7. MeatMan added a post in a topic Dodge Dart   

    Nice work!
  8. MeatMan added a post in a topic 67 (Gasser Style Street Freaky Nongasser Show Car) 'Vette   

    Love your build Rooster. Hi front or low, gimme more!
  9. MeatMan added a post in a topic New here & fairly new to the hobby   

    Welcome Steve!
  10. MeatMan added a post in a topic Hello from Peterborough UK   

    Welcome Graham.
  11. MeatMan added a post in a topic 1980 Ford Bronco Off-road racer.. a Cannonball non-starter, restarted!   

    Hey Jesse, I'm glad to see up you picked this back up after all the nice work you'd done on it.. That paint looks sweet!
  12. MeatMan added a post in a topic New old guy   

    Welcome Phil. Hope to learn from you.
  13. MeatMan added a post in a topic 68 Dodge Dart 440 Custom Street Rod Project Update with a few pics finally!   

    Nice work on this build Jim. Fantastic engine detail! 
  14. MeatMan added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    Well, after grinding the wheel wells and then mocking things up I realized that this build isn't going to happen. The vacuformed windshield would not fit with the dash installed.
    I don't see how this body would ever fit on a styrene kit unless everything was custom built to fit.
    So I'm changing my entry to the 2006 Camaro Concept. I bought it years ago when I first got back into models and lots of parts are missing including the engine. It will be wide-body as well, but I'm not sure if I'll still go with the V-12, as the XLR front end was longer and I felt it could accommodate the longer engine. I could use the Corvette engine since I'll be using a lot of those parts that would have gone on the XLR.
    Oh well. That's why I got started early to see if the XLR could be built. I think its going to be in the next 4th of July firecracker demonstration that the local kids give. They'll get a kick out of seeing it blow to pieces.
    Here's my new kit.

  15. MeatMan added a post in a topic chain   

    My wife just handed me a chain today! I looked at it and it was the perfect size, with nice links. She earned a big kiss! By all means, check with your partner/spouse!