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  1. You're correct, I found the post that indicated that. Thanks.
  2. Did the entry list get pulled or am I losing it? Anyway, what about numbers? We had to request numbers last time and I see some requesting but I'm wondering if it matters and if so is there a list.
  3. So, I fitted the printed chassis with the Camaro subframe and discovered that plan was a no-go because the wheels would have sat way too high, and the subframe was too wide. So I went to plan B and added a dropped subframe to the chassis design. After doing that I realized that the engine would sit higher as well so I opted to switch to the LS engine for the hood clearance. I originally built it for my 72 GTO I entered and withdrew for the 2019 CBR. I got the rear suspension mocked up, but have to fabricate some brackets for the leading arms. The transaxle was a separate tranny & diff that I joined. They're from a C5 Corvette, which is where the engine came from as well. The axles were assembled from parts box pieces and a couple of printed hubs so the brake rotors fit. Now I have to fabricate a front suspension. I think I'll use a McPherson strut setup if I have enough clearance.
  4. Nice! I need one of those!
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