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  1. A lot of guys will poo poo using Shapeways but I love Ron Olsen's parts. You could go with this LSx which comes with everything you need except a carb. With the processing fee they've added and shipping it comes to $26.85. About your standard kit price, and you can't bet better detail.
  2. Ditto most of the other comments. Thanks for the great work in giving us a place to share our ideas and builds, and on occasion do some complaining.
  3. Well, the good thing about using Fireball tires is that they give the dimensions. Check the stock tire size and compare them with the listed dimensions. Back in the day I ran L60's on the rear of my 70 Chevelle and they barely fit, and that's with banging out the inner lip, so on a Nova that might be a stretch as they are a tall tire, at least on a 1:1. When we were rodding we never used anything but 15's. Novas, Malibus, Chevelles, we had them all and used 15's on every one. I say mock up the chassis onto the body and measure how wide a tire you can fit in the wheel well, being sure to leave room in the front so it looks like the wheel would turn then go for it.
  4. That depends on the scale you're working in, and where you plan to get your engine from, and how much detail you want on it. Personally, since its a custom I'd go with a big block from the AMT 70 Chevelle kit. It even has a custom fuel injection setup. You could also dress up the engine of the kit you are using. I recommend that you provide more info with this request.
  5. Doesn't have the runner separation but a nice manifold. https://www.shapeways.com/product/32G5KNEWE/sbc-1-25-victor-jr-intake?optionId=63611083&li=shops
  6. Killer! Nice detailing.
  7. Awesome work! I love the look.
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