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  1. I've been able to separate parts from a couple of drawings in Blender though without checking with the designer. I was able to print my Karmann-Ghia with the hood & trunk separate. Go into Edit mode, right click on the body, select Separate, Loose Parts. Some drawings will have a long list of parts that require selecting individually to see what gets highlighted. I recently had to remove the middle of a set of wheels to get only the rim and it showed all the rim bolts, spokes, and parts separately but I was able to remove the spokes and get the part I needed.
  2. Yeah, that's kinda why I put them on the "also" list. C.G. Trader is expensive as well. I've never bought from them because of that, and Tinkercad is for fairly simplistic files though I have a couple on there that you might want.I think this link will get you there. https://www.tinkercad.com/users/6g2iPFJLWp3
  3. 😂 I don't know about better, but I use the following. For the price, I like Cults for the pricing but I have a busload of RAM on my computer so it loads well for the most part: https://3dprintable.shop/ https://www.cgtrader.com/ https://pinshape.com/ https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/categories/cars-vehicles?date=week&features=downloadable&sort_by=-likeCount There is also Thingaverse and Tinkercad.
  4. Good to know, I've got some black and dark blue I need to use but have been afraid to.
  5. Hey Tom, I think you did well for your first drawing. I may have to give that a go myself. My recommendation is to redraw it in the correct scale, or leave it in the original size and rescale the stl.
  6. Hey Tom, I've never tried it that way but have seen vids on it. I'll have to try it because I'm trying to replicate some for the Effijy I had printed and can't quite get some details to work. Below is a pic of some wheels I created for my CBR Karmann-Ghia, the Effigy wheels I created, and a pic of what I was trying to duplicate. Have you tried creating planes and extruding the feature onto the face like in the last pic of my KG wheel?
  7. I bought the same green resin a few months ago and like it for certain prints. You've got some really nice stuff though that I wouldn't have thought of doing in translucent.
  8. I've gotten that with the last three cans of dark color DC I've sprayed. I've done it in both summer & winter and always in the basement where the humidity is low. I've used it for years before and had no probs. I personally think they've changed something.
  9. If Bill has a file that's printable, you can upload it to Cloudcraft, who represent printers that will print files at a cost. I used them to print a body and it came out perfectly, and at a reasonable cost. You upload your file, they display a list of printers and options for material, you select one, then you get a quote with shipping. https://craftcloud3d.com/upload
  10. RB Motion has a small line of items I've bought. Very well made. http://rbmotion.com/
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