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  1. It came out very nicely. I know what it took to get there, and you did a fine job.
  2. Well at least it looks like they're tryna keep it off the ground. It looks like a "maybe next year" tho.
  3. Very well done EA! I did one and tried to use that chassis but couldn't make it work. You aced it tho. I was trying to use a transaxle. I finished the build but botched the paint so its back in the drawer until I feel like fixing it. Here's pretty much where I stopped.
  4. My pleasure. and thanks for the compliments. I design stuff for myself and don't want to get into sales so why not help the cause!
  5. Mine does as well. You have to play the game to get the best pricing.
  6. For those interested, I've added a couple of free 3D print files to my Cults account. https://cults3d.com/en/users/Meatman/creations BOP offset rear axle based on the 60 Catalina kit. SBC custom valve covers based on some Edelbrock covers I saw online.
  7. Interesting setup! I've never tried it but it certainly could work. One thing I would caution on is the fact that you are multiplying the load on the lowest layer of supports, especially the first ones that print. I would make them medium diameter. That of course may make them harder to remove, or clean up.
  8. Well done! I'll have to give it a go.
  9. I've seen other ways to do this but your post is simpler for this type of part. Thanks for the tutorial.
  10. From my knowledge of B&M trannys, the only diff I know of between a stock tranny is the depth of the oil pan, especially when installed in the chassis. You may want to get one from Comp Resins and just fab a deeper pan from styrene.
  11. Good stuff! You're beyond me. I don't use TC anymore either, I bought Alibre Atom. I can't remember why I didn't want Fusion tho, but not sorry other than it has a larger user base and more vids on YT that help when you get stuck.
  12. Nice start! I like where you're going with it.
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