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  1. Hi Erik, the model looks amazing and I believe you straight away that the renders are cool also. But Im still not convinced LOL Hope you are right about the fresh start, it's definitely needed. Especially for the quality of their products and the service department, you should not sell such expensive models with so many issues. With the first Huracan I missed a complete sprue and it took 6 months to get 40% of the missing parts. With the last one I requested spare parts in March, it took 10 emails and 7 phone calls to get the replacement parts on the last day of December. Let's see if Pocher / Hornby learned anything from all previous issues with the Duc in their newest model.
  2. Looks like a really cool model in a very interesting color scheme. Normally I would have pre-ordered but I'm hesitating as the latest models had a lot of quality issues
  3. Without doubt the Pocher Huracan. Horrible quality for such an expensive kit
  4. That is a real nice build, like what you did with the wheels!
  5. Cool build, looking forward to your updates!
  6. That is the coolest Corvair ever
  7. Again some very nice progress!! Some pictures with dimensions in MM How they look under the car. Also have these, they are Torq Trust II I believe, they look like the wheels on your start picture. With the sleeves you can make bigger and wider wheels with putting a small rim from the left site into the sleeve
  8. Awesome scratch building and customization. The wheels do look a little big in the front but I believe the Pegasus wheels are to small in the front, they come with very thin tires. Should have some, can share the size if you want.
  9. Nice progress, looking forward to the next update
  10. I skipped the plan to replace all bolts with stainless ones, this is going to be very expensive. And knowing 95% of the bolts will never be seen when the bike is finished. I’m trying to take the black coating of the bolts and put a bit silver paint in the Philips cross. The both tires are sanded to remove the mold line, decals are on the rims and the valve stems are painted with Alclad. All the grey plastic looked really awful and has been resprayed with silver, also the radiator sides have been closed (screw holes) with putty. Same for the exhaust, this looks really bad with all holes in it. Also most of the black plastic parts have been resprayed in black. The paint from the lower parts of the front fork and the brake calipers has been removed with brake fluid and these parts have been resprayed with custom mixed color. The dashboard has been repainted with black instead of gold, it had burr formation under the paint unfortunately. I made one dumb mistake, I dropped the wheel center nuts (3) in the brake fluid and forgotten them for a couple of weeks. They are now more like chewing gum than plastic L Need to find a way to reorder these. Overall going well, fuel tank and seat have been installed and some small parts. Currently working on the clip-ons with brake cans, trying to simulate some brake fluid.
  11. I had some time the last days so I made a start with the engine. The metal centers of the discs where full of sinkmarks so I sanded them and repainted them. I also painted the ABS sensor. Also the tubes between the disc and the center have been cleaned and clearcoated. Out of the box they are black. And the back end.
  12. Thanks Bo, this is also a nice shop. http://www.schraubenking.at Thats why I did not buy any kits the last two years These are the kits Philips screws. This is with torx bolts that I found in my stash. Looks like a good alternative to me.
  13. Agreed its expensive for sure, but i paid lot less than 800 usd. Thanks for the link Scott, shipping to Holland is expensive. I found german guy on Ebay that has most tiny bolts. Trying to build a list of what I need to do one shipping. There are 25 different bags of screws in the kit.
  14. Sorry guys, I have been very busy with work and my 1:1 bike so didnt had much opportunity to do or post something. First of all this is whats in the box, I borrowed this picture because you need about a whole room (floor area) to make this picture. All sprues are separately packed in plastic, even if something went of the sprue it is in a small plastic bag with a number on it. The metal looks very nice and, all parts are packed in foam or plastic also. Rear tire, just for comparison with a 1:24 wheel. Metal brake disc center that needs attention :-) The gray plastic looks awfull, and really needs paint. All bolts added in the box are black Philips screws and look very unrealistic to me, im searching for a supplier that has small replacement stuff.
  15. I bought this big Ducati last week, the metal parts are very nice but the plastic looks really cheap so that will al be painted. Im also not a fan of the black screws in the engine so I will try to find some replacement for that also. To be continued
  16. Very nice Eric, awesoke details and weathering.
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