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  1. Neil Bass added a post in a topic "The Great Gatsby" the movie and the Cars.   

    Yeah, I thought that about the ship model in Titanic.....

    I remember when the old Gatsby movie with Mia Farrow came out, there was a scene with a fender bender in her white Packard. I read a mag article at the time about that car and the dented fender was a fiberglas fake. That was a good thing. I cringe when old cars get wrecked in films because the astronmical budgets films have make it possible for them to buy and destroy some very nice cars!
  2. Neil Bass added a post in a topic 1915 Ford Model "T". 1/32nd Scale.   

    Just great! The top's framework and rags and the seat springs were all fantastic!!
  3. Neil Bass added a post in a topic Bugatti Type 59   

    Small car, small scale, big results!! Very clean and inspiring execution!
  4. Neil Bass added a post in a topic PT Bird   

    Thanks very much! I forgot to describe the build; the AMT '66 T Bird kit that comes with two hoods was the beginning. I combined them and and slid the dashboard and cowl back so that the rear sit formed the cockpit.

    Although the hood is glued shut there is an engine under there. Unfortunately AMT put a hole in the crank case!

  5. Neil Bass added a topic in Under Glass   

    PT Bird
    This a melding of a PT Boat and a '66 T Bird. It was built for a cartoony cross country car race. The weapons are designed to eliminate other racers but I don't think the torpedoes are going to work out too good, if you think about it.

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  6. Neil Bass added a post in a topic 1953 Ford F100   

    Nix!! That's ivory, not white!
    Just gorgeous peekay!
  7. Neil Bass added a post in a topic 1948 Ford F1   

    My theory is that if they made all colored plastic bodies as good as this there'd be more people starting in this hobby. My other theory is that you (peekay) put as much work into polishing this one as some folks (me) put into painted ones.

    Enough theories! Beautiful!!
  8. Neil Bass added a post in a topic '53 Ford Ranch Truck   

    Oh man, I laughed so hard my dentures fell out!! Okay, first I went to the window and looked out but then I laughed!!

    I admit I'm exaggerating. It was only the top plate.
  9. Neil Bass added a post in a topic '53 Ford Ranch Truck   

    Well, in the early spring of '76 a couple of Valleys came over the hill from San Jose in a cherry custom Ford pick up. It was metallic red with wide rubber on what we called "mag" wheels (we were probably wrong) and there was new chrome everywhere, including the grille. They drove up the coast, looking for the nude beaches but I reckon they got a bum steer because they ended up on Last Chance Road. That time of year, Last Chance is a muddy slalom run that you have to take fairly fast or sink. The Valleys were loving it until they came face to face with a psychedelic VW van full of Deadheads. The truck slid off the road and bounced down a ravine past pot farms and the shallow graves left by serial killers. They finally landed in a limestone quarry and, fortunately, walked out. They never came back.

    I got a lot of wire and that shiny grille from the wreck. It came in handy because I had crunched my grille pulling a tree stump from my front yard.

    I made all that up; I don't have a real pick up. However, I have gone to junk yards and bought a lot of grilles, bumpers, hub caps, and interior parts that were not for the same year or original equipment, as my car. The tricky bit is making sure that you pull all the mounting brackets etc. that allow you to adapt the parts to a different car.

    So regardless of who is right about what grilles appeared in dealerships in 1953, I don't think my model's grille is wrong for an old ranch truck.
  10. Neil Bass added a post in a topic 49 Ford Police   

    Doesn't matter a bit; it's beautiful.
  11. Neil Bass added a post in a topic '53 Ford Ranch Truck   

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your encouragement and generous offer of an engine. I really do appreciate it but I thought it over and I reckon I've moved on to other models and I'm content to leave this one as a curbside. It was an understatement when I said I built it several years ago: I think I built it in the 1970's during High School. It definitely pre-dates the introduction of BMF.

    The flash photography makes it shinier than it is but even so, one thing I'd do differently is to give it a shot of dull-coat. Also fewer scratches more deliberately applied. But I'll save that for the next one.
  12. Neil Bass added a post in a topic '53 Ford Ranch Truck   

    Thanks everybody for your comments and suggestions with a special thanks to Skydime for explaining exactly what I was trying to do. His description really nailed it.

    At first I was very confused about all the comments about brush marks because I couldn't see any (except a brown one on the left door near the steer's horn). Now I understand: The "brush marks" really are tree and brush scratches I made with sand paper and highlighted by India Ink thinned with alcohol. The hood, bed, and rear fenders actually have two shades of yellow paint, one revealed from beneath the other by sand paper (check out the rear fender above the license plate). That is supposed to represent a home made spray can paint job fix. Rust is just starting in some crevices (and about to flake through on the panel under the tailgate). And, finally, the truck is cleaned up for a Saturday night in town. It did get a little dirty on the way down the hill to town but it's got all its hubcaps on!

    I guess maybe it depends on where you live or what you're used to. Cattle ranches around the central California coast are on steep hillsides with meadows and deep forests. Paint gets stained, faded, scratched up, and rusty.
  13. Neil Bass added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    '53 Ford Ranch Truck
    I built this one several years ago. I think it's the AMT version. I swiped the engine from it so it's a curbside now. The decals came from a Johan Caddy El Dorado.

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  14. Neil Bass added a post in a topic If there was one thing about my modeling skills I could improve, it is.....   

    Spray painting bodies for sure. I think I was better at it when I was a kid.

    I notice a lot of folks listing BMF. I'm old enough to remember the bad old days before BMF existed so even when it kicks my butt I'm grateful I can just peel it off and try again. I can't imagine hand painting the chrome strips on the side of a '40 Ford Tudor again.
  15. Neil Bass added a post in a topic Detailing & Why   

    Oh sure, I get that John, it is all good. I was just responding with my point of view to the "why ask why" and "kicking a dead horse" remarks. The original question seems legit and innocuous.