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  1. Excellent! I can remember playing with those promos when I was growing up.
  2. Chris, Where did you source the body?
  3. Yours is a very accurate and clean build of a great subject. I have also "cheated" on a couple of occasions and polished the body rather than painting. With all of the polishing it seems like as much or more work than painting. It's great to see a post like yours with the history and specs of the subject car. Thanks for sharing.
  4. That engine compartment...Start it up, I wanna hear it run!
  5. Nice job on a great subject, and I really like your outdoor photography.
  6. Really, really nice build of one of my favorite subjects. It's on my list of must-builds.
  7. "I built it on commission and I should have kept it!" Right on. There's more than one that I made for someone else that I wish I had back. The moral of the story is that your work is your art. Sometimes that in itself is priceless.
  8. That is just great. Nice subject and nice work on the cars and the shop. Is there anyone who doesn't miss "Da Grump"?
  9. The story and the build are both shaping up nicely. Got me sitting on the edge of my chair!
  10. awhitegt

    41 Willys

    I've seen that 1:1 car too. You did a great job of representing it. Very, very nice work.
  11. Torgny, I really like what you have done there. It's refreshing to see things that are essentially 1950's and 1960's Americana. Although we didn't have a boat when I was growing up I can remember seeing runabouts like the Chris Craft, and my parents owned Studebakers. I would also like to say that your craftsmanship is inspiring. What a great combination. Have you considered taking some outdoor photos or doing some photoshop to place the models in a marina environment?
  12. Your outstanding skills have resulted in making the Healey live and breathe as though it were a real automobile. I have restored some British cars and this makes me think of how one should look when it's presented to the customer. Please share more of your work.
  13. This week I traded with Customman (George from PA) and KevinMoparFord (Kevin Wallenhorst) and both gentlemen are highly recomended, Thanks to both for great trading!
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