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  1. Looks good from here Pat! I've never built a Tamiya kit, that will change soon.
  2. 'Very' cool. Like the color,
  3. Very cool Bernard. Bill used the word ' inspirational ' and I agree. Enjoyed the build thread too.
  4. Looking good JC, car has character. What is the color to be?
  5. I like it, and I don't like many customs.
  6. That looks glorious JC.
  7. Point well taken. I have some suspension parts to paint, wonder if I'll prime them? I was gonna say " I doubt it " but after this I just may. I did prime the chassis/frame!
  8. Very cool, Falcon power! I rode in a '65 (?) Futura once with a built up 289 and 4-speed, what a beast, that thing was on steroids.
  9. So is this car 1/24th JC?
  10. Wow, you primer your interiors? I never do that, or at least not usually. What kind of primer is that?
  11. BTW Steve, that interior looks awesome! Those buckets look like 1:1 seats.
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