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  1. Beautiful build! From the side it looks like a real car, a nice one!
  2. Speedfreak

    MG TD

    Very cool! Nice to see something different on here. Nice work getting this car done.
  3. Looks great Ben. What a beautiful car, will have to get this kit.
  4. Luggage has always been a prime motivator in competitive automotive design.
  5. So it appears that fabricators/restorers and modelers alike have distain for these boxes as the #5 car from '66 Le Mans that was restored (to '66 specs?) and sold by Sotheby's for almost 10 million back in March 2018 does not have these boxes! Hello? Or, is it possible that the #5 car ( a Holman/Moody prepped car) for some reason was 'not' required to have them? That seems unlikely. The reason modelers don't like them is because it makes fitment of body to chassis difficult in final assembly.
  6. Wow! Let's go for a weekend cruise honey!
  7. Ya, it might get pretty warm back there!
  8. Here is a shot from the instructions of the Fujimi GT40 MKII ('66 Le Mans 2nd winner) kit. The two large boxes that sit between the rear tires and the transaxle (one on each side), what are those? The restored version of the #5 car does not have them present, what's the deal?
  9. Are there any aftermarket Guardsman Blue stripe decals available for the AMT 67 Shelby GT 350? Thanks!
  10. Wow, it's knock out Chrysler build week, that is very, very nice!
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