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  1. Can't wait to see this develope, really cool subject.
  2. Truely amazing to watch this build, I am in awe of your creative abilities sir.
  3. Way cool build! It's work like this that keeps me interested in the hobby.
  4. Beautiful car man! Inspirational build to say the least. It's got character and just screams fun! Thanks for sharing your work.
  5. Nice work, colors, wheels and stance are outstanding!
  6. Nice build Peter, you should start your own modeling school!
  7. The car looks awsome, hope you post your progress.
  8. Beautiful! I'd give you advice but I have none. You're already ahead of me!
  9. good stuff, thanks for the post peekay.
  10. Ok, My first paint removal job. Used Purple Power on two bodies (both painted in the last month) painted with Testors. Got a plastic tub, put in the stuff, let soak for three days. At first I didn't think it had worked, then when I put on a soft tooth brush the paint came right off like soft wet powder. After removing the second body from tub wiped off with paper towel, then washed with dish soap, looks like it did before I painted it. The other body I did not wipe with paper towel after removing from tub and there was a little residue, very light in some places. Had I wiped with paper towel that would have been removed. It will easily come off with light sanding, in fact I probably don't even need to do that. I just put in a body that I painted (very badly!) 15yrs ago, there's maybe 10 coats of enamel on it we'll see how it does on that.
  11. Thanks everyone, glad to be on the forum.
  12. Hello Everyone! Started building (Automotive 1/24-25) again about a month ago after a 13yr hiatus. I'm 58 and live with three cats at the moment. I had 14 kits that where unbuilt so I started with Revell's '68 GTO Street Machine. Wow, what a monster, I mean in the not so good sense, bad fitting parts everywhere! Then I screwed up the paint on the body, yikes! This is tricky! Ok, so then I decide to start the '41 Willys Street Machine, not as bad but they are both soaking in Purple Power as I post this. I love it though and will keep chugging along until I get back in the swing. The fact that I've already got 14 kits to work on didn't stop me from buying a new one! Ya gotta love it. Gene
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