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  1. Are there any aftermarket Guardsman Blue stripe decals available for the AMT 67 Shelby GT 350? Thanks!
  2. Wow, it's knock out Chrysler build week, that is very, very nice!
  3. Beautiful build Bruce! The quality of the kit shows through.
  4. Great job! 2x on " live long and build them all!
  5. Well some body thought it worked if not it sure looked cool! ' Cause they were everywhere. As some of you may know by now I'm building a ' what if ' version of the ' Pepper Shaker ' and want to keep it period correct as much as I can. The headers are white! I'll post pics when I'm done. Thanks to everyone! Note: A " what if " version of a car that never existed? Now there's one for Rod Serling!
  6. Is the white a protective coating? When did these start appearing on drag strips? Thanks!
  7. Thanks you guys, I should be able to find what I'm looking for now.
  8. What is the induction system shown for the 409 in the Pepper Shaker kit? Looks like four side mounted carbs. Looking for reference pics, cant find any! Thanks!
  9. I actually do have that parts pack, but , the engine is all painted up, so is the interior floor, so......, but this does bring up another topic for this section that I may start ' how to ' successfully ' seperate the flywheel housing from the block. More pointedly. What ' cutting ' tool to use and how to accomplish task. Maybe I'll start said thread (? ) in the next few days. Again, Thanks Bill, ( your knowledge is very helpful ).
  10. Thanks Greg, that would be cool but I'm just gonna put a manual floor shifter in. I only have one Anglia kit and don't want to part it out!
  11. When was the B&M Pro Shifter first marketed/used? I'm building a ' 57 Bel Air ( Pepper Shaker ) and am considering using said shifter. Since the kit decals call out 425hp for the 409ci that would put us about 1963? Did B&M pro shifters ( or similar items ) exist in 1963? Thanks!
  12. Follow the directions on the cans for temp and humidity!
  13. Ditto on the price jump, 3-4 years ago when I started using them $6.50 now right at $10 or a little over, unreal! At $ 6.50 was a great bargain compared with Tamiya, now not so much but still better. Most of my best paint jobs are DupliColor, and I use their primer all the time even under enamels, give several hours to cure out before enamel top coat. DupliColor also makes a ' General Purpose ' primer under the name of ' Brite Touch ' I use it all the time' works great and it's a little less money.
  14. Just a helpful suggestion, since Tamiya primer cans give no directions as far as applying top coat but DupliColor does ( 30 minutes ).
  15. You should have no problems, just give the primer 30 minutes to set up begore top coat.
  16. Well you sure made it look good, awesome!
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