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  1. Beautious! That's one sweet quickie!
  2. Looks good from here Pat! I've never built a Tamiya kit, that will change soon.
  3. 'Very' cool. Like the color,
  4. Very cool Bernard. Bill used the word ' inspirational ' and I agree. Enjoyed the build thread too.
  5. Looking good JC, car has character. What is the color to be?
  6. I like it, and I don't like many customs.
  7. Point well taken. I have some suspension parts to paint, wonder if I'll prime them? I was gonna say " I doubt it " but after this I just may. I did prime the chassis/frame!
  8. Very cool, Falcon power! I rode in a '65 (?) Futura once with a built up 289 and 4-speed, what a beast, that thing was on steroids.
  9. Wow, you primer your interiors? I never do that, or at least not usually. What kind of primer is that?
  10. BTW Steve, that interior looks awesome! Those buckets look like 1:1 seats.
  11. What an education this thread has been for me so far. Nice to see.
  12. What an amazing build Claude! I'm just curious, how much time did you spend on this? Every aspect of building is so good, your use of color is amazing and it's a clean build!
  13. Icy Blue is very cool, () I've never seen it before. I like this car.
  14. Sorry about that comment, you do great work, looking forward to the next update. Gene
  15. Awesome build, I love these type cars.
  16. I did some more looking and this particular iteration of the car does look orange. Let there be peace in the valley.
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