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  1. I just looked at my collection of promos. The '79 is Camel with buckets and rally wheels. The '80 is Cinnabar with buckets and rally wheels. The '81 came in Brown and Silver, with buckets and wheel covers. The '82 is Dark Redwood with bench seat and wheel covers. They are quite affordable and a lot easier to find than the earlier kits. It took me about 10 years to find the '82 kit at Toledo before the Internet was popular. I almost bought the kit new, but I didn't buy a real El Camino until I ordered my '87, which I still have. I will use the '82 and '86 SS kits to build a replica of '87.
  2. The Royal Knight kit is of a 1979 model. The Black Knight appearance package was only available for the 1978 El Camino SS. The GMC Caballero Diablo is of a 1980 model. The Monogram kit of the 1978 Black Knight is 1/24th scale. Promotional models were made for the 1979-1982 model years only. The real 1986 and 1987 El Caminos are identical, so the 1986 SS kit can be built to represent either year. As I recall, the promos were only available in tan, cinnabar (orange), dark claret (mahogany) and silver.
  3. First Big Block Chevy Engines in Kits

    Note the wider heads and valve covers used on the 396/427/454 (this is a '66 Impala SS with the 427 option). The '66 AMT kit still used the small heads. The MPC kits of the '70s had the larger heads and painted valve covers for building an accurate big block Impala or Caprice.
  4. First Big Block Chevy Engines in Kits

    oops ... Gerry's correct on the '65 kit having the 409 (at least the fender emblems are)
  5. First Big Block Chevy Engines in Kits

    Snake, That's kind of a trick question. AMT's '65 and '66 Impala SS models both have front fender 396 emblems ( I'm not sure why the '66 wasn't upgraded to a 427). The engines look like the previous generic engines of 265/283/327/348/409 variety. I can't get at my AMT '67 Impala SS 427 kit right now, but the MPC '68 and '69 Impala SS 427 kits have larger heads as used on the real car. AMT's '69 Impala SS 427 is also a big block. If you're looking for an authentic big block, the MPC 454 as used on the '71 Impala and '73 Caprice (and possible later) kits is a good one to use. I owned a '73 Caprice 2-door hardtop with the 454 that my Dad ordered new, so of course I built the kit to look like it (black, black vinyl top, red interior). A trivia note: all '69 Impala SS models came only with a 427 engine, but the engine was also available on all full-size Chevies. The MPC '72 Impala kit is a 400 even though the box says it's a 454, and the fender emblems are also 400.
  6. Round 2 February 2018 Product Spotlight

    The Riviera was reissued in the mid-'70s in a nice metallic gray or silver (Buick called it Silver Cloud). The wagon would be a great basis to make the rare 2-door wagon that Chevy made from '64-'65.
  7. Why no Corvette C7 Z06 or Grand Sport model kit?

    Rob, You missed my point. Most people who aren't senior citizens are interested in smart phones for the texting and internet capabilities, and have a short attention span, which is why they are constantly looking at their phones to see if someone has texted or emailed them. Go to any sporting event and you can't have a moment of silence without music playing or some other stimulus. Go to a mall and you have the same situation. To have the patience and attention span to focus on building a detailed kit is out of the question for most, so a snap kit suits them perfectly!
  8. Why no Corvette C7 Z06 or Grand Sport model kit?

    I have several old ('20s and '30s) radios and recently took one in to get repaired. The shop owner said they cannot get young people involved in the hobby because they have a short attention span and cannot work several hours at a time tracing circuitry. Perhaps the same situation is true with the kits, so a snap kit is all they can do before losing interest. I think if a smart phone was included in a kit, that might stir some interest.
  9. Differences between the '63 and '64 Jo-Han Cadillacs?

    the '64 was reissued, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find the lenses or a parts car (kit or promo)
  10. 66 Country Squire

    Paul, That Country Squire looks really nice. How about a '68 Olds Vista Cruiser?
  11. MCRC's 73' El Camino review?

    it's a '72 Ranchero ... not a 72' (72 foot) Ranchero
  12. MCW Automotive Finishes

    thanks, Steve; it looks great!
  13. MCW Automotive Finishes

    that Impala is beautiful, Steve; how did you duplicate the multi-colored seat pattern?
  14. 2019 Silverado

    Sorry Dan, but I still disagree. 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive versions of trucks have bodies that are unnecessarily too high (typically 6-8"). The only trucks that should have bodies high off of the tires are empty 1-ton, 4-wheel drive, and that is only so a heavy load will compress the HD springs to provide a correct load height. The standard GM trucks are not significantly lower - not the Colorado, not the larger Chevy or GMC. It's the same with the other brands I was considering buying a Colorado, but the body is ridiculously high in all configurations. Look at a 2-wheel drive GM truck prior to 1973 and you will see what I'm talking about. ACE had it right about compensating for something. It's supposed to look bad-ass and aggressive, but like I said, who wants to look at the fuel and brake lines, inner wheelhouse, and other stuff that shouldn't be seen unless you are under a truck or have it on a hoist.
  15. 2019 Silverado

    Why are ALL of the truck bodies about 8 inches too high? Who wants to look at the inner wheelhousings and exhaust? Yet people keep buying them. I'll take my El Camino any day!