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  1. the '58 Olds probably wins the prize for wretched excess chrome trim, followed closely by the '58 Fleetwood
  2. Maybe they're clearing out old stock for new arrivals. Also, probably a lot were bought for Christmas gifts. Most kits are coming from China, so it's going to take some time to replenish. I went to the local one this afternoon and there was only 1 Wildcat left. I should have bought it to experiment with for building a correct interior (which it never had). They had the Revell '69 Boss 302. I couldn't recall if it's any good. I bought the 1/24 '66 Shelby and the Atlantis 1/48 Sinclair tanker truck. They also had the usual Ferrari and Lamborghini diecasts - cars I can't relate to.
  3. Master Caster made Hudson promos for several years (1948/1949, 1950, 1951, 1954, 1955):
  4. I had a couple of Tootsietoys crack years ago when I was a kid. One was a 1953-1955 Corvette, and the other was a '54 Olds hardtop. Has anyone else had this happen with Tootsietoy models of the late 1940s to 1950s?
  5. Most new cars only have a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty today - whichever comes first - so any warranty would be whatever the dealer decided to offer to the buyer. When I was shopping for a new '87 GM car, it was a 5-year/50,000 mile warranty, then was later extended to 6-year/60,000 miles. I considered the GN, but it didn't come with a full set of gauges (only fuel, tach, turbo boost), so I ordered an El Camino instead. The GNX came with a full set of Stewart-Warner gauges.
  6. I thought companies doing chrome plating have mostly dried up?
  7. Bob, Hopefully Round2 will (eventually) prove you wrong. I didn't buy the resin version since the bumpers aren't chromed.
  8. I think the '58 models were the last remote-control AMT model cars. They were first available in '49.
  9. Hopefully the kit gets reissued at some point.
  10. Only the valve cover on the driver's side should have the oil filler cap (canister-like blob) unless that varied by year on the 401 engine. I drove a '63 LeSabre in high school that my folks bought new. If you look at photos online, it often is on the passenger side, which is probably a result of changing the valve cover gaskets.
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