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  1. Hi Tim,

    That '67 Corvette coupe looks nice with just the right amount of rake.  I've never used an airbrush before.  Do you recommend any?




    1. tim boyd

      tim boyd

      Thanks Jim for the comments. 

      My airbrush is a Pasche two-way dating from the early 1970's.  Simple and it still works all these years later.  In the 1980's I got a single stage Badger as a backup.  Haven't used it in a long time but recall it was simple to work with.  Biggest hassle with airbrushes is the cleaning stage after painting.  So I still prefer aerosols unless the color is not available in that format. 

      Happy New Year and best modeling luck this year!  TIM 

  2. Dave, Please do the '66 Coronet 500 and Satellite after this!
  3. actually, the correct color for the big block is orange, not red; early small blocks were red orange; the '79-'82 and '86 El Caminos might be good kits to get the small block from
  4. Steve, I agree that the box art should be corrected. I understood what you were saying with your earlier post, and hopefully your photo clarifies it for others. Most seem to use Bare Metal Foil for that area. Maybe you can glue a small piece of bare wire at the top of each A pillar? At least it's not a glaring error such as MPC's '76 Corvette convertible, '76 Satellite-based Road Runner, or Jo-Han's '74 442/Cutlass S and '75 Cutlass S with the incorrect grilles.
  5. Disregard the box art. It's nothing to agonize over and something that Bare Metal Foil will cover anyway. All of the '71-'76 big Chevies are like this except the '71 Impala convertible promo. These are good kits with a detailed trailer included. I have promos of the '71 convertible, '72, '74 and '75. I have the '73 Caprice hardtop kit, which is a faithful reproduction of the real one Dad ordered with the 454, and I sold in 1991 after too many Michigan winters! The '76 promo was only available in maroon and white. I want this kit to complete my collection.
  6. Why is the picture showing a silver 1970 442? Time to start another rumor?
  7. Or restore the tooling for the '65 Dynamic 88 and '66 GS. The Dynamic 88 could also be made into a Starfire or Jetstar 1 with a new grille, body and interior. The GS could also lead to a '67 GS.
  8. That is the color most often seen, but was available in several other colors ... tan, light blue, red, black, and possibly others.
  9. that is correct; the first formal roof 442 was the 1980 ('78 and '79 were fastback like the '78-'79 Century)
  10. A '70 442 Pace Car off of the '72 H/O would require a different interior, plus different grille, hood and rear bumper. That would be quite feasible, as would a '72 442 convertible. It would be relatively easy to do a '70 or '72 442 off of the hardtop tooling. If these variations did well, there would be a business case to do '68-'69 442 and H/O. However, the complete chassis and glass would be about all that wouldn't have to be created from scratch.
  11. The 442 was never available with a formal roof during that era. You are thinking of the 1970-1971 Cutlass SX which came with a 455. It has the Cutlass Supreme roofline. The '71 and '72 442 would look identical in model car form except for the segmented taillights on the '72. The '71 has chromed headlight bezels, while the '72 has black painted bezels. Otherwise, the cars are the same. The '71-'72 interior has a different seat pattern than the '70, and the hardtop has a different seat pattern than the convertible. A Rallye 350 would be an interesting variation on the tooling.
  12. The 1955 Nomad is one of the iconic designs from that decade.
  13. Thanks for another entertaining and informative review, Adam, and a Happy New Year to you and the others on this forum!
  14. Those are really nice models. Arcade of Freeport, Illinois made Chevrolet, Buick and Ford model cars in the 1920s out of cast iron. I think they were mostly in 1/20th scale. The level of detail was not anywhere near the Hubley models, but they are nice cars to collect.
  15. beautiful rescue! how did you make the mirror?
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