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  1. Story of Jo Han models.

    Hi Mike, I've never seen that variation without the quarter trim. That is definitely the '72 grille, the Eldorado script on the front of the fender is in about the right place, and the wheelcovers also look similar to the '72. I forgot to mention in the earlier post that the '71 has ELDORADO block letters on the trunk, while the '72 is script, but the louvers make it easy to tell a '71 from a '72. A little trivia that I just found out recently is that the louvers on the real '71 were reduced in number sometime during the year. My first car was a Clove '71 Eldorado (about the color of the car above, gold leather, gold vinyl padded top). The '71 promos came with single and dual exhaust, but only the single exhaust is correct. I have almost every color that the '71 came in, including Clove. I have an original set of keys from my car displayed with it.1971eldo.bmp. If anyone would like a separate thread on the FWD Eldorados, let me know. I currently own a '68 and a '77 Biarritz. 1971 Eldorado convertible with 56 trunk louvers.docx
  2. Story of Jo Han models.

    thanks, Chris
  3. Something I just found out, Up tops for early annuals

    On some of the later kits with this option, it was recommended to cut the sunvisors off to get a better fit. It sounds like a good idea, but the execution wasn't what it should have been. Some promos were made with the top up ('62 Ford Galaxie comes to mind).
  4. Story of Jo Han models.

    I hope I can clear some things up regarding the second generation Eldorado FWD kits covering model years 1971-1976. The first issue was a '71, kit#C114. The '72 kit is #C211. The kits graphics are identical except for the kit number on both ends of the box. The '73 kit, #GC-2300, has updated the ski car graphics with the correct round side marker light on the quarter panel, the revised rear bumper and taillights, and revised front bumper of which you see very little. Since no year is indicated on the rear license plate, here are ways to tell them apart: '71 louvered trunk lid, ELDORADO in block letters with 8.2 Litre emblem on the back end of each front fender, grille with a fine vertically-oriented rectangular pattern; '72 no louvered trunk, Eldorado in script on the front edge of the front fender with 8.2 Litre emblem on the back end of the front fender, grille with a slightly coarser vertically-oriented pattern with faint crowns on top of the headlights; both interiors are identical '73 full vinyl top, separate taillights instead of integrated into the rear bumper, egg-crate grille The real confusion comes with the Eldorado Rancher kit, which was issued as a '74 and '76 kit (I'm not sure about '75). The '74 has a revised grille, taillights in the rear bumper again, and a landau top that was carried over for '75 and '76. My '73 and '74's are difficult to get at, so I'm not sure what interior revisions were made if at all. Both the '73 and '74 have the fender skirts. The '75 promo has the ends of the front fenders molded as part of the body, while the '76 promos have it molded as part of the bumper assembly. The rear taillights on the '75 are two small rectangles separated by a Cadillac emblem on each side of the rear plate. The '76 has one rectangular light on each side of the plate. Both the '75 and '76 promos have front & rear plates with the year indicated. I'm not sure if the kit has a year on it. Here are photos of the '73 kit box that I got off the internet. I don't think it was ever re-issued. 1973 Cadillac Eldorado kit.docx
  5. Story of Jo Han models.

    the '73 Eldorado kit had a different box than shown
  6. 1966 Country Squire in resin. First photos

    That's real sharp, Paul. I'd like to see a '68 Vista Cruiser as your next wagon!
  7. AMT 57 Ford Hardtop News

    I used to have the MPC '60 Corvette kit. It builds well but the interior is incorrect as it's a waffle pattern. I don't remember which is which, but between the '59 and '60, one has vertical pleats in the seats while the other has horizontal pleats.
  8. Birth Year for model cars ?

    There was a kit on evilbay that sold for over $100 within the past year. I forgot to copy/paste the photos into a Word document.
  9. Birth Year for model cars ?

    maybe Premier's 1956 Lincoln?
  10. I don't own an original 1967 AMT kit, but the AMT 1968 Riviera was shrink wrapped from the factory. I have 1967 models from Jo-Han and MPC that are shrink wrapped. I went to a lecture a number of years ago and the guy who designed the Leva car talked about it and showed a model of it plus some literature.
  11. Studebaker promo yard sale find

    The 1950 and 1951 Studebakers usually have minimal warp. However, the 1952-1956 have horrible shrinkage and warp, so I'm guessing the earlier ones used a different type of plastic. The bullet nose comes in several colors (mine is maroon) and anyone who likes unusual cars should have one for their collection. Getting back to National Products, they started in 1934 with 4-door sedan models of the Chrysler and De Soto Airflow, and 4-door sedans of the Hupmobile, Graham and Studebaker. After the war, they made a nice Studebaker coupe and pickup. The 1935 Studebaker usually sells for hundreds of dollars, while I've only seen one 1936 on the Internet, and it sold for over a thousand dollars. I only have a jpeg of the 1935. Hopefully the Word docs will open. The 1934 and 1935 are the same except for the inscription on the trunk. I'd like to have that '35! 1936 Studebaker.docx Studebaker truck.docx
  12. Studebaker promo yard sale find

    Actually it is not a rare model. The National Products Studebaker promos of 1935 and 1936, and possibly a few other years preceding World War II, are the rare ones. The 1934 version is fairly common as it was made in great quantities to sell for a quarter at the World's Fair. AMT made the Studebaker promos from 1950-1956.
  13. AMT/SMP history lesson wanted

    This is an interesting attachment as there is no Baseline, Michigan. Maybe it was a township then. Today this address is actually part of Warren, Michigan. Baseline Road (also known as Eight Mile Road) was used as a reference point (geographical boundary) for platting Southeast Michigan. Early AMT model boxes have an address of an office building in Detroit. Then an address in Birmingham was used since Troy did not have a post office and was not incorporated as a city at the time. 1960 AMT boxes list an address on Groesbeck Highway in East Detroit. Starting in 1961, a P.O. box 400 in Troy is used, which was probably the plant at 1225 East Maple Road, which is also referred to as 15 Mile Road.
  14. Studebaker promo yard sale find

    nice find and color! if the taillights are rather flat, it's a '50; if the taillights are somewhat bulged out, it's a '51
  15. 1971-1972 442 ram air hood

    I've thought of the H/O hood, but don't want to ruin the kit just for that hood. I was thinking of buying a re-issued '70 442 since it has the incorrect '71-'72 interior and I have the correct '72 grille and bumpers to complete a '72 442.