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  1. I bought the '75 Ventura kit at the Detroit Auto Show and was sorry since I found out it couldn't be built stock. The graphics WERE horrible, and so was the rendition on the box with the fender skirts and other junk.
  2. That's interesting since the Ventura wasn't stock, either, with the '74 GTO-type ram air hood and scoop. I read that the '75 GTO was canceled at the last minute, but can't verify that. A '73-'74 GTO/Ventura or Nova kit would be nice, too.
  3. Mark, Wasn't the '69 Mustang kit a combination hardtop and convertible then modified into the '70?
  4. GM and Chrysler found the cost to produce turbine cars would have been prohibitive. The technology was decades ahead of its time, and would probably be a viable option today. Thanks for the photos, Ed!
  5. It sure would have been neat to have those in our old Ford pickups when I worked for the City of Dearborn in the mid-seventies!
  6. only the kits were 40% off; the Corvettes weren't on sale ($19.99 each), and I got the last 2 Maisto seems to have better quality than Motor Max, which also makes the diecast 2020 Corvette
  7. No mention was made of a new body to replace the incorrect window and roof opening on the driver's side ever since it first came out, so that's disappointing. I understand the Catalina 2+2 was an even worse kit. I wonder how difficult it would be to do a convertible version? The 427 Fairlane should be nice, and so will the 442. The packer is something to look forward to.
  8. I think the intent of the closed hood and trunk are so another version can be made as a kit like some of the other Maisto cars and trucks. I just picked up both of these colors today at Hobby Lobby, in addition to the Atlantis B-24J Liberator, MPC Schwinn Continental and AMT '70 Impala.
  9. thanks, Steve; I never thought of that! for those who want to know, the April '64 Motor Trend has a 442 test drive and also a mini GTO brochure
  10. Thanks for another great review, Tim! Any idea what to use for the rear stabilizer bar that is missing? Maybe one from an existing kit or in resin?
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