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  1. Motor City added a post in a topic 1956 Ford Factory options   

    So was he able to buy the missing wheel and restore the car?
    The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn has had one in their collection for decades.  It has the wire wheels and is proclaimed to be the actual Pace Car.  According to this link, 2000 replicas were built, making this probably the first Indy Pace Car replica offered to the public.
  2. Motor City added a post in a topic 1940 Ford Delivery   

    that one isn't even a woodie
  3. Motor City added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    There was a thread on this recently.  It has good detail for the era in which it was originally released.  According to some, the doors are incorrect for the roadster.  My Dad built the original as a roadster, and it looks nice .  I plan to build it as a 3-window coupe.  It's a nice kit. 
  4. Motor City added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    I wonder why the AMT '64 Bonneville and Grand Prix kits have never been reissued.   
  5. Motor City added a post in a topic Jo-Han 68 Cadillac DeVille   

    That's correct, the re-issue used bucket seats in the pattern of the '67 Cadillac.  The original promos from '63-'70 all had a bench seat.  It's still a great model and the '67-'68 Cadillacs have great styling. 
  6. Motor City added a post in a topic Does Round 2 have the MPC 1970 Charger R/T molds?   

    The '69 and '70 have the same rear end.  The '68 is the one with a pair of dual round taillights.  I bought the '70 promo in '74 for a whopping $4.00.
  7. Motor City added a post in a topic what glue do you use   

    I started using Elmer's white glue in 1965 (yikes!) for assembly.  It dries clear and parts can be easily taken apart by soaking in water.  For repairs to cracked plastic, I use a super glue.
  8. Motor City added a post in a topic New issue just hit my mail box   

    How come the July issue is arriving in late September?  Usually with magazines, the issues are mailed a few months prior to the date listed on the cover.
  9. Motor City added a post in a topic What Car Do You Wish To Be A Model That Isn't?   

    The Grand Am wasn't available until the 1973 model year.
  10. Motor City added a post in a topic Any reviews of AMT 1965 Pontiac 2+2?   

    Fender skirts were optional on the full-size Pontiacs that didn't have them standard.  Why anyone would put them on a 2+2 is beyond me.  I've seen a '66 2+2 at Greenfield Village in Dearborn with skirts.  Regarding the '65 Bonneville kit being converted into a 2+2, I thought they would have been better off to correct the driver's side roofline than spent all that tooling expense trying to convert it to the shorter wheelbase 2+2.  I don't know why they don't re-issue the '65 Bonneville convertible kit.
  11. Motor City added a post in a topic Next up from Moebius ?   

    A good test of market demand for the pace cars would be AMT's '64 Mustang.  I think the '69 Camaro SS kit did well.  I know the '68 Torino GT kit goes for a high price when listed on Ebay.  The Camaro pace car promos of '67 and '69 go for high prices in excellent condition.  
    Regarding the Skylark, AMT could re-issue the '54.  I have a nice die cast '53 Skylark in probably 1/28th scale.  I think it's the same scale as the '53 Eldorado I have.  A '53 Skylark would be a great Moebius kit in 1/25th, along with the Olds Fiesta and '53-'56 Packard Caribbeans, '57 Bonneville, and '56-'57 Fury and Desoto Adventurer.  Going back further, why isn't any '41 Buick or Cadillac, '40 LaSalle, or Chrysler Town & Country being done?   
  12. Motor City added a post in a topic Next up from Moebius ?   

    If the rumor regarding the '59 Dodge is true, then Moebius could work with Okey Spalding to bring back some of the other Jo-Han models.  From reading the Forum, it appears that many like modified vehicles, trucks, drag cars, cartoonish vehicles, as well as the 3-in-1 kits.  Moebius would do well to continue producing cars and trucks that were never done before.  Niche vehicles such as a '67 Marlin or '64 Starfire would be great, but the market demand is probably small.  The '66-'79 Ranchero is something that wasn't done: the '66-'71 could yield a few variations, the '72-'76 look pretty much the same except for the grille and bumpers, and the '77-'79 look alike.  Car and truck enthusiasts would buy these.  It's the same for the '70-'72 El Camino, '71-'72 GMC Sprint, and '73-'77 El Camino.  A series of Indy 500 Pace Car models representing the '50s through '70s would do well.  A lot of these models could be made into low riders, lead sleds, Donks, and also be built stock.          
  13. Motor City added a post in a topic 70 and 72 Gran Torino. Differences? Post a pic of your build.   

    Scott is correct. The Gran Torino Sport had the scooped hood and was available as a notchback (like the later Starsky & Hutch) or sportsroof. The sportsroof was dropped after '73. The Montego GT of '72-'73 came only with the sportsroof. It would also make a nice model.
  14. Motor City added a post in a topic any suggestions for Lincoln fan blade   


    it's still on the chrome tree; one of the four blades is missing; I found a photo of a real '69 Lincoln for sale; the fan looked like it had 5 or more blades; the picture was dark; I guess any 5 or 6-blade fan should do?
  15. Motor City added a topic in Trading Post   

    any suggestions for Lincoln fan blade
    I bought a '69 kit recently. It's all there except one of the fan's blades is missing. Should I just make a new piece out of styrene or does anyone sell these? In the kit it's supposed to be a 4-blade fan. Or, was the same fan used in multiple AMT kits? I'm not sure if that is correct for a 1:1 scale. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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