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  1. The Mustang's 55th birthday TODAY....let's see them.....

    The first Mustang I saw was driving through our subdivision in Dearborn in December of 1963. I got a quick glimpse of it and thought it was really something.
  2. Revell 2019

    I'm looking forward to the Monte Carlo. Hopefully the Regal Grand National and '79-'80 Capri RS will soon follow.
  3. Revell 2019

    Tim, It may be true that to do an accurate '57 Ranchero that would please most of this forum's members would require an essentially new tool. I think the real reason was they foresaw more sales doing Foose models, and that may have been a better use of their money. It appears cars that kids can relate to (concept cars, Mustangs, Camaros, Chevelles & hot rods owned by their parents or grandparents) is where the kit market is headed.
  4. Revell 2019

    I find it odd that the old Revell had the money to do all of those Foose models, but none to tool up a '57 Ranchero from their newer '57 Ford kits. I think most would have preferred a '72 or '73 Gran Torino Sport or Ranchero GT over the '76 Torino. I guess if it isn't an endless variation on a Camaro, they aren't too receptive. The '62 Mopar kits would be nice to have, but I doubt enough people would buy them to make that a worthwhile investment. Maybe they would listen to a '70 Ranchero GT based on the Torino kit. We can only hope ...
  5. GM burgundy interiors

    My '87 El Camino has a Medium Claret bucket seat interior, which is more of a plum color. The Regal T-type pictured above is a brighter red.
  6. Hubley 1960 Ford Country Sedan

    Since most models are built with model cement that fuses the two pieces together (essentially melting the plastic), is there a safe way to dissolve the cement? I've always used Elmer's white glue to build models.
  7. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    I'm going to need an hour for my eyes to recover from the frequently out of focus video!
  8. Italeri Preview 2019( Cars)

    thanks, Thomas!
  9. I want to also mention that the '67-'76 Eldorado never used a dual-snorkel air cleaner - even though it was included in the Jo-Han kits. That air cleaner was only used on the early Toronados.
  10. "Squad Rod" '79 Nova

    This is really interesting info on the Nova. I thought it might have been derived from the Ventura, but didn't know for sure as the model cars available in that time period were pretty lame for the most part. I had basically quit buying models for several years by then. Faust mentioned how difficult it was to predict model cars accurately with last minute changes from the automakers. Besides the incorrect Jo-Han '74 442 promo and MPC's '75 Ventura with the hood scoop, I had MPC '76 Corvette convertible and Jo-han '68 Ambassador convertible kits. An actual car was not produced for either one of these!
  11. "Squad Rod" '79 Nova

    Bob is correct about the '75 GTO. I bought my kit at the Detroit Auto Show, and got rid of it when I couldn't hide the repair to the hood opening. Nowadays, someone would have made a resin hood and air cleaner assembly to build it stock. Other than that, it seemed to be a good kit.
  12. "Squad Rod" '79 Nova

    The original kit was the '75 Ventura, but it had a '74 GTO hood scoop, so it couldn't be built stock.
  13. mpc pontiac bonneville

    I like the '60-'64 Bonneville the best. I think the '65-'66 GM B bodies without fender skirts (Impala, Caprice, Catalina, 88, Wildcat, Lesabre) were about the most attractive large cars of all time.
  14. Message to FCA: Don't Mess With My Challenger!

    In the U.S. anyway, we aren't even maintaining the infrastructure we have. Now add charging stations, autonomous sensors and mix in some ice, salt, slush, and heavy snow. It may happen in some communities with mild climates within several years, but will probably take another generation or two to be widespread because of the tremendous costs involved.
  15. Round2 Feb. 2019 video

    Since they are adding/improving kits, maybe they will put the correct interior in the '66 Wildcat for the first time ever.