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  1. Motor City added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Customized vans started to become popular as the muscle car era was dying off.  You know, shag carpeting inside (including on the walls and ceiling), garish paint jobs, custom wheels, flares, and a pop-up sinroof - errr. sunroof.  Then you could order a FACTORY custom van (remember the Pinto Cruising Wagon, and various full-sized vans).  These were, and are, lame.  I would have preferred spending the money tooling some Rancheros, Cougars, Thunderbirds, Regals, etc.  Hopefully we'll eventually see some of the popular cars from the '70s.  If not, pimping out a van is the next best thing!     
  2. Motor City added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Hopefully someone will give you a Superfly Grand Prix just to read your humorous review!
  3. Motor City added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    a very entertaining review, Adam!
  4. Motor City added a post in a topic MPC '73 Mustang?   

    Thanks for the tips, guys.  So to get the molded 'Mustang' script I would have to buy the original kit.  I wonder if the script is excessively large like MPC's '73 Z-28?
  5. Motor City added a post in a topic MPC '73 Mustang?   

    After having read this entire thread, I'm disappointed that it doesn't come with the correct decals to make a '73 Mach 1.  Does anyone make the correct 'Mustang' script for the front fenders? 
  6. Motor City added a post in a topic Two more iconic cars we need kitted   

    Speaking of mid-engined cars, what about the Pantera or Mangusta, both designed by DeTomaso? 
  7. Motor City added a post in a topic Holden Ute ad, 2007   

    cool ad; I still have the El Camino I ordered years ago
  8. Motor City added a post in a topic How were the late '60's - early '70's Cadillac Chassis' painted?   

    I own '68 and '77 Eldorados, and used to own a '71 Eldorado.  All were a black (or brownish where undercoating was) underneath, and the chassis were painted a semi-gloss black.  The same goes for the '73 Caprice and '76 Regal I used to own, as well as the '63 Le Sabre, '68 Wildcat, '68 Vista Cruiser my parents used to own.  My '87 El Camino is the same way.  I don't think any of the GM intermediates from '64-'87 (and '88 Monte Carlo) or full-sized cars from mid-'60s to 1976 used a primer color underneath.  I don't know about the Novas, Camaros, Firebirds, Corvettes, etc., since I didn't buy cars that small.    
  9. Motor City added a post in a topic TRULY RAREST OF THE RARE 1/25 MUSCLE CAR KITS OF ALL TIME   

    MPC made Firebird Trans Am kits in '69 and '71.  There was no '70 kit to my knowledge (aside from the Firebird Formula 400).   
  10. Motor City added a post in a topic American 1:25 scale four door sedan and wagon promos and kits   

    forgot to mention Banthrico's '53 Kaiser and Olds 98
  11. Motor City added a post in a topic American 1:25 scale four door sedan and wagon promos and kits   

    Arcade did the Ford Model T, as well as Buick, Chevrolet, and Dodge.  Other toy companies offered sedans, too.
    There is a lot to choose from in rubber and tin.  Auburn Rubber made Oldsmobiles, Fords, and others prior to WWII.  The detail is pretty good.  Firestone also made rubber Fords for various expositions and World Fairs.  I don't know much about tin cars, but I did see a nice '30s Packard and a '34 Ford recently up for auction.
    Master Caster did Hudson from 1948 to 1955, but only the 1948-49 is common. 
    AMT did the Ford fordor in 1948, its only aluminum model toy. 
    National Products did Studebaker sedans from 1934-1936, and possibly later.  They also did a '34 Graham, Hupmobile, Chrysler and DeSoto Airflows.  They made Buick sedans from 1939-41 (and possibly earlier), and 1947-1950.  The Pontiac four-door fastback was made in 1947-1948, and the conventional sedan (like Chevy Styline) was made in 1949. 
    Banthrico/National Products did the 1949-51 Lincoln and Mercury sedans, some 1949-1956 Chrysler, Dodge and DeSoto sedans, 1953 Mercury, and a Lincoln of the same vintage. 
    Banthrico did Buick 4-door sedans in 1952 and 1953, and Cadillac sedans in 1952, 1954, and 1955.  They also did Chevy Styline sedans and Fleetline fastbacks in 1949 and 1950.  They also did some Ford sedans through 1956, and 1953 and 1954 Clipper DeLuxe. 
    Besides what was already mentioned, the Chevy 150 sedan was made in 1953 by PMC. 
    AMT did the 1951 and 1952 Pontiac Chieftain, and 1954 and 1955 Buick Roadmaster. 
    Ideal/Jo-Han did the 1955 Pontiac, DeSoto, and Plymouth.  They also did the DeSoto and Plymouth again in 1956. 
    1956 was the year many model cars were done in four-door hardtops for the first time (Star Chief, 98, Roadmaster, Ford Victoria, Dodge Lancer).
    I guess that's enough for now.
  12. Motor City added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    touch up paint for old metal promos
    Does anyone know a source for touch up paint for old promos?  I'm referring to paints originally used on National Products, Master Caster, and Banthrico promos.  Some of the Banthrico models have a generic red, blue, or aqua,  while others have been stamped in specific factory colors.  Thanks.
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  13. Motor City added a post in a topic New Revell '48 Ford Coupe   

    I have the AMT 4-door sedan, Master Caster 2-door sedan, and the Revell 4-door wagon, so I won't be buying this.  But it looks really nice.  It's nice to see Revell and Moebius taking chances on some old cars of the '40s and '50s.  It should be a good seller.  Now if we can only get a '40 LaSalle, '41 Buick, '40 Olds, '41 Cadillac ... 
  14. Motor City added a post in a topic Alright, we're getting a '48 Ford Coupe. How about a '41, or a '42 ?   

    Not bad, but how about a '41 Buick coupe or fastback instead?  I grew up in Dearborn, too! 
  15. Motor City added a post in a topic RM2, with AMT's great '53 Studebaker and Avanti maybe there's room in between for a Golden Hawk ?   

    It would be nice to have the wagon with the sliding roof, too!