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  1. Very nice ! I’ve got one that I recently painted metallic black! Excited to see how you will tackle all the carbon parts. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like anyone makes carbon templates for the Aoshima Diablos.
  2. Hey guys I know its probably a shot in the dark but Im in need of a new body for the Tamiya V Spec 2 R34 kit. I accidentally sanded off what I thought were mold lines but were actually part of the car and there just isnt a way to reproduce them. If anyone has a botched kit they would be willing to part out please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Not to second guess the guy. But I feel like he could have use MM Aluminum Buffing Metalizer and would have achieved a better look. Probably not as durable though. The vallejo metallic paints are pretty impressive. Their chrome I wouldn't say is on par with an Alclad applications. But their other metal colors are very nice and super in scale in terms of flake. I wonder if they can withstand a lacquer clear coat so they could be used as a silver paint for car bodies.
  4. Really depends on the finish you’re going for but in my experience Vallejo is now the leading brand in airbrush paints for me. Their model air line is fantastic and their brush paints are pretty incredible in that they don’t leave brush strokes.
  5. It can be expensive at times. For me what I do at this time is collect the expensive kits I want to build when I have a nicer set up. So the vertical Ferraris(F40-F60), Carrera GT, Aoshima stuff. I buy those when I can find them for around $35. I have a couple kits that Im trying to build to near perfection so I collect cheap used kits on ebay to have a parts surplus. That's pretty cheap most of the time. The cost of paints is usually what gets me. And I wish there was a good quality airbrush for $50 that I could just spray acrylics all day. One thing that is saving me money right now is simply investing in high quality aerosal paints. Vallejo spray cans are awesome and versatile. It's expensive, but with weathering you can simulate all kinds of different surfaces, from engines to interiors. You end up saving a ton of time by not having to use and clean an airbrush and finding the exact bottles you want to use that eventually nickel and dime you.
  6. Agreed. I thought Bill's first post was informative but in poor taste. There was no comment on the technique and tutorial to begin with which is what we should be talking about and any additional info after that is just gravy. Matt, this is an awesome tutorial. How many coats of clear smoke are you adding? Do you add enough to cover any texture from the paint splashes? Unfortunately for me I have a few kits that are stalled because I'm trying to figure out a way to paint twill weave patterns. A few of the kits I have do not have CF templates available(Porsche 918, Aoshima Diablo GT) I'm too lazy to make them myself right now. Currently waiting to see if anyone develops them. Would rather develop a painting technique than hours of decal cutting.
  7. I've been using nail clippers for the same purpose for years now. Works pretty well. Probably not as precise in certain situations but it works for me.
  8. I have an Iwata CR and it's a work horse that's very easy to use. I've heard good things about the Neo line airbrushes but not a lot of info on them for model car use. Not sure how well they hold up to lacquer paints.
  9. Almost bought one of these kits the other day. Will be following closely. I know a lot of people use the Tamiya GT2 headlights for this.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if they release a TS spray with this one. Tamiya has a lot of metallic blues but I could see them paint matching one specific to the mustang GT4.
  11. Yes! I’ve been wanting Tamiya to tap into American muscle for so long. Definitely picking this kit up.
  12. You gotta get testors one coat lacquer clear. That is a great product.
  13. The Aoshima kit is simpler but it’s much better from an engineering standpoint and more accurate in the details it does provide and the body is superior as well.
  14. Nice to see your on this one! Im actually still working on mine haha. Mine is black but i need to reclear it before I get down to assembly.
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