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  1. hobby lobby

    What are the new colors?
  2. Favorite Car

    Realistically. An MK4 Supra in red, blue or silver. Perfectly stock. Favorite current super car. Best looking Ferrari since the 360 Modena imo. The 488 GTB American Muscle. Viper GTS All time great. The 246 Dino GTS The singer 911's are growing on me though.
  3. Ferrari 512BB rememberance build

    Looks like your friend had some real modeling talent. Good of you to finish it for him.
  4. Tamiya Toyota Supra: UPDATE 6/15/17

    Oh yeah its a struggle. But i've decided not to settle on these. So they will take time.
  5. Tamiya Toyota Supra: UPDATE 6/15/17

    Well two things stalled this project. 1. Getting the glass piece painted up to my liking. Have yet to master the masking technique to really make it look nice. 2. The Blue body supra has taken a brake fluid bath. Ended up polishing through the clear after getting a small bit of CA glue on the paint. As first I was furious but the other thing I realized was that the roof lines on the body need to be carefully sanded. There are two molded in lines or strakes you might call them. Tamiya has mold lines running directly over them. Those actually need to be carefully sanded off without damaging those features themselves. So I forgot to do that and decided I had already worked so hard to make it look realistic everywhere else I might as well strip her down and go again. The red body will be another tan interior and I'll probably use the aftermarket engine that is made by hobby design. The silver one will probably be more box stock with aftermarket wheels. I say that now however but I'll probably detail that as well. I have a model meister turbo kit that I need to use so I may drop it in there. The finish came out really great on the silver. Its TS-17. I finally started to get the hang of using it.
  6. Tamiya Toyota Supra: UPDATE 6/15/17

    Call me crazy but I did say I was making a fleet of these yes?
  7. Thats a cool idea! Question though. In your video you say that you can use your preferred clear coat over the future for the best finish. But that's only if you use an enamel or 2k clear right? I would imagine lacquer would eat through the future.
  8. Fujimi Nissan Skyline R34 25GT Turbo 1:24

    What happened to the paint?! You’ve done a brilliant job so far. That’s a nice silver paint job
  9. I almost exclusively use tamiya sprays for bodies. My method is usually the following. First and foremost have the body prepared with primer and wetsand most if not all the orange peel down with 2500-3000. With your color coats, just start with mist coats. 5-10 Minutes apart is fine. Build up the layers with mist coats until the primer is completely covered and opaque and the panel lines have a solid base coat of paint. Then do one-two medium wet coats. Let this dry for a few hours at least. When dry, color sand/wetsand this layer with micro mesh polishing cloths. I usually use 3600 up to 6000. The point of these coats are to provide a smooth a color matched base for the final wet coats, this will also give them depth. Be careful not to burn through the paint. When finished I wash the body off and use a damp paper towel to wipe off excess water. I then use an airbrush to spray compressed air to make sure there is no more debris or water. Then Ill wipe it with a tack cloth and then a few swipes with Tamiya's static display anti dust brush before the final wet coats. Then lastly spray your final wet coats. You should have a deep and beautiful shine with minimal orange peel. I always clear coat my paints with TS-13 and I usually have very little orange peel. If i do its pretty easily rubbed off. A little bit of orange peel is actually somewhat realistic, especially if its a mass produced car.
  10. Pet peeve of mine!

    I've always thought plumbing was an odd term as well. It leads me to believe that the cooling hoses were added, and hollowed out all the way into the in the engine block. NOW THATS REALISM LOL
  11. Good Spray Can finish for Engine Blocks and Transmissions?

    Thing is with the spray can metalizers is that they are only buffing types. They are meant to be polished and shine. They come out a lot better when airbrushed in my opinion.
  12. Hey guys I was just curious if anyone had a spray paint they like to use when they paint engines and trannys? My typical approach is to use tamiya primer and then airbrush model master aluminum metalizer. It has just the right grain for cast finish. However sometimes it would be nice to have a lazier route and mayber use a spray can. I've tried tamiya silver leaf but it appears too bright. Gloss aluminum might work if sprayed in light coats and then dry brushed with an acrylic and some weathering. But I was curious if there was an option anyone here uses? Thanks
  13. Sealed or open?

    I pretty much buy all my kits on ebay. Its almost always a better deal than in store. But i dont buy vintage kits. Mostly just tamiya/fujimi/aoshima newer stuff. So I assume quality control is better.
  14. Pet peeve of mine!

    I typically only criticize if i get the idea that the OP is open to suggestion or has generally done a good job and with some minor tweaks could really improve the look.
  15. Sealed or open?

    Sealed is usually best. I know sellers on eBay seem to think it’s a good idea to have it open box and take pictures of all the parts but I hate that. Thats only convenient if it’s an old kit with various versions and you need to confirm what type that model is. Or if it’s curbside etc...