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  1. Thats what I do also. Then I wipe the body thoroughly with Tamiya's static display brush. Does a great job at eliminating dust before painting.
  2. That PE looks fantastic. Something to keep in mind though, I believe the bumper is attached to the front end as one piece. I know there is a chrome trim that pretty much covers the seam but it might be worth puttying and smoothing over.
  3. I use spray adhesive. It takes a little more work because you need to mask off the areas you don't want carpeted. But the cool thing is you can spray, apply it, dump the excess and if you still have patches you can respray and reflock again. Or you can fix small patches with the white glue method if you choose to. This gives you a strong and thick layer of flocking without looking matted that Elmer's glue can do sometimes.
  4. I have the PS-290 and its fantastic. I also have the Iwata CR and previously had an Iwata Kustom Eclipse CS, the Kustom was good but the 290 is better. The CR is fantastic for acrylics and interior/engine stuff. Very easy to clean. The 289 looks to be a similar type of air brush. I wouldn't hesitate on creos stuff, they are well made.
  5. Actually found some interesting solutions with military aircraft decals and Gundam decals. We'll see how it goes!
  6. Hey guys so I've got a build that's got a great paint job save for one little mold line that has ghosted through the paint, despite my best efforts. Rather than repainting anything I thought I might change the look of the car a bit and make it look like an occasional track car. I'm looking for numbered decals that are simply the outline of the number, not opaque all the way through. I've looked all over ebay, spotmodel, and hiroboy but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I was wondering if anyone here has come across such decals before?
  7. So long as you don't lose the brain power sniffing paint and glue haha
  8. I feel like the LB works Murcielago is a little redundant. Would have liked to have seen them introduce a Huracan roadster version.
  9. Can't wait. Looks great! I wish Tamiya would make a Maserati MC12. This subject gives me hope.
  10. This was pretty poorly handled all round.
  11. I currently use an Iwata CR and a PS-290. This combo pretty much does everything I need. I'd actually consider getting a second Ps-290 to use strictly for clear coats and metallics.
  12. Lately I've been starting with painting and assembling the undercarriage and drivetrain. I find I enjoy the process more that way. It also keeps my from skipping anything or not doing as good of job because "things won't be seen".
  13. Car modelling is very similar to golf in my opinion. You are only playing against yourself. And it takes a lot of practice to become masterful at the craft.
  14. Looks pretty damn good. For $35 your basically paying for the convenience of not having to use a black base, and all of the prep associated with other products. It's borderline worth it.
  15. That looks like superb embossing powder application. To each their own. I just like the results with flocking and spray adhesive.
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