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  1. I have an Iwata CR and it's a work horse that's very easy to use. I've heard good things about the Neo line airbrushes but not a lot of info on them for model car use. Not sure how well they hold up to lacquer paints.
  2. Almost bought one of these kits the other day. Will be following closely. I know a lot of people use the Tamiya GT2 headlights for this.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if they release a TS spray with this one. Tamiya has a lot of metallic blues but I could see them paint matching one specific to the mustang GT4.
  4. Yes! I’ve been wanting Tamiya to tap into American muscle for so long. Definitely picking this kit up.
  5. You gotta get testors one coat lacquer clear. That is a great product.
  6. The Aoshima kit is simpler but it’s much better from an engineering standpoint and more accurate in the details it does provide and the body is superior as well.
  7. Nice to see your on this one! Im actually still working on mine haha. Mine is black but i need to reclear it before I get down to assembly.
  8. Hey guys, I was just curious if anyone could speak on these two products as to which one is more realistic? I'm specifically looking some of the carbon template sets for the Tamiya Enzo and Carrera GT. The SMS sets look to be a little more expensive. I was wondering if one looked more in scale than another ? Thanks
  9. Very interested to see this build. I've been wanting to buy the Aoshima Aventadator Roadster. Curious to see how this compares. Really want ZoomOn of Hobby Design to make an updated front bumper for these kits though, the new ones look a lot better.
  10. The paint pulling back is from adding too much clear in one session. It happens to me on panel lines from time to time. Its an easy fix if you have an airbrush. Just mist a little bit of paint to fill the line and buff out the rest of the area.
  11. Currently it’s this one. Finally painted my Aoshima diablo GT. Color is TS-40 metallic black with ts-13 clear. Stunning color
  12. Looks gorgeous. Can’t wait. I think the car looks best in yellow so that’s probably what I’ll go with .
  13. I love Land Rovers and while it's great they are making one, they are making a mistake in creating this version. This is a near re release of the old ESCI kit. Why not make a model of the Defender 90? That's easily one of the most desirable Land Rovers of all time. What about the Discovery I&II? That was one of the all time best selling SUV's. Those kits would see easy.
  14. I think Aoshima is probably the company that is most in tune with the trend and what modellers really want to build right now. Revell is still rehashing old kits. Tamiya is still high quality and their subjects make great stock representations. I"m desperately waiting for one of these companies to make a modern 1/24 Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, modern Montero, or even a Land Rover Discovery 2. Those kits would sell like hot cakes. The SUV market in models has barely scratched the surface of its potential.
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