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  1. Take a toothpick and shave it down to a fine point with a razor blade. Use that to apply tiny details. Works great for dashboards too.
  2. Probably a Tamiya MK4 Supra. Well detailed, reasonably priced usually, and looks great in multiple colors.
  3. Very sorry to hear you can't continue your excellent work. Not sure in which way you are suffering sir but I wish all the best for you.
  4. My only idea that they would make a Defender 90 or a Discovery I or II. I'd buy all of them.
  5. Interesting. I wonder what its designed use is for.
  6. Did you wash and sand the bodies before priming? This looks like the primer might have been sprayed too heavy on a part that may still have mold release agents on it. Tamiya is definitely the best out there in a spray can primer but Duplicolor is usually a pretty great sandable primer in its own right.
  7. I use vallejo air black for interiors and engine parts in combination with their regular acrylic brush paint Black
  8. I've used the vallejo gloss clear in spray cans. It's okay but takes longer to dry and I think would be inferior to wetlook clear. Perfect to clear coat other parts though, CF interiors for example. I hope they don't discontinue wetlook clear. I've been using ts-13 for a good while now though. It's a hotter paint but leaves a finer finish, not at tough as WLC though. You might want to stock pile it in case it isn't remade.
  9. Nice write up! Personally I think the best method is flocking in combination with spray adhesive. You have to mask off the areas you don't want covered which can be a pain but the results are worth in in my opinion. You can patch any mistakes with the white glue method afterwards. But it really delivers a clean and even finish.
  10. Tamiya paints are superior in my opinion. Duplocolor has a wider array of colors though, but you need to make sure if you use metallic that the flake is fine enough to look in scale. I have experienced chipping recently with Tamiya TS sprays but it might be user error and bad luck on my end.
  11. That's exactly how I would like to make it. Excellent job.
  12. Hey gents just wanted to give a brief tip in case this ever happens to anyone. I know every once in a while someone’s paint will chip on a body and a lot of times you’re forced to strip the body in that scenario. It is especially difficult to repair metallic paints and achieve the same depth of color because the rest of body has several layers of paint compared to the resprayed area. I finally tested a theory I had as a solution. Basically all you need to do is find a compatible paint and use a solid color base coat. My body was sprayed in TS 51 Racing Blue Metallic. To initially fill in the chip, I used Tamiya TS Dark Blue with an airbrush. I then used ts 51 on top of that. With minimal layers I was able match the depth of the paint. With clear coat and polish I hope it be nearly indistinguishable from the rest of the body. I don’t have before and after pics but I thought this might be useful someone if they haven’t considered it before. It is something to try before stripping a body for sure and it definitely better than trying to match the layers of the paint to get it to look the same. happy modeling
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