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  1. Sealed or open?

    I pretty much buy all my kits on ebay. Its almost always a better deal than in store. But i dont buy vintage kits. Mostly just tamiya/fujimi/aoshima newer stuff. So I assume quality control is better.
  2. Pet peeve of mine!

    I typically only criticize if i get the idea that the OP is open to suggestion or has generally done a good job and with some minor tweaks could really improve the look.
  3. Sealed or open?

    Sealed is usually best. I know sellers on eBay seem to think it’s a good idea to have it open box and take pictures of all the parts but I hate that. Thats only convenient if it’s an old kit with various versions and you need to confirm what type that model is. Or if it’s curbside etc...
  4. Pet peeve of mine!

    One pet peeve of mine. And it's totally just me and my opinion and I understand that people have their own way of progressing and getting better. But for me I would not sacrifice cleanliness for detail. If you can't detail something with really good accuracy and clean paint work, then it is best to simplify the work. Practice on spare bodies and botched kits. Don't a blemish a near complete model where you've got an A all round, but some of that engine detail is C/D+ paint work and sacrifices realism. It's an eyesore and would make me ignore the rest of what would be a nicely done model.
  5. Tamiya Paint Question

    Personally Testors Wet Look clear seems like it's not nearly as hot as TS-13. That doesn't surprise me either.
  6. Future of the hobby

    The thing about our hobby is that this is an enthusiasts niche market. You don’t buy a model kit because it’s a fad thing to do. It’s because you like constructing. It’s the legos of cars. Otherwise you could just buy a prebuilt diecast and be happy with it. But to me that’s cheating and is something I won’t do. Model making is an investment of time and skill. I treat my models the same an artist would treat a realism painting. I want to treat the kit as a work of art through painting skills. I don’t think it’s something that will ever be very popular. But the great thing about today is that amount of aftermarket parts and detail accessories available is just incredible and it’s getting better. Hell i have a few kits sitting in the box because im waiting for the precut carbon decal release. One thing that might help is the continued development of paints and non toxic paints to be exact. If a company can produce non toxic spray cans that can produce lacquer results than a lot of people and parents will feel much safer about starting the hobby. I myself still think about toxicity risks in the back of my mind. I know it is miniscule but you can pay a price if you aren’t careful with certain prodcuts.
  7. Ferrari 250 GTO sold for BIIIIIIG Bucks!

    I mean it’s definitely an all time beauty but 52 million would get me every car I ever wanted and pretty much anything else. Ferrari F50, 993 GT2, Mk4 Supra, NSX NA1, Ferrari 360, Aston Martin DB11, Porsche 918, XJ220, 96 Viper GTS, 01 Diablo VT, and brand spankin new Tacoma with all the gear I want. Literally all mine and a mansion in mountain of NC and all the hobby tools I’d ever need. Then I’d throw money at Tamiya to make all the kits I want. Still probably under 52 million for an old and dated car. sorry to derail the thread with my pipe dream
  8. Guldstrand Grand Sport 90 (GS90)

    Was never aware of this car. Shame it didn’t hit production. Very cool. Reminds me a bit of the Maserati mc12
  9. Re-engineering Monograms Lotus Esprit to a V8

    So what are you doing for the color? Please go for something other than british racing green! I painted mine with Ford Medium Quazar blue, probably not spelling that right, but it looked great. Tamiya Mica Blue would be a close equivalent.
  10. More on Molotow pens

    What kind of basecoat did you use for this? Looks great
  11. Post pics of your fave paint jobs!

    This is one that I did this past week. It is slowly becoming one of my favorites. Im going back to work on my XJ220 kit and I wanted to try and replicate Monza Red. It's a really intriguing color as it changes shades depending on the lighting. I think I got it pretty close. This tamiya lacquer clear red, over mica red, over gloss black. TS-13 as the clear coat. Under direct sun and lighting the paint does appear a little bright. However the 1/24 model doesn't have the luxury of the 1:1 size and curvature so it would naturally look a little brighter in my opinion. What do you guys think? Pretty close?
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Picked up some TS sprays to finish a paint job I've been working on. I got back to work on my XJ220. I wanted to simulate Monza Red. One of the more fascinating colors in the auto world in my opinion. I used TS Sprays, clear Red, over Mica Red, over gloss black. It looks quite close in most lighting conditions. Under direct sunlight it might be a bit too bright. However I haven't seen a photo of Monza Red under direct light either. At the end of the day I think its BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH near close. Excuse the overspray on my hand lol.
  13. Re-engineering Monograms Lotus Esprit to a V8

    Looking good. This is the 360 Modena V8?
  14. Revel Ford GT Le Mans 2016

  15. Wild 2021 Dodge Viper

    Would like some more photos but it looks good. They still haven't surpassed the design of the original GTS though. That car is perfectly timeless.