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  1. Revell Viper GTS: With Headlight mod

    That looks great! What did you mean by MV lenses?
  2. Revell Viper GTS: With Headlight mod

    Ah yes I understand. I will be using the kit's lenses for the lights and I will try to minimize the gap of the chrome piece and housing by careful sanding. Ill paint them the same color and hopefully it won't be too noticeable. The kit headlights are poorly designed and "built in" to the bumper. There's no sign of any of that in my photos thought because I completely cut them out.
  3. Revell Viper GTS: With Headlight mod

    Oh yeah that's the plan. Going with the testors GTS blue pearl.
  4. Revell Viper GTS: With Headlight mod

    Which area are you referring to? I do plan to use the kit lenses.
  5. Hey guys so this will be a slow progress build but I wanted to get the thread started. This is the Revell viper GTS. Probably the best example of the car aside from the prototype version made by AMT. Good kit overall. However if any of you are familiar with it I’m sure you are aware of the horrible panel gap between the bumper and hood. I have almost addressed this by adding extra plastic and putty so it’s newrly fixed. The other inaccuracy of this kit that isn’t talked about much is the horrible headlights. They do not resemble the real ones at all and look very toy like. So to address that I actually bought some cheap burago die cast viper models off eBay. Those headlights are actually very close to the real deal. So I cut those and sanded the backs of the piece to make them very thin. Then I hollowed out the Revell headlight housing with aid of a dremel. If you attempt this be careful as it’s easy to grind away too much. Only one side done right now but I think you can tell it’s a much improved look.
  6. I wonder what the TS equivalents are to the LP paints. I see they have a "Pure Red" I wonder if thats TS-08 or if the LP "Silver" is Gloss Aluminum. I probably wont use these too much to be honest. But I could see using the LP Semi Gloss black frequently.
  7. I think I’m done with Duplicolor

    Duplicolor has always been tricky to paint with for me. I think the issue is that it reacts with hobby plastics and primers. The only way I've found that really cures this is to either undercoat the paint with a similar shade of hobby lacquer first OR use Duplicolor primer sealer before painting, to my memory that has also helped. I do share the frustrations though. They are super susceptible to humidity and the paint often crinkles and allows ghost lines to show through. I pretty much stick to TS Sprays now or a select few Testors Lacquers.
  8. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    There's an FJ Cruiser model kit!? No way
  9. Fujimi Dino 246GT

    I've got this kit in in the spyder version. I painted mine yellow. I think yellow or light metallic blue are the best colors for this car.
  10. If I Ran Revell....

    Yes absolutely. That's why I think there's huge potential in the SUV market. And there are a number of sports cars that haven't been built. They keep pushing old kits from decades ago and it's holding them back immensely. The best thing Revell did in terms of subject and quality the last several years was their 599 GTO up to the Porsche 918(Which still has its drawbacks). Their new Ford GT is a great kit Im sure but Im afraid it'll just be another one off instead of a sign of things to come. Aoshima's been doing right for the last several years. They completely dominated the Lamborghini subjects and have made the best versions of them in history of models. They've tapped into the nostalgia of the Countach and are making the new models as well. Tamiya is obviously great but they don't release new kits too often.
  11. If I Ran Revell....

    If I were Revell I would dissolve the 1/25 line and shift all new models to 1/24 scale. Then I'd start making niche kits that people want to make that haven't been tapped yet. There is a huge 4x4 market that has barely been touched. I'd kit Land Rover Discovery's, Defenders, Toyota 4 Runners, Tacoma's, Nissan Xterra's, the new Ford Ranger Raptor, etc. There has also been a lack of a decent new 911 Porsche kit. We also need a new Viper in 1/24
  12. First Look, Revell Ford GT Le Mans

    If the glass comes pre painted then that's a huge plus. Would be a selling point in future kits.
  13. Tamiya Fair 2018

    Im super stoked that Tamiya is making the kit but I also hope they have some other sport car releases on the way.
  14. Tamiya Fair 2018

    I would love for them to make a Mustang. Not the biggest fan of the current generation looks wise. But I'd love for them to make a 2013 version. I also would be grateful if they made a 1/24 viper.
  15. Tamiya Fair 2018

    BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. I'm sure this will be an excellent example. Anyone else feel like Tamiya went for the jugular on Revell?