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  1. Thanks for the kind words.  The build from the Moebius Arnie Beswick Comet kit.  The engine was taken from the Dyno Don Mercury Cyclone F/C kit with the Blower and blower hat from Calnaga Resin.  The chassis, fire wall  and dash were modified so the engine could be moved back to the interior.  The engine cover (dog house) was made from Evergreen Styrene.   The front suspension was taken from the AMT 55 Chevy Nomad kit.  Front tires are from Speed City Resin.   Front Wheels are from a Polar Lights F/C kit.  Rear Slicks are from the Revell Miss Deal F/C kit.  Rear Wheels are from Speed City Resin.  Paint is Tamiya Clear Red over Testors Pure Gold.  Decals are from PoleKat Decals.    Will be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have about the build. 

  2. "The Hill-Zartman Willys was always called the Filthy Forty, The name was mostly the result of what happened at the 1962 Nationals when Charlie Hill deliberately put the car into the middle of a muddy field to keep onlookers away, and never bothered to wash the car prior to eliminations " - Gasser Wars.  This is my rendition of this iconic car.  

    Filthy1 .jpg

    Filthy 2..jpg

    Filthy 3.jpg

    Filthy 4.jpg

  3. Just finished. I was infatuated with this car as a very young lad.  It was a local east coast D/Gasser in the sixties.  It was a moose of a car.  However, it ran like a deer.  The body is a rare Good Stuff resin 38 Chevy resin body combined with an AMT 37 Chevy Gasser kit.  The paint is 1954 Ford Golden Rod Yellow from MCW Auto Finishes.  The decals are from Pole Kat decals.  Hope you like







  4. I think wrapping it with wire might be the way to go.   I do like George B's idea of a spring and shrink wrap.  However,  I need to find a miniature spring to do this.  Springs from a ball point pen are a bit  too big. Checking around to see if I can find smaller springs?????  Not sure where to find these smaller springs.

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