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  1. Chris: GREAT thought thank you! Will check out the AMT 34 Ford Pickup.
  2. Looking for 1:25 scale headlights such as these. Might anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Looking for head light bezels as in the following PICS. The Revell anglia bezels are a bit too large for what I'm looking for. Might anyone know what kit , resin caster or aftermarket vendor that has these? Thanks in advance. Jim
  4. Looking for a resin extra large Moon Tank 1:25 scale (10 to 12 gallon). I purchased this one a few years ago and can't remember where (SEE PIC) ? Any help PLEASE.
  5. Have communicated with Butch Leal. The color is Ford Poppy Red.
  6. Steve Does the reissue have one of these? Trying to find an old Revell 55 Chevy Kit is next to impossible. Unless, you want to remortgage your house to get one.
  7. Might anyone know where I can get a 60's Moon Hood Scoop (resin or model kit )? See pics below.
  8. According to the Slixx Decal sheet it is Kandy Apple Red over Pearl White
  9. Jeff Scott Kapelusch and I used the same color for our builds. It was Tamiya Clear Yellow Acrylic over a silver base. Jim
  10. Bruce: The Ultra Sonic cutter sounds very intriguing. Anyone, have any experience with this?
  11. Would like to hear a few suggestions/methods how you acquire a thin, clean and crisp cut when working with styrene and resin (e.g. cutting a front end on a gasser build to make a removable front clip) other than the back of a Xacto blade and patience. Thanks Jim
  12. Craig: This is 1:25 scale. Speed City Resin has the Bronco Buster kit including the front wheels.
  13. Seth: Yes, you are fortunate. Scott Kapelusch is a tremendous builder! His work is incredible.
  14. Just finished Bronco Buster from Speed City Resin.
  15. Brad Have you ever thought about mass producing the Lions Strip Drag sign? I for one would purchase. I would like to do a project very similar. Jim
  16. I assumed the Tamiya TS 13 Clear would dissolve the Tamiya X acrylics and make them run. However, I just heard of an individual accidentally shooting Testors Wet Look Clear over a Tamiya X Acrylic Finish WITHOUT horrendous results. Made me wonder if the Tamiya TS 13 Clear would be OK???
  17. Is it possible to shoot Tamiya TS 13 clear over a finish that has been applied with any of the Tamiya X Acrylic Paints?
  18. Might anyone know where I might find a 1:25 scale resin/photo etched Austin Flying A Hood Ornament?
  19. Anyone know of any model kits or resin vendors that have vintage Rat Rod carburetor scoops?
  20. Jason Tremendous build! Thanks for posting along with the PICS, info on the nail polish and the header jig. Very informative. Keep em coming. JIm
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