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  1. Tremendous builds! Might I ask with their size 1/16, how do you display or store these? Would like to build on this scale, however I would have difficulty putting these on display. Jim
  2. Thank you for the compliments. Jesse, I did build a cow catcher for the front. Was not sure if this version had one on the front? Could not find any reference PICS. Might you know? I know there is a cow catcher on Hemi version and the current reproduction. A cow catcher does add a nostalgic touch.
  3. I was inspired to do this model by the tremendous "Freight Train" builds of Steve Perry and John Teresi. Hope you like.
  4. Thanks for the nice comments. No, I don't have a link to the toy trash truck. I purchased it at a discount second hand store for one dollar. I had to do major cutting and reshaping to make it a rear loader. I do remember the Mattel name on the bottom of it when I was hacking. It would be nice if a resin maker would come out rear loader garbage truck body.
  5. Hi Guys This is my 2nd attempt at a truck build. It is a MPC Mack DM 600 with a heavily modified garbage truck body that was taken from a Mattel front loader trash toy truck. The wheels and tires are from American Industrial Truck Models. The decals are hand made. Jim
  6. I would appreciate that slick info Joe. Thank you in advance and keep those HUG update photos coming. Jim
  7. Very Nice build. Thanx for posting. Jim
  8. Joe I do like the tire combination that you plan on using. Can you please tell me about the slicks (from Hugh) that you are going to use (i.e type, size)? Thanks. Jim
  9. Joe Will be watching for your posts with "heavy lenses". The Hemi Under Glass is on my future build list. Thanks for posting a great reference PIC. Jim
  10. Thank you for the kind words. The body is a resin AI Mack body over the International Pay Star 5000 Mixer chassis and mixer. The paint is Tamiya Camel Yellow. The decals are home made. Jim
  11. My first truck model build. Hope u like. Jim
  12. Thanks so much Ken. This article really helps. Jim
  13. Doing my first truck model build. Might anyone have a simple diagram/schematic for plumbing the air brakes of a Mack B-61 Tandem frame they can post? Thank you in advance. Jim
  14. Does anyone make 1/25 scale lever handles for lever valves ?
  15. I have utilized Alclad, Bare Metal Foil, Testers Chrome Paint and chrome plating for producing a chrome finish. Has anyone used anything else that produces a realistic chrome finish for styrene and or resin?
  16. Terry & Mark. Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate your help. Jim
  17. Hi Guys New to truck modeling. Recently purchased a resin kit with Mack 6 spoke wheels. I want to two-tone these wheels (painting the rims one color and the inner wheel Mack "spiders"/spokes another). The Mack "spiders"/spokes are attached to the outer rims. Might anyone have suggestions for doing this other than spraying the entire rim and "spiders/spokes" and finishing with brush painting. Thanks. Jim
  18. Kudos to Dave Natale at American Industrial Truck Models. I ordered my first resin truck model from AI Truck Models and was quite impressed. The quality of resin and parts received was excellent. The turn around time was phenomenal! I talked with Dave on the phone and he was very courteous and helpful. Will not hesitate to do business with him again. Jim Polli
  19. Might anyone know if there are plans of a reissue for the MPC Mack Tractor and Rex Mixer kit in the near future ? Jim Polli
  20. Kudos to Steve Perry at Calnaga Resin. His resin is excellent along with a great turn around time. He even threw in a set of free decals with my last order. Guys, do not hesitate to do business with. Jim Polli
  21. Bob Great job so far. Checking out one of the engine pics, I noticed a blow bye line leading to what looks like an old coffee can for a "puke can"? Might you plan on the detailing the engine like this? Am still anxious to hear what color/paint you are going to utilize. Keep up the good work.
  22. Bob What color/paint do you plan on using for your Mr. Unswitchable?
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