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  1. Bob What color/paint do you plan on using for your Mr. Unswitchable?
  2. Can anyone tell me what is the name of these rear wheels? Thank you. Jim
  3. Snake & Dis You guys are really thinking outside the box (a characteristic of a tremendous modeler) Thank you!!! I love this site. Jim
  4. Doug Spencer - Yes, I thought the same thing about the Altered States mailbox scoop. May need to do that. Hopefully, someone else will come up with a few more suggestions.
  5. Might anyone know if this blower hat (see PIC) can be found found in a particular kit or from a resin caster? Thank you Mark Sebella - Photos:Videos of OLD SCHOOL DRAG CARS.pdf
  6. Dave Champagne Thank you for the kind words. I've enclosed a PIC of my car without the front clip. I've also enclosed some PICS from reference material. As you can see, the SWC Mustang ran with and without coil over front shocks. Jim
  7. Steve The resin body is from Speed City Resin.
  8. Just Finished. Hope you like.
  9. Might anyone know of a decal (or suggestions) to use for an emblem on a "Moon Tank"? Please see enclosed PIC. Thanks. Jim
  10. Thank you. I know I can depend on you guys in our community for help.
  11. Looking for a 66 Chevelle Sedan (1/25 scale) in resin or kit. Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Jim
  12. I heard Joe Curtis and Fremont Racing Specialities is back in business. Can anyone confirm?
  13. Bruno Excellent build! Thanks for posting.
  14. MCW Auto Finishes has a custom order Metalflake Blue lacquer for the Ohio George Mustang. I have never seen it. However, I do like the paint that MCW sells. Check it out.
  15. Sorry, PICS did not come through in previous post. As mentioned, looks like Vince got it right.
  16. In regards to the direction of the those slicks. Check out the enclosed PIC. It looks like Vince got it right. Jim
  17. Would the MPC Young American or Garlits Wynns Charger kits be the appropriate kits to use if you wanted to build the longer Ramchargers Dragster (see PIC)?
  18. I have an older model that I would like to restore. I wish to take it apart, strip it, repaint everything and put it back together. It is about 12 years old. Everything on it is solid construction and in good condition (except the paint). I know how to re-strip the paint. However, would like some tips on how to unglue it and take it apart without ruining the styrene parts. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jim
  19. Thanks Gerald for your reply. It is a pretty good match.
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