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  1. That's awesome even before the reading the text along with it!Especially impressive given the situation. My father suffered a stroke and lost use of his right side so I can imagine the work that went into building it.
  2. Thanks everyone, it was a fun build. It's hard to see but the doors have decals I made to replicate his father's old business card. He had a plumbing and heating business.
  3. I started this kit for my father to cheer him up last spring. He suffered a massive stroke and thought this would liven up his surroundings. After many hang ups, it's finally finished in time for Christmas. Thanks for looking
  4. Holy BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH is that killer! The wheels are perfect for it too.
  5. Thanks guys. I like that slogan Don. I might have to make a bumper sticker for it with that
  6. Thanks Guy, and thanks for suggesting I resize them. On my phone, I couldn't even tell they were small lol
  7. Ok I just uploaded them right to the forum. Now they seem bigger. Sorry about that lol
  8. Thanks. I used photobucket so I'm not really sure how to resize then. Do you guys just upload right to the site?
  9. Well I built the Dodge Magnum SRT8 kit and it's mostly box stock. I built my own exhaust with resin mufflers and added some goodies to the interior to make it look realistic. Hope you guys like it.
  10. Thanks Slusher and I appreciate that Mopar. I think I can call this one finished. Let me know what you think. If you look closely, you can see the NY inspection and registration stickers I made In the back, you can see the tool kit and jumper cables Here's what the toolbox looks like all finished
  11. The paint laid quite well on the body And again, I want realism with this project so I added a few little extra goodies to the interior.. I also made jumper cables and a tool set for the back hatch area since it opens on this kit Then I started assembling and detailing the chassis and engine bay.. And finally, the exhaust mockup Hopefully I'll have finished pictures up soon. Thanks for looking
  12. I started the Dodge Magnum with the intent of a quick, fun model but then got more involved and got a little bored. Well now it's found its way back on the bench. Here's where we're at.. I decided she needed a bigger exhaust so she could breathe Then I realized I needed exhaust clamps for realism Just your run of the mill 6.1 Hemi
  13. Thanks guys. MsDano, it is Dark Toreador Metallic. It's duplicolor touch up paint.
  14. Thanks everyone. Dare1, they come in a package with a bunch or colors. I think they're used for sewing.
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