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  1. I tried everything i could think of,in the end i used a scraper,The last 1 i did the same to.
  2. Thanks Carl,pretty happy with my first attempt. Cheers Clayton...
  3. Hi Guys,My first ever attempt at building wheelie bars... Comments welcome..
  4. Great idea,thats what this hobby is all about,build em how you want em
  5. Very nice trio,they all look great.
  6. Here is my recently finished 55 chev delivery.
  7. Resin body from "The Parts Box", Pro-sportsman chassis (modified) scratch built cage.
  8. Well its done,not my best work though.Will post some more pics in under glass.
  9. It has been painted 4x before,the last was with 2k which i had to strip back,that is why its a bit rough...
  10. Thank you... Cheers mate,I agree about the Tool-Man,and yes I will paint it the chassis color.
  11. Thats a great build,top work.
  12. Not to bad Brian,i had to lengthen it,(two chassis) joined together,thanks for your comment.
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