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  1. The roadrunner/gtx/coronet chassis will fit under the coronet just fine. I'm just happy to have a non resin body and chromed parts
  2. Bought this kit at the Franklin show this past weekend heres a scan of the decals it's a nice sheet
  3. I joked about this being the next kit they released from the dead, they didn't really confirm or deny so anything is possible.
  4. It's better looking Than what they had offer back in the 60s and 70s kits, I should have taken a picture of it, but im sure one will turn up here eventually. I'd describe it as one step down from the roadrunner chassis.
  5. I talked to the guys at round 2 about the coronet in depth. This is all new tooling. The chassis is a new version that's a bit different than the old style promo chassis that came with the kit. Its a mix between the promo stle and the amt syle the gaps arent as bad.The exhaust and axle will be separate. You will be able to fit the 70 super bee/gtx/ roadrunner stuff underneath. The trailer isn't the same as the one in the 63 nova wagon and a hardtop version will eventually be out. I don't care if it doesn't have the updated chassis and engine I'm just glad there will finally be a 68 coronet kit for under $100. Hats off to round 2 for listening.
  6. Ramchargers and d50 are welcome reissues in my book.
  7. Some good kits getting release I'll probably grab a few roadrunners and 442 kits.
  8. Well I only have around 20 or so 69 camaro what's one more. Worth it just for the wheels.
  9. Can't wait for revell to make the hardtop for 5 months and then never reissue it again like they done for years now.
  10. Not sure of its been mentioned, but a 69 Daytona hood should work for a stock hood since that's what the factory did.
  11. Curious if someone can pin the exact year of this Johan kit. I think it's a 71 javelin and sst, I'm no amc expert, just hoping for a year and opinions on the kit possibly.
  12. The dukes charger mold was rumored to be retired after 2015 because of the Warner brothers pulling dukes licensing. So we may not see this mold return, plus someone at round2 told me the mold is very worn out.
  13. I have both original 66&67 annual charger kits both unbuilt and 100% complete and the 66 did not have the clear hood but the slot car option. The 67 had the hood but no slot options. The street machine version that has just been rerealesed is based on the 1974 reissue that had no clear hood, or slot option. The street machine release has a mix of the 66&67 annual releases and the thunder charger from 1967.
  14. No clear hood or injectors. That was only in the annual releases.
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