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  1. Hooper & Co Diorama

    I've tried filler and no matter how thin it spreads it does distort the board, sometimes days afterwards and there's no way back. The Gesso whilst described as white paint is more about getting the texture and once dried can be painted any colour you like. If you use acrylic Gesso, which most of it is these days you can add acrylic colour directly to the Gesso. I've not done that as yet but I have found Vallejo Model Colour covers really well and can be thinned and different washes applied over one another. The range of colours is massive.
  2. Hooper & Co Diorama

    David, looking forward to this one. I'd maybe caution against using filler on the foam board as this may cause distortion as it dries. I'd recommend using Gesso, a textured white paint which I have been using to represent rendered walls. Much easier to use with various brushes and sponges for different effects. As you're in the UK I'd go to an outlet of "The Works", the budget book and craft store, where you can get a jar big enough to do your entire building I would guess, for around £10, much cheaper than in regular art shops.
  3. 1955 Chevrolet Belair convertible

    Great build of a great car!
  4. AMT 1957 Ford Thunderbird

    Lovely build. I like the Tamiya red. Did you clear coat if with anything?
  5. Beemax BMW M3

    Nice clean build, gotta love an E30!
  6. 57 Chevy Nomad

    Very nice, i like your colour choice.
  7. Ford victoria 1953 lindberg 1:25

    Excellent build, love the interior. The underside looks great too.
  8. Snap Tite 1957 Chevy

    Superb build, look great!
  9. '69 Dodge Charger

    Looks great, I like your approach to painting, sometimes the clear coat is just too much.
  10. BRBO Kenworth

    Wow! Looking forward to seeing both of these take shape. Do you have a project thread for the 1:1 truck somewhere?
  11. Triumph GT6+

    Lovely build, colour suits the GT6 too. That side on shot reminded of a BMW X6 for some reason. I think the panel gaps/fit you mention are actually very realistic for any small Triumph. My only disappointment, and it's with the kit not your build, is that the A post looks very heavy.
  12. Hooper & Co Diorama

    I had forgotten all about the Zenit! Back in the day I had an East German Praktika L, my first SLR which I got second hand for £19 and a friend had a Zenit-B, although I think it was a rangefinder rather than an SLR. Both were solidly built and quite primitive but really good for learning the fundamentals of photography. No programmed AE back then and I remember using a Russian made "Leningrad" light meter for every shot. I look forward to seeing your results.
  13. Hooper & Co Diorama

    David, this is a difficult one given the location. I've been building a small street diorama just to photograph completed kits and decided to run a brick wall across the back and rely on forced perspective for backdrops. Your problem is there is no brick wall. Try searching "london street scene backdrop" and see the images that come up, You could print these at various sizes and try positioning them a yard or so behind the diorama and taking an eye level shot with the depth of field adjusted to knock the background just out of focus enough to blend in. Fine detail wouldn't matter on the backscene but I think a lot of trial and error with various f-stop/aperture settings, lens lengths and distances between backscene, diorama and camera may work. I think it would also be best done out of doors in cloudy bright conditions without direct sunlight so you could move each element around.
  14. Following with interest. As a European these American buildings with narrow frontages that run a long way back look very strangely proportioned.
  15. Beemax BMW M3

    Looks great, can't beat an E30!