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  1. Wow, really clean paint job. Nice work!
  2. Wow, really an amazing job. I honestly thought these were the real cars at first.
  3. Excited to see what you do with this. I have always wanted this kit! I'll keep checking in!
  4. Looks dreamy! Take me for a ride stud ! Nice work. Great detail on the tail & head lights
  5. Thanks Ron and Gary! Was not an easy build that's for sure. A lot to change on the next one! Will dooo. I gotta get better shots of this thing though. These photos make it look terrible
  6. Well, I finally finished this car this weekend. It turned out great and am very happy with it. I definitely learned a lot working with this resin kit and am happy I have the 964 version still to do. That one will turn out even better. There is a lot of modifying and making sure EVERYTHING fits before final painting. This is KEY. Pardon the photos below for the dust on the car. At then end I noticed there was two tabs in the back where the taillight lens goes. I have to grind this and thought I got all the dust off the car. But photos are unforgiving and catch all these details. The decals didn't sit too nice on this car either. You can see the square cut out around the "Number One" decal. Thanks for looking!
  7. Thanks Ron! You are right. There is a lot of working this one. I'm pretty excited how this one is coming out. I have another kit I'm building where I want to make the wheels almost a rosey silver color. I am hoping if I lay a base of red down that metalizer with show through some of the red. I'll do a test run first.
  8. Alright I haven't posted an update in a long time on this car and it's about time! A lot of progress has been made lately. I switch to the "Number One" Car scheme. I ordered a 964 and will be doing to the signal green color on that model. I completed the wheels. I couldn't find any machined parts to use so I picked up some C1 Models Metalizer. This stuff is amazing, you simply paint a base coat and buff on the powder. After buffed it turns out great! I don't need to explain too much, the photos will do justice:
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